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First rule: Read your rig's owner's manual. If the manual rules out towing in overdrive, then lock out the overdrive. If the manual allows towing in overdrive, you could be conservative and safe by installing a transmission temperature gauge and keeping a close eye on it. Finally, you may have a rig with a Tow/Haul switch For a 2000# load, you shouldn't have a problem with towing in OD but it's safest to leave it off. Best thing you can buy if you are doing a lot of towing is a transmission temperature sensor. That will tell you instantly how your transmission is doing. MalcolmV When working the vehicle hard when towing, which I have done with a camper and also a car trailer at times, the auto box temps rise quite high. I drop a gear from overdrive back to the 1:1 ratio and take that workload off, as well as backing off a little, then the temps also drop dramatically. I can see this happening with my digital read-out.

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Generally speaking, if you are towing a heavy load and are finding that your vehicle is shifting in and out of overdrive pretty frequently, then it would be a good idea to turn your overdrive off. I usually turn off overdrive if I am towing a trailer through a hilly road, or through heavy traffic It depends on how much you are towing and if the trans is constantly hunting for a gear. It's the shifting and slipping in the troque converter that cause the heat. Some transmissions don't lock up the torque converters in any gear except OD so you may not be doing yourself any good pulling in 3rd gear When cruising at a low speed or climbing a gentle slope, you may feel uncomfortable shift shocks as the transmission shifts into and out of Overdrive repeatedly. In this case, depress the Overdrive switch to turn the Overdrive off. The O/D OFF indicator light in the instrument panel comes on at this time If you're towing something fairly heavy, you'll notice that the truck will shift up into overdrive while coasting, but as soon as you touch the accelerator, it'll downshift, and when you let off it goes back to overdrive again. Imagine how many shifts that is throughout the trip

I am going to be pulling a small 4'x8' trailer with my 07 Nismo 4X4 do I have to turn overdrive off? the bed of the truck will have a boxspring and full size mattress and a futon matress The trailer will have a head board foot board, futon frame reclining chair grill 1 small table and two dining room chairs. it is not a real heavy load and it will be all freeway driving about 250 miles The same trans is still used today, but the no overdrive while towing warning has been removed due to improved transmission pump design. Even with the old pump design, the only time you really ran into trouble was at slow speeds in overdrive (45-60 mph) Overdrive on causes more shifting of gears. When you drive your truck normally (OD on) and accelerate or go uphill you will notice the vehicle shifting gears. When towing, the weight of the trailer will cause this to happen more often. The frequent gear shifting when pulling weight is not good for the transmission The only time you might WANT to turn OD off is driving is suburban traffic when the transmission is shifting to OD and then right back out in stop and go traffic or possible when towing a trailer. Press the button so it is ON and leave it on. It will decide when to shift The only thing you should notice when you turn off the overdrive is the RPMs will go up. When you turn it on the RPMs will drop. You should only turn off the overdrive when driving on very hilly areas when the transmission keeps downshifting to maintain speed or if you were racing it or towing. This stops the transmission from shifting it back.

The main reason to turn off overdrive is if you are towing something; or you're on an uphill slope and the car doesn't have enough power to give you the acceleration you want in overdrive (since it has less torque in overdrive) There is no reason to turn off overdrive when towing 1500 pounds, other than trying to help the oil companies make more money. That advice doesn't change when adding a 2000 pound camper. As RDG said, the only time you need to turn off overdrive is if it is going in and out of overdrive Do you need to turn off overdrive when towing 4500 lbs with a 1999 Tahoe? - Chevrolet 1999 Tahoe questio Is where the truck is shifting into overdrive and the truck slowly loses speed until it kicks down a gear, my f-150 would do this so I always turned the OD off. After a few trips with your truck you will know what hills make the truck work so turn off the OD before you start up the hill and you should have no problems Gasoline engines aren't powerful enough to effectivly move a vehicle from a stop with out torque multiplication. On a flat highway you shouldn't need to shut overdrive off when towing (unless you have way too much weight). If the engine is bogging down it's because you're moving too slow to be in the gear you are with the load you are carrying

The only way to turn off overdrive (5th and 6th gears) is to put it in Tow/Haul mode OR manually put it in 4th. So in Tow/Haul mode you are using gears 1, 2, 3, 4. In manual 4 you are using 1, 2, 4 (3rd is that secret gear you can only utilize in Tow/Haul mode or in manual 3) It is never a good idea to tow a car in overdrive gear. When you are towing a car - you would prefer to have as much torque as possible. The overdrive gear is giving exactly the opposite, lower torque. Is It Bad To Use Overdrive All the Time I have used overdrive in several vehicles towing on flat ground, if and only if I could put it in overdrive and it would hold the gear. If it started shifting in and out of OD I would turn overdrive off. x2. Keep it in O/D if it'll hold the higher gear, once it starts hunting for gears throw it down to 4 When To Use Overdrive While Towing When you're towing something, it may be a different story altogether. It would be best if you always hauled with the overdrive off, checking for that O/D off light on the dashboard youre right, when towing or pulling a trailer, turn your tow/haul on and your overdrive off. for everyday use most people keep the tow/haul off and overdrive on. when on the freeway or long roads thats what i do. but i also turn my overdrive off while driving in towns with lots of stop and go procedures. i like my engine to be geared down in that situation. i had a friend that left their.

I have a 2000 LC with 140k miles. I am going to use it to tow my new boat. The boat+trailer probably come in at about 2500-2800 Lbs. Should I turn the overdrive off while I am towing? If so, should I turn it off no matter the speed or just turn it off when hitting 50 MPH or more? Thanks I have a 21 foot ski boat and the boat and trailer weight around 3500# should I turn my overdrive off when towing it. I always turn it off when pulling heavy loads but didn't know if my boat was heavy enough to need to turn it off or not I have done about 6000 miles worth of towing in overdrive without any problems. The only time I will shift it out is when the EGT's are getting a little high or the turbo surge gets out of hand and it does not want to shift down on its own. My loose rule of thumb is to turn OD off at or below 60 mph and turn it on at or above 65 mph. At. I have always used overdrive while towing as per the manual. Only if it would start to hunt or going down steep declines do I turn it off. Not sure how overdrive would create extra heat unless the converter was unlocked and slipping. But our torque converters are generally locked except in first gear when accelerating from stop D4 when towing hilly backroads at speeds of 40 or less. regular D when driving highway speeds, also keep it no higher then 65 MPH. I change my transmission fluid every March - right before camping season, as I regularly tow a 3700 travel trailer April through Novembe

Do I turn off overdrive when towing? Toyota Tundra Forum

From my experience, as for towing It depends, most loads won't really require the deactivation of O/D, unless your going a really long distance that involves hills. If it's anything heavier than I'd say 1,500 lbs I personally wouldn't run with O/D going up hills, I'd run the truck in O/D on a level highway and push the button when hitting a hill Turn off the OVERDRIVE is smart practice especially when towing heavy! Turning OFF OVERDRIVE while driving in city traffic stops the car/truck from shifting into OVERDRIVE at low speeds LUGGING. Shifting to overdrive at slow speeds is COSTING you MPG because you are LUGGING the motor,rather than it be in the proper gear!

Turn overdrive off when towing? How long the tranny lasts while towing depends heavily on the final gear ratio, I'll bet $$ the '97 Expy has more than 3.08 gears. It also has an E4OD tranny which has 6 years more updates in it, it's possible the '97 version is rated to pull in all 4 gears What Is Overdrive? Overdrive has been used in cars for nearly a century now. It was developed as a way to allow vehicles to cruise at higher speeds while saving on fuel economy and reducing NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) for a more pleasant ride that also results in less wear and tear on the car engine.It achieves this goal by allowing the engine to rotate at slower speeds than the car. On a flat highway you shouldn't need to shut overdrive off when towing (unless you have way too much weight). If the engine is bogging down it's because you're moving too slow to be in the gear you are with the load you are carrying. If the engine can't keep the speed up with the amount of pedal you're giving it will tell you by downshifting

I run in OD in flat areas then switch to off when going up steep grades of if the trans starts to hunt.Watch your tach. Towing package is a must on all vehicles if towing long distances! [ 04-11-2006, 01:32 PM: Message edited by: HookinUp Excursion - King of SUVs - Using Overdrive When Towing - I'd really like to hear from folks on using OD while towing a trailer. When I pulled with my expedition I made it a rule to never use OD, except on long down hill grades. When I stay in drive with the Exc, 7.3L, it seems to like it really wants to shift at say.. I have used this several times while towing my toy hauler and it works great. The new thing I found is that if you hold that same button in for a few seconds it turns off your overdrive. Now in my past experience with automobiles, I knew that it was good to turn off overdrive if you were towing or doing heavy (lead foot) driving The OD button simply engages/disengages 4th gear which is its Overdrive. Think of having a 4-speed transmission with an overdrive and simply shifting into or out of 4th gear from 3rd. No harm will be caused by doing this, I turn my Overdrive off all the time, especially when towing my trailer If you don't notice excessive shifting, use the overdrive gear to optimize fuel economy. Driving with speed control When driving uphill with a heavy load, significant speed drops may occur. A drop of more than eight to 14 mph will cancel the cruise control on most vehicles. If this happens, manually accelerate until the terrain levels off


Towing in Overdrive - ON or OF

I have used overdrive in several vehicles towing on flat ground, if and only if I could put it in overdrive and it would hold the gear. If it started shifting in and out of OD I would turn overdrive off The main reason to turn off overdrive is if you are towing something; or you're on an uphill slope and the car doesn't have enough power to give you the acceleration you want in overdrive (since it has less torque in overdrive). Overdrive is a m.. Basically the breakpoint is about 1,000 pounds for a load. Any more leave it off, any less go ahead and turn it on. But even then, his comment's were towing with those transmissions with overdrive on was a bit iffy. It's better to tow one gear down from overdrive to minimize planetary involvement while towing

In the F350 351/C6, I never use overdrive at all, towing or not towing, on road or off, good weather or bad. On the E350 6.0L/Torqshift, we use overdrive when not towing and turn it of when towing in the grades. On the flat we use the overdrive The only reasons to turn off overdrive is when you are driving in hilly or mountainous terrain or are towing. The increased load of the tow and hills will make your transmission shift annoyingly in and out of overdrive to go up the hills or pull the tow load. So the button to turn overdrive off is there to stop this problem You shouldn't, unless hitting the overdrive button on a Vibe also changes the programming of the engine. Your gear ratio in first, second, and third should be the same whether you've got the top gear turned on or off. Hunting or towing are two reasons to turn it off While towing this heat is built up faster than the trans cooler can dissapate the heat. Thus cooking your internal trans parts. You will notice that your gas mileage will suffer and engine rpm's will be higher but your trans will go through less wear if you turn off your overdrive heres the last information i have which is for your 2004 model year and is for the operation of the overdrive, tow/haul switch . OPERATION. At key-on, overdrive operation is allowed. Pressing the switch once causes the tow/haul overdrive OFF mode to be entered and the Tow/Haul lamp to be illuminated

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Turning on overdrive in automatic car will allow you to utilize the full range of the transmission. It also helps with the transmission life optimization and increasing fuel efficiency. However, if you use it incorrectly such as while towing a trailer, driving uphill, or speeding at less than 50mph, it will cause irreparable damage Towing season is coming soon and I will use the button to turn off the overdrive on my transmission ('01 Toyota Sequoia, V8, 4WD, Auto) as recommended by the owners manual and posters on this board. My question is when you turn off the overdrive and the dashlight is illuminated am I in 4th with the lock up torque converter turned off? Or, am I in 3rd with the lock up torque converter on.

Should I Turn Off Overdrive if I am Using Tow Mode Pulling

  1. Many modern trucks and sport utes allow the driver to choose either manual or automatic use of overdrive, and it's always better to turn off overdrive, because the engine will probably struggle. In automatic overdrive, the engine wants to kick down into passing gear and that gets old after a while
  2. I just read in the 2011 owners manual 9-28 Nissan recommends that the cruise control not be used while towing a trailer. This was pretty important since I had the O/D off and the cruse set at 60 and the X was shifting all over the place trying to meet that set speed. The 2011 Xterra manual doesn't directly talk about towing with O/D on or off
  3. Drop off the speed control and slow down to get these nasty bounces under control. FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION USERS, what about overdrive while towing? There were some trucks produced in the past that decidedly recommended against towing in overdrive. This is because by the design of these transmissions overheating could be a problem

OVERDRIVE!!!! ON or Off while towing?? BASS BAR

>Overdrive = no engine braking and lower torque. > >If you're pulling not only switch off the OD, but switch ON the Power >Boost (IF the Tundra has one - Tacoma does). I read the manual, then posted here. The 2006 Owner's Manual says nothing about when to turn the Overdrive off, just how to do it. By default the Overdrive is ON My 2005 Yukon had a Tow Mode button that I would engage that basically held the shift points longer and kept the transmission out of overdrive. Was great for towing. I did a search on the forum and online and haven't found any reference to any such feature on the 2019 4Runners. Do they have and OD override button

It really depends on the vehicel you are towing with and the load you are towing. Towing a jetski with a half ton truck would not create many issues. Towing 10K lbs with a 1/4 ton vehicle would. Heat. When in Drive there is not much load on the transmission or torque converter. When in Over drive there is a massive load on both creating a lot. Many manufacturers design the tow/haul mode so that it disengages a vehicle's overdrive feature. Shifting frequently can cause overdrive to burn out. Check your owner's manual to see if your truck has a tow/haul mode. If it does, consider engaging it when you need to haul a heavy load If your particular O/D unit and/or transmission is hunting while your towing, turn off the O/D. B&W 98.5 24v 2500 SLT 4x4, SB, QuadCab, 47RE Case w/48RE internals, 1 O.D. Fuel Pickup, FASS, RV275s; ISSPRO EV Boost, EGT and Fuel Pressure Gauges (on A-Pillar) and about 109k KDP-less mile Put the gearshift in Drive and use all four of your gears. The ONLY time you need to disengage the overdrive gear and use only the lower 3 gears is when you are towing a heavy load, especially downhill. The lower third gear will help you stay off. So if the Torque conveter is switching between locked and unlocked all the time when you tow in overdrive TURN OFF OVER DRIVE . Feb 14, 2009 #4 M. mike_cox Member. Joined Jul 11, 2007 Posts 12. John In Detroit said: (still gets 15mpg while towing), but have a situation where I know the transmission is happy instead of a situation where I.

TowingOverdrive on or off Second Generation Nissan

  1. Overdrive lowers the engine's RPM's, and that saves gas and wear on the engine. Overdrive is best for long, flat stretches of highway. I always kick into overdrive when I know the road ahead is not hilly and I will be able to drive uninterrupted at high freeway speed, and I'm not towing or carrying an extra heavy load
  2. As far as the tow/haul mode goes, I was always under the impression that it should always be used while towing. On my 02 QC 4.7/auto, I can only turn the OD off, which puts the tranny into 3rd gear. I tow a 25 ft, 4100 lb (empty) TT. With the 3.92 gears it does well
  3. 03 ram 1500 4x4 5.7 hemi shuts off while driving. Doesnt seem to shift into 1st gear or overdrive 1 Answer. I can drive this truck for an hour sometimes with no problems and other times it will shut off 10 times in that same hour. The guages will all go to 0 and back up over and over while driving, mostl..
  4. I turn O/D off when going up hills mostly. You can leave it off for as long as you want, it will not effect the transmission, just higher RPMS and more gas consumption. With O/D on, it shifts to 4th, then the converter locks-up at too low a speed for me, so I use it off and on all the time. In racing conditions, I have it off till I am ready.
  5. The GEAR VENDORS will shift on and off without attention of the driver and can be used while towing up to combined weights of 30,000 lbs. An interactive floorswitch is positioned for the left foot (just like a headlight dimmer) to give manual control at any moment so that you can turn the overdrive on/off for performance gear-splitting on grades
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Towing and Overdrive? Looking for the facts - Ford F150

Overdrive and Towing. Automatic transmissions have a neat feature called overdrive. The overdrive essentially reduces the stress on your engine and gear system. You won't need to turn on the overdrive - in the majority of automatic cars it's already turned on - but you may have to turn it off every now and then when you're towing. Most people seem to keep the overdrive on unless they are towing or hauling heavy. Better mpg and no harm to trans. If your hubs are still working correctly you don't need to turn them for 4x4 to work , just the knob on the dash. The only reason they have the dial is for a backup if they don't lock themselves like they are supposed to

My first vehicle that I drove had automatic overdrive so I didn't really have to turn in on or off myself. when towing any trailer.thats because 4th gear has no powerits an economy gearif you put it on OD while towing, all that would happen is you downshift to 3rd alot, then back up into 4th, probably strain the trannyThat is exactly. I am still new to the RVing life and have a question about towing our rig. We have a Chevy Silverado 3500 with Duramax Diesel and Allison transmission. My question is regarding the tow haul mode for the transmission. Should we leave the truck in tow haul mode the entire time we are towing? The dealer indicated I could take it out of this mode when we get to highway speed A generally car-savvy friend tells me that turning the OD off for around-town driving will improve economy. The vehicle in question is a 2001 Mercury Villager minivan. It's my understanding that OD is like fifth gear in a standard transmission vehicle, so there's really no reason to turn it off except maybe when towing or climbing long grades or any time generally when you want to stay in. Is Cicely Tyson related to Min Louis Farrakhan? Do anybody likes yellow light bulb or white light bulb? Category: Car. According to your mechanic, overdrive and OD for short is the highest gear in the transmission in an automatic car. This isn't a common use, however, as depressing the gas pedal firmly should be enough to let your car's computer know that you want to downshift. 0 0.

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The computer will keep the vehicle from going into overdrive and turn on the traction light if it detects a problem in the system. This can be caused by a steering sensor or a wheel speed sensor. When the O/D off light is on this means the overdrive gear is turned off and the torque converter will not lock up It doesn't matter what year make or model if your towing you should turn off the overdrive or put the vehicle in tow/haul mode. When pulling a heavy load the transmission has to down shift a lot to be able to go up even the slightest grade. Even more when in overdrive My advise to customers who have questions about the Tow/Haul mode switch or when to turn the overdrive switch on or off is to forget you have them, leave overdrive on all the time, don't get on the highway and forget to pop the overdrive switch on or you will lose as much a 4 or 5 miles per gallon. Leave the Tow/Haul switch off all the time Keeping the engine revved up under load will reduce wear, keep temperatures down, and will increase oil flow—not to mention it will have more power, making for an easier, safer tow. Photo 13/14 |.. When I turn the manual shift function on, the truck shifts out of D and into 4. I believe this is turning the overdrive off. I can then manually downshift or upshift using the toggle on the end of the gear selector lever.<br /><br />I guess I thought D or 5th gear was the overdrive gear

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  1. Should be fine to tow with o.d.I do it all the time but I only do it with empty trailers.As a general guideline, if your going uphill, into a strong head wind or anything that is dragging the rpm's down you would be better to switch off od until you get out of the situation thats causing the rpm drop. Ram3500Duall
  2. I turn off overdrive and whirl around 2500 rpm all the time while towing. When the truck needs to drop a gear on a hill the rpm jumps up to 3300 which is the peak power spot too. I think you're doing fine. My old 5.2L Jeep was the same way
  3. Many RV and fifth-wheel trailer owners recommend not relying on overdrive if you can help it. Automatic overdrive is fine if you're driving just your pickup truck. Once you add the weight and size of the fifth-wheel trailer, though, and then set your vehicle to overdrive, it can put some serious strain on the transmission
  4. 2. Turn the ignition key to ACC/ACCESSORY. 3. Shift the transmission to NEUTRAL (N). 4. Turn fog lamps and all accessories off. 5. Remove the IGN SW fuse from the Instrument Panel Fuse Block. See Instrument Panel Fuse Block on page 5-97 Fuse panel is in the same location as the HHR I pulled. The fuse in it was a 2AMP that needed pulled
  5. Turning the overdrive off when towing something, however, will help to decrease the excess heat the transmission develops due to the added weight. If you tow frequently, especially heavy loads, you may want to look into installing an extra transmission fluid cooler into your car
  6. When you start your truck and put it in drive, it's actually in overdrive. You are only supposed to turn overdrive off (using the button on the end of the shift lever) when you are driving on really hilly roads, or towing a large load

The early to mid 90s Toyota Camry owner's manual says to not drive continuously while pulling a trailer if the transmission is staying in 1st or 2nd gear, but it doesn't say why. The Volvo 850 has a temperature sensor on the transmission so that it can down shift to reduce heat Several benefits of tow mode are listed. I leave it in tow mode the entire time I'm towing. The only exception is if I'm at 55 mph and want to force a shift to overdrive, I'll push the button to release tow mode, and then press it again after the tranny shifts ***The Vehicle will automatically turn off Tow/Haul every time it is started. ***Tow/Haul is designed to be Most Effective when the Vehicle and Trailer Combined Weight is at least 75% of the Vehicle's Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) *Turn off Overdrive when Towing. (Trailer, Boat, etc.) *Overdrive is a transmission gear with a ratio below 1:1, which improves fuel economy by reducing engine revolutions per minute at highway.

Thanks, I always use tow mode when towing the rig and generally turn overdrive off but would like to try and leave it on it speeds 55 to 65 just to see if I could improve the gas mileage . Jeffrey H Lomb. Tow mode should stay on all the time while towing anything significant. It helps preserve the brakes on hill descents I just bought a '99 Ford F350 Crew Cab dually diesel 4x4 to be used mainly for pulling my 20' 4-horse gooseneck trailer and various other heavy towing jobs, both on and off road. The truck has the 7.3L Powerstroke turbo diesel engine, 6-speed manual overdrive transmission, and a 4.10 rear end. The problem is the gearing ratio of the tranny & rear end. The way this truck is geared out, at. Overdrive should be the default setting. The switch is to turn Overdrive off. That might be useful in towing, or to provide engine braking on downhill mountain roads

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2006 Ford F-150 - when to use Overdrive button

  1. s jumped way up to around 2900 rpms and when I tried to push it to 60 with O/D locked out I was not happy with the strain the engine was under
  2. Tow/Haul is PCM controlled, which in turn controls the transmission. I believe it defaults to off when you turn the vehicle on so someone doesn't decide to run at 80mph on the interstate in 1:1 gear! In a way it's good that it defaults back, but like you, I'd also like the option of having it on
  3. I have a Mitsubishi Express, that comes with overdrive. Only time I turn it off, is for engine braking, towing, large load, or steep hills (some mountain ranges in my area) for the last 3 reason, if you leave it switched on, it seems to want to hunt between 3rd and 4th, which as I see it isn't good for the tranny, and also causes it to heat up.
  4. Avoid jerky steering and sharp turns, and slow down before making a turn. Note that when making a turn, the trailer wheels will be closer than the vehicle wheels to the inside of the turn. Compensate by making a wider than normal turning radius. Slow down before making a turn, in cross winds, on wet or slippery surfaces, etc

TOM: And the only reason you might turn it off is when it's working too effectively. For example, let's say you're parked on top of a pile of snow. You step on the gas and the wheels start to turn, but they can't get much traction in the snow. The traction control does what it's supposed to do; it uses the brakes to stop the wheels from spinning In manual transmissions, you don't have to worry about switching the overdrive off/on, as it activates automatically upon reaching a higher gear. For automatic transmissions, you may want to consider disabling overdrive when driving in mountainous conditions or when towing/hauling, as the engine will have less power when traveling in high gear Just because your transmission has an overdrive gear (or two) doesn't mean you should always use overdrive. It also doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the truck when it can't go up a 6-percent grade in overdrive gear at 60 mph towing your trailer. To expect it to do so is unrealistic and a bit foolish

Is it ok to turn overdrive on/off while the car is moving

The only time it may be advisable to drive with overdrive OFF is when you are towing something. The reason for this is to prevent the transmission from upshifting and downshifting repeatedly as the load on the car's engine and transmission are much more likely to shift more often when towing a load. What does the O'd off light mean Hey guys, so every since I bought my truck the o/d won't turn off on the shifter it never really bothered me that much I guess a while ago I was at the scrap yard and grabbed another button and cap and installed it it didn't fix anything, I've been doin more towing latley and would really help me if I could turn this off

Hi, We have a automatic 97 Prado & are having a slight debate on when to use overdrive. When overdrive is off doing 100klms there is a humming noise which I assumed may be a problem with the gear box. I've since been told overdrive off for driving around town & towing, then overdrive on for.. It's also best to leave it off while towing. Trips that keep you from starting and stopping all the time is where OD is used best but again not while towing. Dan M Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 12/28/2004 08:55:25: RE: OverDrive ON/OFF? IP: Logged Message: In addition to the above, I have O/D off while driving in mountains and very hilly areas. - Dan. RE: When to use overdrive on my Y2k? IP: Logged Message: O/D off is a deffinate during towing. Not too many people have mentioned city driving though, While driving in a lot of stop and go traffic it can put less stress on the transmission. P 1: Post a reply to this message: Username Registration: Optional All visitors are allowed to post message You should always use overdrive in automatic cars during normal driving conditions. However, if you are hauling a load (towing) or have A LOT of weight in the car, or are climbing a very steep hill, it is safer to turn it off in order to keep the gear lower for more torque. Manual cars usually have overdrive built in as the last (highest) gear

Towing in overdrive with a heavy load or into a headwind will usually result in increased fuel consumption. Using high (or whatever gear is below the overdrive position in a manual or automatic gearbox) will give better performance and economy. UPS AND DOWNS . There's no doubt about it, hills can be hard work for the tow vehicle Re: Trailer Towing/overdrive off not working? Apr 01 2013, 4:59am Its all done by Torque and load if your towing nothing there is no load if you turn on your tow/haul and punch it and let ylur tranny wind out you will see it makes your shift points longer Once I turn the truck off and restart it it clears and it is fine. I would say it happens more often while towing. Funny thing is it has gone more than 60,000 miles since the problem started and has towed some heavy loads on a regular basis It really depends on the vehicel you are towing with and the load you are towing. Towing a jetski with a half ton truck would not create many issues. Towing 10K lbs with a 1/4 ton vehicle would. Heat. When in Drive there is not much load on the transmission or torque converter. When in Over drive there is a massive load on both creating a lot. Driver can put the key in the ignition in order to turn off the car alarm. The key chipped code will be generated by the vehicle, as the car is able to recognize the key. And, when this happens, the alarm of your car will turn off. SEE MORE: Why are the alarms of the Car turning Off? Reasons why your car is shutting down while driving 3

when to turn off overdrive while towin

2000 Mercedes Benz ML320 specs: mpg, towing capacity, size1998 Mercedes Benz ML320 specs: mpg, towing capacity, size
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