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Voter turnout rates* among selected age groups in U.S. presidential elections from 1964 to 2016 Zoomable Statistic: Select the range in the chart you want to zoom in on. Voter turnout National.. This graph shows the percentage of votes of the 2016 presidential elections in the United States on November 9, 2016, by age. According to the exit polls, about 56 percent of voters aged 18 to 24.. Voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades. While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age.

As of this writing (November 9), we estimate that 23.7 million young voters participated in the 2016 presidential election, a 50% voter turnout of citizens aged 18-29 in the United States.1 Young voters supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 55% to 37% Notes: The denominator reflects the July 1, 2016 and July 1, 2017 voting-age population estimates interpolated to Nov. 1, 2016; non-citizen estimates from the 2016 1-Year American Community Survey; the year-end 2016 DOJ prison report; and the year-end 2016 DOJ probation and parole report.The number of felons who are on probation is estimated to be 57% of the total, which based on a DOJ survey. More Millennials Vote: Only Age Group to See Voter Turnout Increase Since 2012 [6.9 MB] Voting Rates by Age [<1.0 MB] Source and References. Current Population Survey. Related Information. Voting and Registration Others in Series. Others in Series. More Than One-Third of Young Adults Live at Home. Just 13% of validated voters in 2016 were younger than 30. Voters in this age group reported voting for Clinton over Trump by a margin of 58% to 28%, with 14% supporting one of the third-party candidates. Among voters ages 30 to 49, 51% supported Clinton and 40% favored Trump

Voter turnout in U.S. presidential elections by age 1964-201

The 2016 election was also the first without the protection from the Voting Rights Act. A total of 34 states have restrictive voter laws, and nearly half of those states require voters to present. On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the election for president of the United States, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. For many social scientists, pollsters and voters, Trump's win came as a shock In fact, millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Only about 46 percent voted in the last presidential election; compared to 72 percent of the Silent Generation, who.. The following chart shows the percentage of the voting age population and voting eligible population that cast a ballot in presidential elections between 1840-2016. The VAP turnout rate was compiled from the Federal Election Commission for elections from 1980 through 2016. For earlier elections, data from the American Presidency Project at UC. Using the same methodology and data from a week after the election in 2016, we had previously estimated that youth voter turnout in 2016 was 42-44%. In addition, we are projecting that once all votes are counted, youth turnout may rise to 53%-56%. Our 2016 projection based on the same data was that youth voter turnout that year would be 45%-48%

Election 2016 exit polls: votes by age Statist

McDonald's voter turnout data for 2016 is 60.1% and 50% for 2018. Later analysis by the University of California, Santa Barbara 's American Presidency Project found that there were 235,248,000 people of voting age in the United States in the 2012 election, resulting in 2012 voting age population (VAP) turnout of 54.9% The study compared turnout in states that adopted strict voter-ID laws between 2012 and 2016, like Wisconsin, to states that did not. While states with no change to voter identification laws witnessed an average increased turnout of +1.3% from 2012 to 2016, Wisconsin's turnout (where voter ID laws changed to strict) dropped by -3.3% The overall voter turnout rates provided on this site cannot reveal who among the electorate voted. For a demographic profile of the electorate, we must turn to surveys. Among the most widely sited surveys is the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey, November Voting and Registration Supplement (or CPS for short). The CPS is a large survey.

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  1. Eligible voter turnout is defined as the percentage of adult citizens who voted. 2016 General Election turnout for California does not include Yuba County. The eligible turnout rate in San Francisco increased significantly in 2020 due to an estimated decline in the citizen voting age population ages 25-34
  2. For 2016, the sum of the individual county numbers, for counties with data in the US is 185,714,229--a number 15% greater than the CPS estimate for the same year and election. We thank users who have taken the time to suggest specific modifications to our data on turnout: Thomas Meagher and Phil Kiesling
  3. FEC data from that election shows that 54.87 percent of the voting-age population cast a vote for president, or 129,085,410 of the 235,248,000 voting age population cast a vote. However, 2016 was.
  4. The Voter Turnout Database is the best resource for a wide array of statistics on voter turnout from around the world. as presented by country using both the number of registered voters and voting age population as indicators, and in some cases the data includes statistics on spoilt ballot rate. 31/12/2016. Voter Turnout Trends around.
  5. Turnout for white Michigan voters went up 1.5 points in 2016, with both white college-educated and non-college-educated voters experiencing roughly equal increases in turnout

Brexit: voter turnout by age. Share on Twitter (opens new window) Share on Facebook (opens new window) June 24, 2016 Jump to comments section Print this page. Britain has voted to leave the E See how political shifts and changes in turnout from 2016 have affected the 2020 election across the U.S. How independents, Latino voters and Catholics shifted from 2016 and swung states for Biden. Rather, voter turnout among Americans aged 18 to 29 has increased over time, from 36% in the 1988 presidential election to 43% in 2016. But, the large gap in turnout between young and old Americans has persisted over time because the turnout rate among older Americans has also increased since 1988 [1] As a poll book total was not kept prior to 1976, the turnout figures for elections held between 1948 and 1974 are based on the greatest number of votes cast for any office in the election. [2] A registration figure for the state was not compiled for elections held prior to 1956. [3] The large increase in the number of registered voters in the state from 1970 to 1972 was the result of a. Turnout can be measured in the aggregate by simply counting up the number who vote in an election. Data from the United States Elections Project (USEP) indicates that 159.7 million voters participated in the 2020 presidential election. While it was previously difficult to determine the number of ballots cast and instead had to rely on the most ballots cast in a highest off (i.e. the.

Election Night 2016: 24 Million Youth Voted, Most Rejected

What we know... Around 138 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election.From Business Insider.. However, those 138 million Americans only make up 58.1% of our voting-eligible population (those American citizens over 18).From United States Elections Project.. In Pennsylvania, it is estimated that 61.3% of voting-eligible population voted, around 5,965,000 people This pattern is not unique to today's generation of young Americans. Rather, voter turnout among Americans aged 18 to 29 has increased over time, from 36% in the 1988 presidential election to 43% in 2016 Based on United States Census Bureau estimates of the voting age population (VAP), turnout of voters casting a vote for president was nearly 1% higher than in 2012. Examining overall turnout in the 2016 election, University of Florida Prof. Michael McDonald estimated that 138.8 million Americans cast a ballot By October 31st, over 22 million people had cast early votes for the 2016 presidential election. In some states, like Texas and California, the number of early votes was up substantially from 2012. Despite a rise in the number of early votes cast, early returns from the November 8th election suggested turnout was actually at a low, with some outlets reporting that voter turnout was nearly the.

2016 November General Election Turnout Rates - United State

The number of eligible voters who turned out in 2016 was a slight increase in eligible voter turnout from 2012. FEC data from that election shows that 54.87 percent of the voting-age population.. Age, income, and educational attainment are significant factors affecting voter turnout. Educational attainment is perhaps the best predictor of voter turnout, and in the 2008 election, those holding advanced degrees were three times more likely to vote than those with less than high school education

Voting Rates by Age - The United States Census Burea

  1. Note that this Census data is not limited to eligible voters. Download a pdf with the Turnout by Age Group charts for Presidential elections 2008-2016. Download a pdf with the Turnout by Age Group charts for Gubernatorial elections 2010-2018. Download a spreadsheet with the 2008-2018 Turnout by Age Group dat
  2. Voter Turnout Report State of Missouri General Election - 2016 General Election Tuesday, November 08, 2016 The 2016 General Election unofficial voter turnout is calculated by using the race or issue with the highest voter turnout. County Registered Voters Actual Voters Percentage of Voter Turnout Adair 15231 10226 67.14
  3. In a presi d ential year, the youngest voters, 18-29, turn out at a 47-65 percent rate, while those in their 60s exceed an 80 percent turnout rate. In midterms, those under 30 turn out at 17-35..
  4. The voter turnout rate is a mathematical expression that indicates how many eligible voters participated in an election. A variety of factors can factor into calculations of voter turnout. For the purposes of this article, voter turnout rates are expressed as follows: 2016 November General Election Turnout Rates, accessed October 5, 201
  5. Voter turnout was highest in states that mailed ballots to all registered voters. Even as vote-by-mail took on increased importance in 2020 due to the pandemic, states approached it differently. Youth voter turnout was highest (57%), and had the largest increases over 2016, in states that automatically mailed ballots to voters
  6. Election Total Registered Voters Total Ballots Cast Turnout Percentage; 2020 General: 7,359,798: 5,545,848: 75.35%: 2016 General: 6,914,248: 4,769,640: 68.98%: 2012.
  7. You can see that turnout was up from 2016 across the board; for nearly every individual year of age, turnout was higher in 2020 than in 2016. But it increased more among younger age groups

An examination of the 2016 electorate, based on validated

Voter Turnout History for General Author: Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division Subject: Voter Turnout History for General Keywords: Voter Turnout History for General Created Date: 11/23/2020 2:44:09 P Voter turnout is the extent to which eligible voters use their vote on election day. It is measured as the percentage of votes cast at an election, including invalid votes. 4 The term 'eligible voters' can be defined in many ways Voter turnout in the 2016 general election was roughly 56%. During the 2016 general election, 255 million Americans were over the voting age of 18, but only 140 million ballots were cast. Turnout for registered voters was significantly higher than for eligible voters, at 63%. The 2018 midterm elections had the highest voter turnout in five decades States that had the lowest levels of turnout were locations where one party holds sway. Hawaii, a Democrat stronghold, had 43 percent turnout. In pro-Republican states Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia, 53 percent of voters turned out. Turnout in 2016 was the second highest in the past half century after the 62.2 percent in 2008 Texas Elections Turnout and Voter Registration Figures (1970-current

Voter Turnout in 2016: What Percentage of Americans

While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year. That measure of turnout is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996, when 53.5% of voting-age citizens turned out During the 2016 presidential election, 50% of eligible voters in households earning less than $50,000 per year cast a ballot, compared to 69% turnout among voters with a household income higher than $50,000 per year Voter Turnout by Age and Sex Congressional District 4 Total Reg. Number voting Percent turnout Dem Reg. Number voting Percent turnout Rep Reg. Number voting Percent turnout Other Reg. Number voting Percent turnout Age Group 1 (17-24) 52,346 26,738 51.1 % 19,642 9,222 47.0 % 25,831 14,508 56.2 % 6,873 3,008 43.8 2016 presidential primary election voter turnout by age lt/ld summary part 1 of 2 legislative district or town voted registered turnout ndob 18-24 25-34 35-44 voted registered turnout voted registered turnout voted registered turnout city leg. dist. 07 1 14 7.1% 5 32 15.6% 32 103 31.1% 23 75 30.7

Active and Inactive Voters In February 2016, Washington State reached 4 million registered voters for the first time. At the time of this report, total active voters reached 4,277,499, which is about 77% of the voting age population or 83% of the voting eligible popuation1 Since 1964, voter turnout rates in U.S Estimates show more than 58 percent of eligible voters went to the polls during the 2016 election, nearly breaking even with the turnout rate set during the last presidential election in 2012.

Low voter turnout may be a result of a multitude of factors, including but not limited to socioeconomic status, age, disillusionment, indifference, or contentment. Generally speaking, higher voter turnout is desirable, as it lends to election results that reflect the will of the people. How do we compare? During the 2016 presidential election. One of the most consistent patterns seen in voter turnout is that young voters go to the polls at lower rates than other age groups do. Here's a turnout breakdown for four different age groups.

Data presented here on voter turnout are based on administrative information collected by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA). Information on voter turnout by age group is taken from the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES 2011-2016), an international researc Voter turnout refers to the proportion of eligible voters who cast a ballot in an election. Women have registered and voted at higher rates than men in every presidential election since 1980, with the turnout gap between women and men growing slightly larger with each successive presidential election. Women, who constitute more than half the population, have cast almost 1 Younger, more middle class, more educated and BME voters chose to remain; older, working class, less educated and white voters opted to leave. Age and class both have an effect on people's views. A majority of 18-34 year olds in every social class voted to remain, while a majority of those aged 55+ in every class voted to leave

Black voters also showed a turnout spurt from their dip in the 2016 election. While 2020's Black turnout—at 63%—still exceeded that of Latino or Hispanic or Asian American voters, it remains. Voter turnout - 2016 House of Representatives and Senate elections Page 5 - There is a clear relationship between age and voter turnout at the national level. Mark-off data from previous elections suggest that targeting turnout initiatives at people unde > 2016 presidential election turnout: 58.7% (12th lowest) > 2016 general election result: Trump, by 26.6 percentage points > Population 65 and older: 16.5% (19th highest Turnout in Appalachia for the 2012 election — measured as a percentage of the voting-age population that cast ballots for president — was 55 percent, compared to 60.5 percent in the rest of the nation, according to an analysis by Geoffrey Skelley, associate editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics As the 2016 presidential election nears, both Republicans and Democrats have courted minority voters - a group that is growing in numbers and Journal of Political Science looks at how preregistration, or the registration of youth before they reach voting age, influences voter turnout

2016 primary election voter turnout by age lt/ld summary part 1 of 2 legislative district or town voted registered turnout ndob 18-24 25-34 35-44 voted registered turnout voted registered turnout voted registered turnout city leg. dist. 07 0 530.0% 0 2 70.0% 1 2 61.4% 3 54.6% leg. dist. 21 13 59 22.0% 22 776 2.8% 101 2,122 4.8% 138 1,618 8.5 Wyoming Voter Registration and Voter Turnout Statistics Wyoming Election Division Herschler Building, Suite 100 Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020 Voters Turnout of Voting Age 2016 447,212 210,465 47% 114,437 54% 25.6% 240,809 54% 258,788 107% * 57.9

2016 Exit Polls on Race, Gender, Class, & Educatio

Year Voting Age Population Registered Voters Ballots Cast % of Registration % of Voting Age Population; 1980: 646,000: 483,564: 199,895: 41.34%: 30.94%: 1982: 668,00 2016 4,874,619 7,514,055 7,737,250 63.0 [1] As a poll book total was not kept prior to 1976, the turnout figures for elections held between 1948 and 1974 are based on the greatest number of votes cast for any office in the election the pappas study. cook county treasurer . maria pappas presents. 20 year property tax study. voter turnout 2011-202

VOTER REGISTRATION AND PARTICIPATION BY COUNTY NOVEMBER 8, 2016, GENERAL ELECTION Number Ballots Percent Number Ballots Percent Number Ballots Percent County Eligible Returned Voting Eligible Returned Voting Eligible Returned Voting Baker 32 22 68.8% 574 460 80.1% 60 43 71.7% Benton 39 33 84.6% 2,505 2,057 82.1% 500 392 78.4 The biggest drop was four years ago when there was 62% turnout for the 2016 presidential election and only 26% for the 2017 mayoral election. Given that trend, reaching 25% youth voter turnout may. Voter turnout in Chicago on Tuesday was on pace to rival the 2008 and 2012 elections won by adopted son Barack Obama, election officials said The largest increases from 2016 in youth voter turnout were in New Jersey (+22 percentage points), Arizona (+18 points), and California and Washington (both +17 points). No state for which the. In the 2015 federal election, the overall voter turnout rate for the 18-24 age group increased to 57.1%, a rise of 18 percentage points from 2011 (see Figure 2). 9 Turnout also went up among those aged 25-34, increasing from 45.1% in 2011 to 57.4% in 2015. 10 While turnout rates increased for all age groups in 2015, the largest upswings.

Voter turnout increases with age Nebraska voter turnout as a % of eligible population in the last two general elections 18 -29 30 44 45-64 65+ 18-29 30-44 45-64 65+ 2014 2016 Sources: 2016 and 2016 Voter Files, Nebraska Secretary of State; Table B01001, 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-year estimates, U.S. Census Bureau Voter Turnout and Age The 2020 election saw the highest voter turnout in more than a century and the enthusiasm of young voters played a big role in that. Turnout estimates for voters between 18 and 29-years-old are as high as 55%, nearly 10 points higher than 2016. But that still puts young voters dead last in turnout among age groups Sixty-three percent of the U.S. civilian voting age population, 140,114,502 million Americans, voted in the 2016 Presidential Election. Five states - Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Oregon - had turnout rates exceeding 70 percent That's the key message of a new report, America Goes to the Polls, from Nonprofit VOTE and the U.S. Elections Project. In the 2016 election cycle, voter turnout at 60.2% of the nation's eligible voters, was the third highest for president since the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971 The data can be merged with the 2016 Time Series data. The 2016 Time Series Address-Level Supplemental Data on Voters gives the voter turnout status for adults living at each address that was sampled for the ANES 2016 Time Series Study. Turnout is given for the general elections in 2012, 2014, and 2016

Reference: New Data: Voting Rate for the Non-Hispanic

Young Voters Make Up 31 Percent Of The Electorate But Have

Youth Vote: Estimates of Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) and voter turnout are from the Census Current Population Survey's biennial supplement on voting and registration. 2016 turnout is an estimate by CIRCLE: Cente ABC7's analysis of voter registration data shows only 42 percent of young voters ages 18 to 24 cast their vote in the 2016 presidential election. That's slightly below the national average for that..

Voter turnout in presidential elections, 1840-2016

The reason 2008 and 2016 appear to have record-breaking turnout is because the US population has increased, so there are more voters overall. But when you look at voter turnout as a percentage, it. Presidential Results 2016 Election - 2000 Primary.xlsx Dem by Age shows a count of Democratic voters by county and age group (with totals and percentages at the bottom). Voter Turnout - Presidential Elections. According to the Pew Research Center, in this year's election, Gen Z is expected to make up 1 in 10 eligible voters, which reportedly has grown from the 2016 election when just 4% were old enough.. Florida Department of State Phone: 850.245.6500. R.A. Gray Building 500 South Bronough Street Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 > Voter Turnout Statistics To view county breakdowns of Early Vote turnout click here Please view this page on device with a larger screen or desktop computer to see complete voter turnout details

Overall mayoral election turnout in 2013 was 41 percent, down from 49 percent in 2010. Overall council turnout showed the same decline, dropping from 49 percent in 2010 to 42 percent in 2013. 38 Like the general elections, there has been a gradual decline in voter turnout over time for local authority elections. Voter turnout in local authority elections in 2013 was the lowest it has been. And this group doesn't slack on Election Day: About 72 percent of voters 65 or older cast ballots in 2012, one of the highest turnout rates for any demographic group CIRCLE estimates based on votes counted as of November 6, suggest that 49%-51% of voting-eligible young people, ages 18-29, cast a ballot in the 2020 presidential election. Using the same methodology and data from the same point in 2016, CIRCLE had estimated that youth voter turnout would be 42-44% Voter registration in the state is up and turnout for the 2016 election was high, according to an analysis by Democracy North Carolina. North Carolina ranked 11th in the nation for turnout among.

Election Week 2020: Young People Increase Turnout, Lead

The U.S. ranks 31st out of 35 countries for voter turnout, based on voting age populace. Hawaii and New York - also fall in the bottom 20 percent of turnout. In 2016 alone,. Voter turnout tends to be higher in battleground states, as well as those with same-day registration. These charts show what that relationship looks like. November 26, 2016 5:00 AM ET I. Voter Registration and Voting Estimates for 2014, 2016 and 2018 November Elections - Harris County, Texas (page 4) II. Voter turnout by age group: 2014, 2016 and 2018 November Elections in Harris County, Texas (Page 5) III. Share of the vote by age groups: 2014, 2016 and 2018 November Elections in Harris County, Texas (page 6) IV

Turnout was higher for Republicans, at 88.1 percent, than for Democrats, at 86.6 percent. But the Democrats' wide edge in voter registrations meant that more than 200,000 additional Democratic. Of all Texas counties with populations over 10,000, Polk County in east Texas saw the highest rate of voter turnout, with 87.4 percent of its voting-age population showing up to vote The above-average voter turnout rate in 2020 is noteworthy as the U.S. usually has some of the worst turnout rates in the world: In a Pew Research ranking of voter turnout in the most recent. Lowering local election voting age to 16 in major cities, in conjunction with the integration of civics classes in school, has been gaining support as a tenable way to boost turnout. Here's why Total Turnout. Absentee Voting. 2016 2012 2008 Total turnout shows, for each age group, voters in an election as a percentage of estimated population. Voter history data is from Statewide Voter Registration System. Voters with unknown age were removed from this analysis. Yearly population estimates from US Census . Population estimates do not.

In Belgium's most recent election, 87% of the voting-age population turned out. As of August 2016, 31 states enforced voter ID requirements It's a fact that voter turnout will shape. Voters age 18 to 24 traditionally have very low turnout rates. That was especially true in 2016, when 36% of that age group cast a ballot compared to 44% in 2012 and 49% in 2008

New Census Data Says 2016 National Latino Voter TurnoutTexas youth voter turnout on Super Tuesday rivals 2008The pending rise of Gen Z is going to be staggering | PageU2020 Election: What we can expect from Texas&#39; voterBrexit, inequality and the demographic divide | BritishNo Surprise That Black Voting Rates Dipped in 2016: HereFive trends and facts about voting in Midwest as ElectionPreliminary data shows high youth voter turnout in the

Thanks in large part to the new Motor Voter law, Oregon saw 70.4 percent of voting-age citizens cast ballots by Nov. 8, 2016. Oregon's number of eligible voters who don't registered has been. RALEIGH — Despite the coronavirus pandemic, voter turnout in North Carolina increased in the 2020 elections compared to the 2016 election. More than 75% of registered voters cast a ballot. About 64% of registered voters aged 18-24 went to polls, study reveals, contradicting claims of apathy among young Britons Sun 10 Jul 2016 08.49 EDT. suggests the turnout was 64% among.

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