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In nature, social factors influence the reproduction of male orcas, as they cannot mate until they achieve size and strength enough to compete with other individuals of their species. Females can become ready for mating several times a year, so there is no regular pattern in the reproductive aspect of killer whales Orcas use sexual reproduction. Females are pregnant for approximately 17 months before birth. We can never be sure, but scientists say that female Orcas don't fell pain during reproduction process. They give birth every 3-10 years The first phase a male whale goes through when it attempts to find a female mating partner to reproduce with is to attract a female whale during a courtship phase No males are known to exist. The lizards (from the genus Aspidoscelis) reproduce via parthenogenesis, a process in which eggs develop into embryos without first being fertilized They produce both sexually and asexually it depends on the species.they produce asexually and sexually.when reproducing asexually, they use binary fission.when reproducing sexually, they use..

Adult killer whales give birth to a single baby (only once were twins recorded) about every 3-10 years. They start breeding at about 14-15 years of age (the youngest known was only 11). Gestation is 16-17 months. Babies nurse for about one year Most fish reproduce sexually (as per usual there are exceptions). Marine dwelling mammals (dolphins and whales) all reproduce sexually. Do whales reproduce in captivity? They cant keep Whales in..

While most snakes reproduce sexually, some reproduce asexually. It depends on the species. When snakes reproduce sexually, the male snake inserts his hemipenes into the female's cloaca to fertilize the eggs. If you are curious about snake reproduction, there is a lot to learn As pointed out by others, viruses don't really reproduce so much as convince cells to make copies of them, which could be considered a form of asexual reproduction if you wanted to classify it that way. However, certain viruses can also perform wh.. All fish reproduce sexually through a process called spawning. Like all sexual reproduction, it involves the union of sperm from a male fertilizing the egg of a female. Though the entire reproductive process is sexual, many times the fertilization of the eggs of the female take place outside of the body rather than internally as happens with. In 99% of iguana reproduction, it occurs sexually. Iguanas are one of the few lizards that can reproduce through a process called parthenogenesis. This is a form of asexual reproduction where a female can impregnate herself. A big adaptation is the desire to seek out heat. If its cold, it will hunt for a warm spot

Reproduction in snakes can occur both sexually and asexually. Snakes are one of the few species that are capable of both types of reproduction. Although asexual reproduction is not common across all species of snakes, it does occur in some, and that too, when the mating conditions are unfavorable Do whales reproduce sexually or asexually? Most marine and estuarine animals reproduce sexually — including oysters, sharks and whales. To make things even more confusing, some animals like moon jellies reproduce sexually during one stage of life and asexually during another Asexual reproduction requires only one parent and produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent. Most mammals reproduce sexually. Sea stars and the hydra are two organisms that..

These particular diatoms usually reproduce asexually, through cell division. Describe the difference between the genes of the offspring of sexual versus asexual diatom reproduction Animals By: Prishawna Smith 9. What adaptation(s) do animals have to protect themselves? 8. How do they reproduce both sexually and asexually? (mitosis, meiosis, budding, conjugation, parthenogenesis) 10. What are their roles in the ecosystems? Every single animal within ou Are African Elephant Asexual/sexual/both? Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Elephants are sexual. They reproduce sexually only. 6 0. respekt816. 1 decade ago. They're definitely not asexual. Which means they're asexual. Which is totally not what you'd expect. The sheer physics of such a ritual. They found much more diversity than could be explained by asexual reproduction. And even more telling, the genes used by fungi to find mating partners have been kept intact and functional by. Asexual reproduction is a method of reproduction in which the organism is basically making clones of itself. This method of reproduction differs from sexual reproduction as it does not require gametes (sperm and egg) from the opposite sexes. In bacteria, fungi and plants, asexual reproduction is very common and is usually used along with sexual reproduction as a method to further greatly the.

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When unisexual and bisexual species of the same genus are reared under similar conditions in the laboratory, the population of the unisexual species grows more quickly because all unisexual lizards (all females) deposit eggs, whereas only 50% of the bisexual lizards do so (Figure 7-4). Variety may make sexual reproduction a winning strategy for. Most marine and estuarine animals reproduce sexually — including oysters, sharks and whales. To make things even more confusing, some animals like moon jellies reproduce sexually during one stage of life and asexually during another. Beside above, are oysters a natural Viagra? Oysters improve dopamine levels which boosts libido in men and women Students will know the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction and how these result in an organism. Watch in HD! Like, Comment, Subscribe

Generally, females reach sexual maturity between 5 and 13 years of age, and males reach maturity between 10 and 14. Dolphins are polygamous, meaning they have more than one mate. Mating occurs.. Video Timeline:00:00 Start0:40 Introduction2:02 Difference between asexual Reproduction & Sexual Reproduction14:05 Types of Reproduction24:08 Asexual Reprodu.. Why are most organisms sexual? The question of why most species reproduce sexually and others reproduce asexually has stymied biologists for years (particularly since asexual reproduction has many advantages including producing more offspring.) The question is answered in part in this week's Science Magazine, published on Friday, October 19

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Whale Reproduction Whales are mammals and are nourished in the womb through an umbilical cord. Whales even have a belly button after birth (this is the place where the umbilical cord was attached to). Whales are viviparous, they give birth to live young (unlike fish, most of which lay eggs) All animals can reproduce sexually, but some can do both ways. Colonial animals such as siphonophores, corals, and bryozoans are particularly good at asexual reproduction, but like everything else they can reproduce sexually. However, asexual reproduction is known in some lizards, some molluscs, many parasites, and some other animals, too Sexual Reproduction . Blue whales reproduce via sexual meiosis. The male and female each produce haploid gametes. Male gametes are sperm, and the female gametes are eggs. A single sperm and egg fertilize to form a diploid zygote. They fertilize internally, meaning sperm is deposited inside the female 206 MHR • Unit 2 Reproduction Sexual Reproduction In section 6.1, you learned how male and female gametes are formed and how meiosis produces gametes that are not genetically identical. Sexual reproduction is the process that brings these non-identical gametes together to form a new organism. Sexual reproduction has three stages This type of reproduction is very different from other aquatic animals such as fish and amphibians as they are known to lay eggs that hatch (usually externally), meaning that the bond between child and mother is much less significant and unlike dolphins fish and amphibians do not feed or nurture their child through an umbilical cord

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  1. Depending on the species of Octopus, mating can occur from a couple of months of age or when they are several years old. Depending on the type of species there may be some courting and ritual going on before the actual mating occurs. With most of the species though it is more a matter of convenience than anything else
  2. Start studying Biology - B13. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools
  3. LESSON 9 SEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN FLOWERING PLANTS Asexual reproduction has advantages and dis-advantages. On the one hand, it is convenient because it requires only one parent. The quali-ty of an organism that results from asexual reproduction will remain more or less the same. For example, if a plant has fruit or flow
  4. Whatever the case, the lives of both male and female mosquitoes revolve around mating, so just how do the buzzing insects do it? Across the globe there are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes
  5. Once born, sharks grow slowly. Sexual maturity is reached at between 15 and 20 years of age in most species. This is another reason that it is vital that, by the time the pups are actually born, they are strong and developed enough to defend themselves and their population numbers

5. Hydra can reproduce asexually, by budding, or sexually. When food is plentiful, many Hydra reproduce asexually by producing buds in the body wall, which grow to be miniature adults and break away when they are mature. When conditions are harsh, often before winter or in poor feeding conditions, sexual reproduction occurs in some Hydra Instead, they spawn, meaning that they release their eggs and sperm into the water, reproducing sexually. In particular, Sea Urchins leave reproduction to chance. They do not select a mate, but rather release their gametes and leave it to chance that they will mix and get fertilized. Only 10% to 40% of eggs get fertilized Flamingo chicks mature quite rapidly - this is necessary to their survival. They can start leaving the nest after nearly 7 days. It is only a few months later that they are swimming and learning to fly. Chicks reach sexual maturity by 6 years of age. At that time, they can start mating and having chicks of their own Like many plants, mosses reproduce both sexually and asexually. Unlike seed plants, though, mosses have flagellated sperm that must swim to fertilize an egg. That's one reason they can only survive in moist environments. In early spring, raindrops splash sperm from male plants to female plants

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narwhal reproduce sexually. while narwhal's reproductive system is essentially identical to ours they have significant differences. narwhal's (and all cetaceans) males reproductive organ that would be outside the body in humans and lan d mammals like the penis and testes are actually inside the narwhal is body. The narwhal is penis is flexible and when not erected is able to retract into the. Primarily they reproduce asexually, which they accomplish by binary fission, or simple cell division. Both species reproduce by cyclical parthenogenesis, in which phases of asexual reproduction are intermitted by sexual reproduction. She does reproduce some of his more subversive etchings, although as plates, rather than prints Sea cucumbers exhibit sexual and asexual reproduction. Unlike most terrestrial animals, sea cucumber eggs undergo external fertilization—females release eggs into the water that are fertilized when they come into contact with sperm that males have released. In order for this form of reproduction to be successful, many males and females must.

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Do killer whales reproduce sexually or asexually? - Answer

Some organisms reproduce sexually. Other organisms reproduce asexually. What are some benefits of asexual reproduction? A. It benefits organisms that are immobile. B. It gives offspring the genetic traits to survive in a particular environment C. It uses less energy D. All of the above 2 See answer In the wild they usually reproduce sexually, but females in captivity have been known to reproduce by parthenogenesis, without the need for sperm. Female Komodo dragons lay a clutch of 15 to 30 leathery shelled eggs in the nest. There is no maternal care of the young they might eat their own young

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As we have previously mentioned, sexual reproduction is a type of reproduction where there is a fusion of gametes, resulting in an offspring that is genetically different to its parents. The characteristics that define this type of reproduction are various. In the first place, in sexual reproduction there are two individuals involved, unlike asexual reproduction, a female and a male Whale Reproduction and Care of Young. Male whales are mature between 7 and 10 years of age. They have a cavity that their genitals remain in during resting and swimming so there isn't a great deal that is known about them in great deal. For females maturity occurs about 5 to 7 years of age. A female that is mature will generally have a new. Most animals that reproduce asexually are very small or even unicellular. Animals like the Hydra and Flat worm etc. reproduce asexually. While animals such as fish (salmon), humans, etc. reproduce sexually. Lots of plants, however reproduce sexually and asexually. Garlic produces seed (sexual) and bulbs (asexual) Reproduction in plants •Depending on the species, plants can reproduce both sexually and asexually. •Example: the lilac tree •The growth of several shoots at the base of the tree is an example of asexual reproduction. •In the spring, this tree also grows many flowers that will produce seeds, which is an example of sexual reproduction in plants known as flowering The polyps can then reproduce asexually by budding off tiny jellyfish one or two millimetres across, which feed on plankton and gradually grow into full-size adult jellyfish. Read more: How do corals eat? Could humans attain immortality? Advertisement

5 How do most penguins die? 6 Do sharks eat penguins? 7 How many babies can a penguin have at one time? 8 Do penguins reproduce sexually or asexually? 9 How do penguins mate? 10 Are Penguins smelly? 11 Is it illegal to touch a penguin? 12 Do penguins pee? 13 Why are baby penguins Fluffy? 14 How tall do king penguins get? 15 What animals eat. Organisms That Reproduce Both Asexually & Sexually Reproduction is how organisms pass on their genes. While some organisms reproduce only sexually or asexually, there are many that do both

Like many jellies, sea wasps have an interesting life cycle that includes a combination of sexual and asexual reproduction. Sexually mature sea wasps are the jellies (known as medusae), with stinging tentacles, with which we are most familiar. These adults reproduce via external fertilization, where females release eggs and males release sperm. On this it may alternate between sexual and asexual generations (holocyclic) or alternatively, all young may be produced by parthenogenesis, eggs never being laid (anholocyclic). Some species can have both holocyclic and anholocyclic populations under different circumstances but no known aphid species reproduce solely by sexual means. [50

It has a lot to do with the much greater likelihood that a young chimp will survive to adulthood and how only a small percentage of turtle hatchlings will survive to reproduce. Some lizards, such as whiptails of the genus Cnemidophorus, reproduce asexually, but they do not lay any more eggs than sexually reproducing members of the same genus 12 October 2007 false killer whales, politics and life asexual-reproduction, science, sex James Graham I, for one, welcome our new asexual overlords Humans and most other types of organism reproduce sexually Bacteria and plants can reproduce asexually to produce genetically identical individuals. Sexual reproduction, involving the fusion of gametes introduces variety into animal and plant species Basidiomycota, large and diverse phylum of fungi (kingdom Fungi) that includes jelly and shelf fungi; mushrooms, puffballs, and stinkhorns; certain yeasts; and the rusts and smuts. Basidiomycota are typically filamentous fungi composed of hyphae. Most species reproduce sexually with a club-shape That page lists other forms of asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction requires 2 parents and each offspring gets 1/2 of its nuclear DNA from each parent. (Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only form the mother.) All mammals and birds reproduce sexually. Whales and ostriches are two organisms that reproduce sexually

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  1. Hammerhead Sharks can Reproduce Asexually. December 24, 2011 Daven Hiskey Leave a comment. The first documented case of a hammerhead shark reproducing asexually happened on December 14, 2001 at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska where a female hammerhead shark, which was kept in isolation from males, miraculously gave birth to a pup
  2. Answer: Sexual reproduction: -Advantage: produces genetic variation in offspring -Disadvantage: Time and energy needed to mate Asexual reproduction: -Advantage: population can increase rapidly and time and energy efficient, only need one parent -Disadvantage: Disease may affect all individuals in a population, lack of genetic variation Describing Chromosomes • In a cell in which DNA.
  3. Reproducing is the only method of insuring genetic DNA of organisms is passed on to the next generation. There are two types of reproduction, asexual and sexual. From the family Otariidea, Sea lions use sexual reproduction meaning they require a mate to produce offspring. There are 6 living sea lion species in the world. The Japanese Sea Lion.
  4. iature versions of adults but.
  5. They shuffle their genomes via horizontal gene transfer among other things or if u follow the dogma they randomly mutate until some survive. Accepted ideas die hard there are the 3 phases of truth attributed to various characters including Scho..
  6. They reproduce asexually and/or sexually. B. They are eukaryotes that cannot be classified as animals, plants, or fungi. C. They can be single celled or multicellular. D. They are prokaryotic and have no nucleus to enclose their DNA. _____32. When bread molds reproduce asexually, it divides by mitosis, producing A. mycelium. C. haploid gametes. B
  7. Asexual reproduction Sexual reproduction The asexual reproduction is a major type of reproduction in single-cell organisms like bacteria, protista and archaea. Some fungi and plants also reproduce sexually. In this process, the offspring is produce from one parent and also pass the genetic information from one parent

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how do iguanas produce? [asexual or sexual reproduction

  1. They can reproduce sexually or asexually. They chase flashlight beams. In short, Sea-Monkeys are everything you could want in a brine shrimp pet, and more
  2. How Do Dogs Reproduce? By Staff Writer Last Updated Mar 26, 2020 2:52:30 PM ET. Dogs give birth to litters, meaning multiple puppies. They first come into heat and then must have sex in order to become pregnant. A female dog comes into heat for 18 to 21 days every 6 months. Larger breeds only go into heat once a year
  3. Reproduction of the Megalodon shark Reproduction (Life Cycle) The Megalodons had their young in warm, tropical places. Their pups were believed to be 2-4 meters in length. It was where they felt their pups (baby sharks) would be most safe from predators, in low, shallow water..
  4. During sex, the male peacock mounts the peahen and aligns his tail with hers, which in turn, aligns the sexual organs, known cloacas. Both peacocks and peahens have cloacas. The peacock's sperm is then transferred to the peahen where it makes its way up to the uterus to fertilize the egg via muscular spasms
  5. There is very little chance of variation with asexual reproduction. Mutations in DNA can still occur but not nearly as frequently as in sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction leads to genetic variation in new generations of offspring. This is fundamental to evolution. Involvement of sex cells No formation or fusion of gametes (sex cell
  6. Orcas are known for their black and white colour, most people think they are whales, and this is incorrect. They are the largest when it comes to the Dolphin family. If you love amazing trivia facts about killer whales, this quiz is for you. How about you give it a try and see how well you will do. All the best
  7. Sexual reproduction results in new genetic combinations and a chance for the larvae to disperse away from their parents and populate new territories. Asexual reproduction is a form of growth and seems to occur when an individual has found a suitable habitat. Anthopleura sola reproduces asexually by longitudinal fission. During longitudinal.

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  1. Brown algae can reproduce both sexually and asexually; both the motile zoospores and gametes have two unequal flagella (Britannica Online, 2000). The life cycle of most large kelp begins when a mature plant releases its spores directly into the water
  2. Sea stars have many weird and wonderful adaptations including both sexual and asexual reproduction. Click on any of the labels in this interactive to view short video clips or images to learn more. Don't forget to flip the sea star over and see what's underneath - the ventral view!. Transcrip
  3. The polyps can then reproduce asexually by budding off tiny jellyfish one or two millimetres across, which feed on plankton and gradually grow into full-size adult jellyfish. Read more: How do corals eat? Could humans attain immortality? Advertisement
  4. Genetic diversity is the variation in the characteristics inherited from the parent organisms in a population of a specific species. Genetic diversity can come about through a number of ways: mutations, sexual reproduction, migration, and population size
  5. Geographic Range. Spinner dolphins, Stenella longirostris, are found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the ocean, and may appear near the shores of continents, islands, and reefs.It ranges between 40°N and 40°S latitudes. There are 5 different geographic morphs: Gray's spinner dolphins, also known as Hawaiian spinner dolphins, S. l. longirostris
  6. Killer whales/Orcas are predators that eat seal, penguins, sea otters and fish. They are more common in cold water, but they are found all over the world. Dolphins are highly intelligent, very playful, and escort ships. Sponges reproduce both sexually and asexually. When they reproduce sexually, they do so through external.

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  1. Reproduce definition, to make a copy, representation, duplicate, or close imitation of: to reproduce a picture. See more
  2. Bird reproduction starts the same way as in mammals by the joining of an egg or ovum with a sperm cell in the oviduct. This fertilised ovum then forms the nucleus of the egg and the formation of the yolk, whites and shell can begin. The sperm from the male is transferred to the female when they touch cloaca, an act referred to as the cloacal kiss
  3. Scientists do not yet have accurate data on sea turtle longevity, but once they reach sexual maturity, they are said to have up to 30 years of reproductive life; That is, if the specimen reaches maturity at 45 years of age, its life expectancy could be around 75 years. References. Peter L. Lutz, John A. Musick, Jeanette Wyneken

Giant pandas reach sexual maturity at 5.5 to 6.5 years. A female can mate with several males, who compete over her. A male will seek out different females who are on heat. The mating season is in spring between March and May. Males and females usually associate for no more than 2-4 days. Gestation takes from 95-160 days The following points highlight the two important methods of reproduction in protists. The methods are: 1. Asexual Reproduction 2. Sexual Reproduction. Method # 1. Asexual Reproduction: It involves only one parent. All the young ones produced asexually have the same genetic constitution as that of the parent and are called clones

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Unfortunately, great white shark reproduction is a slow process, and the fish are being killed off by human bycatch and hunting. We need to make sure these creatures stay around forever. Visit our website to learn more information about great white sharks, and other magnificent sharks that are posed to endangerment This crown staghorn fern has produced another fern asexually. sirichai_raksue/Getty Images. The fern life cycle refers to sexual reproduction. However, ferns use asexual methods to reproduce, too.. In apogamy, a sporophyte grows into a gametophyte without fertilization occurring.Ferns use this method of reproduction when conditions are too dry to permit fertilization as the individuals reproduce. These changes are based on how the DNA changes and who reproduces. 3 haploid X 23 in humans X 23 in humans diploid X 23 in humans Sexual Reproduction The combination of genes inherited from Mom and Dad. 4 Asexual Reproduction Sexual Reproduction vs. extremely low genetic diversity greater genetic diversity 5. Kangaroo: Reproduction. There are some forty different species in the kangaroo family. The smaller ones are usually called wallabies.The largest is the red kangarooMacropus rufus which is as tall as a man and the largest living marsupial. Kangaroos reproduce in much the same way as the opossums.The egg which is still enclosed in the vestiges of a shell a few microns thick and has only a small. SB2e. Compare the advantages of sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction situations. 26. When recovering from injury, blood platelets that cover the wound are slowly replaced by newly formed skin cells. Old skin cells, with 46 chromosomes, divide to form new skin cells with 46 chromosomes. This is classified as what sort of reproductive.

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