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Expansion Valve using condensing pressure, subtract evaporating pressure and all other possible pressure losses. Select K ∆p-factor from tables on pages 15-17. TI Series Thermo®-Expansion Valves Alco Controls D A T A S H E E T TI___35069_EN_R05.doc Replacement for R04 5 / 22 08.12.2014. EMRSON Thermostatic Expansion Valves 0.79 A F K I C L B 3.07 0.63 59 D G H E M J TX7 Ordering Information Refrigerant Model Tons* Connection Size (in.) Cap Tube PCN R-410A R-32 TX7-Z16 20 7/8 x 1-1/8 ODF 5 FT 80681 expansion valves, electrical control valves can work with all refrigerants. Emerson electrical control valves are the solution for the challenges above. The latest technology and more than 80 years of experience in design and production of flow controls including Thermo® expansion valves have been incorporated in the design of the EX4, EX5. Emerson Climate Technologies Thermal expansion valve. Table Of Contents Thermal Expansion Valves 1-51 Products, specifications, and data in this catalog are subject to update without notice. Should you need confirmation of a specifi

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  1. Electrical Control Valves EX4/EX5/EX6/EX7/EX8 Electrical Control Valves EX4/EX5/EX6/EX7/EX8 Instruction Sheet PA-00318 June 2013 EX4/5/6/7/8 are stepper motor driven valves for precise control of refrigerant mass flow in refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps, industrial cooling process and close control systems as: - Expansion valves
  2. ing Pressure Drop Ratio to Use for Sizing and Expansion Factor.. 105 5.9.3 Calculating Flow Coefficient.
  3. The EX4-EX8 are stepper motor driven valves that are optimized for the control of liquid or gaseous mass flow in refrigeration systems.. Multifunction capability as expansion valve, hot gas bypass, suction gas throttling, head pressure, liquid line actuator and other applications systems.
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  1. al R-22 capacities from 2.5 to 434 tons (8.2 to 1424 kW), and can control refrigerant flow down to 10% of rated capacity. Therefore, they are applicable on al
  2. 2004FC-118 R16 (01/16) TXV 4 Emerson Climate Technologies Thermal Expansion Valves With Internal Check Valve Refrigerant Series Tons* Charge Connections Cap Tube PCN R-410A AACE 1½ ZW195 3/8 X 1/2 ODF S/T 5 FT 065871 ZW195 CHATLEFF 30 IN 01643
  3. Warning : Valves with gas charge feature MOP function and operate properly only if the temperature at the bulb is below the temperature at the head of the valve and a (see Fig. 8 bulb, malfunction of the expansion valve occurs (i.e. erratic low pressure or excessive superheat). Sup erheat Adjustment (Fig. Proceed as follows i readjustment 1
  4. Emerson Expansion Valves The expansion valve body is about two (2) inches long. Look between the arrows. You must have the MODEL number of the coil to get the right valve. See the NOTE below. NOTE: RCFA-XX2417AU (example of TXV type) XX is AU = AC only (upflow or downflow, cased) XX is HU = AC.
  5. EX Valve alone Transfo 24 Volt UL 40VA 90T40‐F3 90‐T40F3 Description Type PCN Valve EX4 EX4 I21 800615 XC643 Kits, Digital application with more than 1 evaporator Valve EX5 EX5 U21 800618 Description Part # Valve EX6 EX6 I21 800620 XC643 Pressure & Temperature kit Valve EX7 EX7 I21 800624 Valve EX8 EX8 I21 800631 Miscellaneou
  6. Emerson has the complete solution Following a major expansion of our valves and controls business, Emerson has reinforced its final control portfolio, including a complete range of isolation valves and automated valve solutions. We understand the importance of keeping your processes running continuously, regardles
  7. Emerson Flow Controls. Mano Lamool Sales Manager - Refrigeration Thailand. Emerson flow controls Filter Drier Solenoid Valve Moisture Indicator Expansion Valve Head Pressure Control Receiver Hot Gas Bypass Regulator Evaporator Electronic Ball Valve Stepper Regulator Accumulato Filter r Pressure Drier Core Control Compressor Oil Monitor Oi

5 BIRKETT SAFEFLO SERIES SAFETY AND THERMAL RELIEF VALVES B/C SERIES THERMAL RELIEF VALVES PARTS LIST Item Part Carbon steel Stainless steel 1 Body SA 216-WCB CARB ST SA 351-CF8M ST ST 3 Cap ASTM A108-1021 ASTM A479-316 Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH and/or its affiliates (collectively Emerson) shall not be liable for errors in the stated capacities, dimensions, etc., as well as typographic errors. -Expansion Valves for systems with refrigerant having temperature glide As opposed to single substances (e.g. R 134a) where the phase. In this training we cover:• Thermal Expansion Valve Theory & Fundamentals• Anatomy• Operation• Terms & Features• Power Element Charges• SuperheatFor the full.. Thermal expansion valve 2003 For refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. Emerson Climate Technologies Thermal Expansion Valves 1-40 TXV Extended Capacity Tables 41-63 Table of Contents 2003FC-91 R11 (01/16) Page Thermal Expansion Valves 1 A-Series 2 AFA(E) Series

HVACR Technology and Infrastructure Solutions | Emerson U Thermostatic Expansion Valve Cross Reference Thermostatic Expansion Valves Notes for Cross Reference List There is no exact cross reference from one manufacturer's valve to the next. This cross reference groups valves by nominal capacity, connection and body type, and the pressure equalization type. Thermostatic expansion valves

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. wholesalers. The use of any other POE lubricant may void the compressor warranty. 3. R-448A/R-449A can be used in either low or medium temperature systems. R-448A/R-449A should not be mixed with any other refrigerant! 4. The expansion valve may need to be adjusted to have the correct evaporator superheat Emerson thermal expansion valves cover a wide range of nominal capacity, from ½ ton to 100 ton. MODEL # DESCRIPTION AAEGT60321 EXPANSION VALVE R-22 ONLY 1-3 TON CHATLEF FITTING The A-series is used for heat pump, air conditioning, food services and commercial applications. Features • Stainles Catalog E-1, Thermostatic & Automatic Expansion Valves / Page 5 C(E) Series The C(E) series incorporates a brass body with a 90° elbow inlet and SAE flare fittings using balanced port construction, allowing operation over varying load conditions. Designed for use on small refrigeration and or air conditioning systems www.emerson.co thermostatic expansion valves alco trae/trae+ thermo expansion valve ordering information part no valve series connections charge cap tube length alc-062718 ** trae+ 10 5/8 x 7/8 odf s/t hc* 5 ft alc-063138 trae+ 10 5/8 x 7/8 odf s/t hca 10 ft thermostatic expansion valves

Expansion devices can be divided into four general categories: the fixed area restrictor, the automatic (constant pressure) expansion valve, the thermostatic expansion valve, and the elec-tric expansion valve. The fixed area restrictor expansion device is simply a precisely formed restriction through which liquid refrigerant flows Emerson also manufactures bi-flow designs for use in heat pumps and many of our TXVs have a take-apart design for ease of service. Emerson thermal expansion valves cover a wide range of nominal capacity, from 1/2 - 100 ton. The HF series is a balanced ported valve designed for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump application Emerson Climate Technologies CX series are stepper motor driven valves for precise control of R744 (CO2) refrigerant mass flow in air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump applications. The Control Valves can be used as high pressure expansion valve, liquid injection duty, hot gas bypass. Features and Benefits • Maximum working pressure, PS. expansion valve, the different enthalpies of liquid and vapour phase refrigerants as well as certain part of flash gas after expansion. The percentage of flash gas differs with various refrigerants and depends on system conditions. Heavy subcooling results in very small flash gas amounts and therefore increases expansion valve capacities

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contact your local Emerson Climate Technologies representative. Page 4 from 9. 635 2954396 Expansion valve w/o coil - Parker 1 for Demand Cooling 635 3805691 Expansion valve wo coil - Parker 1 60 Hz 636 3160518 Solenoid coil 1 208-240V AC, 50/60HZ ALCO For Expansion valve Expansion Valve Relief valve(s) supplied with 50Hz EU CE units rated maximum 480 PSIG (33 Bar). Paradenser® Condenser Bypass Valve Hose Bib * Hose Bib * Shutoff Valve * Shutoff Valve * Sensor Return Supply Liquid Suction 2-Way Regulating Valve Optional 3-Way Regulating Valve Discharge Liebert DS Unit (and associated piping valve Connector type to driver board or controller Illustration EX5-N15 804 650 1.5 m EX5-N30 804 651 3.0 m EX5-N60 804 652 -25 +80°C 6.0 m M12 EX5-L60 804 655 -50 +80°C 6.0 m M12, low temp. Loose wires Introduction Thermostatic expansion valves and mechanical regulator valves Data sheet | Thermostatic expansion valves, type T2 / TE2 AI241486443133en-001303 | 3 Design Function General T2 and TE2 valves have an interchangeable orifice assembly. The orifice assembly is suitable for all versions of valve body and refrigerants and in all evaporating temperature ranges. The charge in the thermostatic element depend Different expansion valves are required for each refrig-erant, so the refrigerants are not interchangeable in a given system, and should never be mixed. If for some reason it is desirable to change from one refrigerant to another in an existing system, it is usually possible to convert the system by changing expansion valves an

EXPANSION VALVES VE-ED 01/2017 - ENG 3 INDEX THE NATURAL DEVELOPMENT OF QUALITY Having achieved the goal of fifty-five years working in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry, Castel's range of quality products is well known and highly appreciated around the world. Quality is the product of our Company philosophy and mark Liebert Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) A Liebert precision cooling equipment purchase is an investment in industry-leading technology, quality and performance. To achieve a high degree of temperature and performance control, Liebert installs Thermal Expansion Valves (TXVs) for precise evaporator cooling performance In this video, filmed by the ACHR NEWS at the 2010 AHR Expo, Al Maier describes the newest Emerson electronic valve and controller to optimize refrigerant fl..

The Emerson DX3 is an electronically operated expansion device that provides precise control of refrigerant flow and system superheat. The DX3 employs a high resolution linear stepper motor actuator with a Dry stator which provides excellent field DX3 Stepper Motor Driven Electronic Expansion Valve Flow Control Technical Help Guide Thermal Expansion Valves Electronic Valves & Controls Solenoid Valves System Protectors Regulators Oil Controls Temperature Pressure Controls Basic Rules of Good Practice Troubleshooting Guide. Nguyen Quang. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 22 Full PDFs related to this paper Thermo® Expansion Valves Alco Controls D A T A S H E E T TX3__35010_EN_R07.doc 3 / 14 07.12.2009 Heat pump applications There are several ways to apply an expansion valve in a heat pump: 1) Thermo-Expansion Valves with internal check valves This system is very simple because TX3 expansion valves with integrated check valves have been used EMERSON. TRAE 15HW • Capacity: 15 PDF file. PDF file. PDF file. PDF file. Thermal Expansion Valve. EMERSON. TER 26HW Thermal Expansion Valve. EMERSON. TMR 100H

subcooling at the inlet of the expansion valve. This methodology varies from the rest of the capacity tables in this catalog. TI(E) Series - Valve bodies, Flare type Interchangeable Cages Nomenclature example: TIE4 HW TI E 4 H Valve Series Equalizer E=External (Omit for internal) Orifice Size Valves sold less cage (Select proper cage from inter Thanks to the wide range of products, Emerson Climate Technologies was selected to drive this plant; advanced digital controllers for cabinets/racks and supervising systems are made by Dixell. In particular very important is the use of the new EX3 electronic expansion valve, developed in order to always provide to the market the best possibl

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Thermal Expansion Valve DANFOSS . TX 2 • Refrigerant: R-22 / R-407 The Emerson® solenoid-valve offering plays an important role in the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. As part of Emerson's commitment to the industry, each valve undergoes stringent Emerson testing to ensure fail-safe operation. And, with the lowest externa View and Download Emerson Fisher A11 instruction manual online. High-Performance Butterfly Valve. Fisher A11 control unit pdf manual download. Also for: Cl900, Cl1500, Cl2500 View and Download Emerson Alco Controls TIH Series operating instruction online. Thermo-Expansion Valve. Alco Controls TIH Series control unit pdf manual download * Electronic expansion valve (EXV) with capillary tube * Fixed high-pressure and low pressure switches * Discharge line thermistor and lead wire * Oil separator * Liquid line filter drier/sight glass * Adjustable low pressure switch * Condenser fan speed control (BOM dependent) * Compressor sound jacket and * Suction/liquid service valves

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Aspen&Expansion&Valve&Piston&Parts&Matrix Effective 1/27/11.Supercedes previous version. Subject to change without notice. Ccoils&& AAHs Bcoils& FAHs R410A 11/23 1/2 Both No X5)3 4200 HCE3VX100A CBBIZE)3)GA)BP20) NONBLEED ANCE&3ZW195 n/a 4 +X5 R410A 456 Both No X5)5 4202 HCE5VX100A CBBIZE)6)GA)BP20) NONBLEED ANCE&5ZW195 n/a 4 +X5 R410A 11/23 1/ A thermal expansion valve or thermostatic expansion valve (often abbreviated as TEV, TXV, or TX valve) is a component in vapor-compression refrigeration and air conditioning systems that controls the amount of refrigerant released into the evaporator and is intended to regulate the superheat of the refrigerant that flows out of the evaporator to a steady value Page 1 XEC supercap (v. 1.0) ; Page 3 1. Installation notes symbol alerts the user of important operating and maintenance (assistance) instructions found in the documentation attached to the device. This manual forms part of the product and must always be kept near the device for easy and quick reference

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TRAE+ Series Thermal Expansion Valves The TRAE Plus series is a large capacity valve designed for refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump, and chiller applications. • Stainless steel power element eliminates corrosion and prevents valve failure • Suitable for Bi-Flow applications • Replaceable power element and cage assembly for full serviceability • Double balanced port design. IDENTIFYING SPORLAN THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVES BULLETIN 122 / PAGE 15 * For applications with an external equalizer use kit number KT-131-B. ** The R-22 nominal tonnage is used as a reference except as noted. VALVE TYPE KIT NUMBER KIT CONTENTS A KT-12 ② D KT-23 P,H, Large O KT-33 Q,F, (E)BF, SBF KT-43 ③ G, EG,X, MC, (E)MC KT-53 1 M, V, W. ing the expansion valve, a maximum opening superheat of 7°F, and a standard factory air test superheat setting. A discussion of the relationship between valve capacities and superheat set-tings can be found in Bulletin 10-9. The ratings for evaporator temperatures 40°F, 20°F, -10°F, -40°F in the capacity tables are in accordance with ANSI/AR

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This is the Emerson Automation Solutions Valve Sizing and Selection website containing information about valve sizing software programs If the BPHE is often cleaned, use 5% oxalic acid. The cleaning of the BPHE is not covered by Emerson maintenance service. If necessary, you can consult Emerson service personnel. Page 97 When the compressor is entirely burned, you need to replace the filter drier together with the compressor. In addition, check the expansion valve Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls Catalog. Table Of Contents Thermal Expansion Valves Electronic Expansion Valves & Controls Solenoid Valves & Coils Pressure Regulators Shut Off Valves System Protectors Oil Controls Pressure Controllers Appendix 1-51 52-70 71-85 86-91 92-9

expansion valve systems). Requires brass head temperature probe. J23.3 and J23.4: Remote alarm signal. Jumper to run, open to shut down and alarm. Outputs J8: Electronic Expansion valve 1 control. Can be connected directly to Emerson EX electronic expansion valves as shown in Figure 11. Do not use any other brand or type of expansion valve and control. 12.6 Other Outputs from the E2 Board 12.6.1 Liquid Line Solenoid Valve An ON/OFF output connection is provided and wired to the main terminal strip for convenience to assist the customer for wiring of the liquid line solenoid valve coil into the unit

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Thermo Expansion Valves Alco Controls D A T A S H E E T TX6__35011_EN_R07.doc 3 / 12 09.08.2011 Heat pump applications There are several ways to apply an expansion valve in a heat pump. The following figures are showing the most popular applications: 1) System with two expansion valves, single Bi-flow filter dryer and two check valves Emerson X-31326-3/PCN 020957, Thermostatic Expansion Valve Bulb Strap Assembly 020957 4 Emerson X-9144-B13B/PCN 021067, T-Series Take-Apart Cage Assembly THR Versions 021067 180 Emerson K-1064/PCN 021104, 202CB-P Industrial Solenoid Valve Repair Kit, Plunger, Spring, O-Ring fo

The HF series is a balanced ported valve designed for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications. Features. Stainless steel replaceable power element eliminates corrosion and prevents valve failure; Two body sizes provide capacities from 1/4 to 20 tons; Standard Body û HF & HFK. The HF is offered several ways View and Download Emerson Copeland Scroll user manual online. ZX condensing unit for refrigeration applications. Copeland Scroll air conditioner pdf manual download. Also for: Zx0200-tfd, Zx0300-tfd, Zx0400-tfd, Zx0500-tfd, Zx0600-tfd, Zx0750-tfd, Zx0760-tfd, Zx0200-pfj, Zx0250-pfj,.. thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) normally flashes, resulting in two-phase (liquid and vapor) flow at the valve outlet, see Figure 1. This mixture is predominately liquid by weight, but the vapor occupies most of the vol-ume. For a typical R-410A application, the percentage, b

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Expansion Valve Specifications Description Tonnage inlet outlet Equalizer Tube Length nut Capillary Tube Length part no . FREon solEnoiD V alVEs 12V, No. 6 Male O-Ring, 5/8-18 UNF-2A Thread, 1 Ton, For use with R-12 & R-134a 1812004 12V, 1/8-27 NPT Threads 189901 Thermostatic Expansion Valves Flare and Solder Connections Page 2 - BULLETIN 122 THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE REPLACEMENT PARTS ITEM NUMBER PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION DRAWINGS ON PAGES 3 thru 10 VALVE TYPE and QUANTITY OF PART REQUIRED PER VALVE ER RC F EF BF EBF SBF G EG C S EBS P Small O Large O 183019 772-000 Inlet Strainer 1/4 SAE 1. cooling mode at the temperature down to -84.2°F. Please consult Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd. (Emerson for short) if the lower temperature is required. Water-cooled series The Liebert PEX water-cooled series air conditioner uses integrated structure and highly effective brazed-plate heat exchanger (BPHE), thus it is compact, efficient and quiet Expansion valve with solenoid coil ALCO 1 6D, 240V-50HZ 635 2982246 Expansion valve wo solenoid coil ALCO 1 50 Hz 635 3805704 Expansion valve wo coil 50 Hz Parker 1 635 3805715 Expansion valve wo coil 60 Hz Parker 1 Demand Cooling 636 3160518 Solenoid coil 1 208-240V AC, 50/60HZ ALCO For Expansion valve

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Hand Expansion Valves Bulletin Archive G510 - May 1991.pdf G510a - May 2000.pdf G510b - Feb 2013.pdf 1 A solenoid is a simple form of an electromagnet consisting of a coil of insulated copper wire. A solenoid valveis an electromechanical valve frequently used to control the flow of liquid or gas. Definitions Solenoid valves are found in many applications and are commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems


A thermal expansion valve or thermostatic expansion valve (often abbreviated as TEV, TXV, or TX valve) is a component in refrigeration and air conditioning systems that controls the amount of refrigerant released into the evaporator and is intended to regulate the superheat of the refrigerant that flows out of the evaporator to a steady value. Although often described as a thermostatic valve. Click here for PDF file (SWH) F25-107. Ranco thermostatic switch. Evaporator / defrost. Emerson expansion valve kit. 3.5 to 5 ton. AMF355TKB1, GT-05977-2. Emerson P/N: HQ1085767ACFP. Goodman P/N: 1085833. $35 each. Thermal Expansion Valve Kit. Enlarge Image. ITV06048. Sporlan thermal expansion valve kit. AKA: 473-16872-000. Sporlan P/N. Emerson Flow Controls Thermal Expansion Valves Normal Superheat Settings High Temp = 10 to 12 F (>30°F Evap. ) Medium Temp = 5 to 10 F (0 to 30°F Evap.) Low Temp = 2 to 5 F (Below 0°F Evap.) Follow System Manufacturers Recommended Superhea

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2 =Two-Way Valve (CW Only) 1 = One Web Card 3 = Three-Way Valve (CW Only) 2 = Two Web Cards 7 = R-410A Digital Scroll Single Circuit (DX Only) 3 = One 485 Card Digit 11 - Humidifier 4 = Two 485 Cards 0 = None 5 = One Web Card and One 485 Card S = Steam Generating Canister Digit 20 - Additional Sensors Digit 12 - Display Type 0 = Non ©COPYRIGHT1998 BYSPORLAN VALVE COMPANY, WASHINGTON, MISSOURI Refer to Bulletin 10-9 for a complete discussion on The Theory of Operation and Application of Thermostatic Expansion Valves. Refer to Bulletin 10-11 for a complete discussion on Installing and Servicing Thermostatic Expansion Valves Walk-Ins manufactured on or after 01/01/2009 and under 3,000 square feet in area with single phase evaporator fan motors less than 1 HP and les Valves may be installed in any position, but should be located as close as possible to the distributor or evaporator inlet. 3. Foreign matter in the thermal expansion valve may cause diaphragm failure, flooding, or starving of the valve. Use of an Emerson liquid line filter-drier is strongly recommended. 4. Valves are factory set to a specific.

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upstream and downstream of the valve is straight [1, 2]: ⎜⎜ ⎝ ⎛ ⎜⎜ ⎝ ⎛ ⎜⎜ ⎝ ⎛ ⎜ (1) The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve Δp 0 as well as the density ρ 0 apply to the reference condition of 1 bar and 1000 kg/m³. Y is the expansion factor and is equal to 1 for liquids, whereas it is. TXVs & Regulating Valves. Alco/Emerson. Alco/Emerson - Good Info; EEVs; TXVs; Danfoss. Danfoss - Good Info; Danfoss TXVs; Sporlan. Expansion Valves. Bulletin 10-9 Theory of Operation; Bulletin 10-10 Thermostatic Expansion Valves; Bulletin 10-11 Installation & Service; Bulletin 10-513 FR Series (NEW) Sporlan ColdWar Series; Cap Tube Electronic Expansion Valve This valve is designed to constantly optimize the refrigeration circuit's performance in order to achieve the highest efficiency also at partial load. The Liebert HPC freecooling chiller range features the Electronic Expansion Valve as standard. The relevant valve management software is also embedded in the Verti

Normal industry practice is to equalize systems 3 to 5 minutes. 1 Emerson Climate Technologies. Open the catalog to page 1. T-Series - Take-Apart Thermal Expansion Valves Small Capacity ½ to 18 tons (R-22 Nominal - Bi Flow) Step 1: Select Cage from Capacity Table Valve Type Externally Adjustable Cage Assembly Step 3: Select Power Assembly. Expansion valves with MOP charge are typically used on factory-made units where suction pressure limitation on starting is required such as in the transport sector and in air conditioning systems. All expansion valves with MOP have a very small charge in the bulb. This means that the valve or the element must be located warmer than the bulb 18. Section 1. Walk-In Unit Coolers. List Prices Efiective February 15th, 2016. Prices and speciffications subject to change without notice. Rev. 02/1 A control valve may be defined as a valve with a powered actuator that responds to an external signal. The signal usually comes from a controller. The controller and valve together form a basic control loop. The control valve is seldom full open or closed but in an intermediate position controlling the flow of fluid through the valve compressor, solenoid valves, expansion valves, capillary tubes, and other close tolerance parts of a refrigeration system. The solution to system filtration is the Catch-All Filter-Drier. The Catch-All has been designed to do the job with maximum efficiency. It removes these particles, down to the minimum size

ETS 6 is a compact and lightweight electric expansion valve. The current range is available with different capacities, and can be used with all common refrigerants (R410A, R407C, R404A, R134a, R22). The valve design uses uni-polar drives, and different control solutions exist that are compatible with uni-polar drives Sizing Control Valves Draft 1 . ISA-75.01.01-2007 (60534-2-1 Mod) Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves G. McFarland Emerson Process Mgmt Power & Water Solutions R. Reimer Rockwell Automation 8.5 Expansion factor Y.

Leak test The suction shut-off valve and discharge shut-off valve on the compressor must remain closed during pressure testing to prevent air and moisture from entering the compressor. Page 29: Initial Start-Up Minimum run time Emerson Climate Technologies recommends a maximum of 10 starts per hour ETS electric expansion valves ETS is a series of electric expansion valves for precise liquid injection in evaporators for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The valve piston and linear positioning design is fully balanced, providing bi-flow feature as well as solenoid tight shut-off function in both flow directions HEAT PUMP REVERSING VALVE APPLICATION By: V. V. Solomon Mgr. Ed./Training Emerson Electric Company Alco Controls Division INTRODUCTION When the Arab nations cut back on oil exports (late 1973), it became apparent to the free world what scientists had known for years, i.e., that fossil fuels will eventually be depleted and thus energy-savin

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Correction Tables for Thermo®-Expansion Valves Series TI, TX3, TX6, T and L In cases of subcooling of more than 15K please use additionally the correction factors on page 60 of this brochure. Liquid Correction Factor K t Temperature R 134a Evaporating Temperature entering Valve °C °C +30 +25 +20 +15 +10 +5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 -25 -3 1592019040 xev12d gb r1.6 27.07.2017.docx xev12d 1/4 xev12d on-off electronic expansion valve drivers - manual for software rel. 1.6 - contents 1. general warning_____

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Expansion valves are often suspected of causing system problems. But generally speaking, a TEV is operating properly if it maintains superheat of 5° to 15°. If superheat is low (lower than 5°), there is a potential for flooding refrigerant back to the compressor. If superheat is higher than 15°F, the evaporator is probably operating. 2954385 Expansion valve w/o coil - Parker 1 3D - 50Hz 2954396 Expansion valve w/o coil - Parker 1 for Demand Cooling 2954409 Solenoid coil Parker 1 220V AC, 50/60Hz 3160507 Solenoid coil 1 120V AC, 50/60Hz, IP10 ALCO For Expansion Valve 3160518 Solenoid coil 1 208-240V AC, 50/60HZ ALCO For Expansion valve 2835431 Bracket: Expansion Valve Service First 5 Tons R-410A Thermal Expansion Valve. Part #: SVAL09557. X. POINTS. To see availability for this product, personLog In or Get Online Access $ Parker Hannifin C Series 12.5 Tons R-410A Thermal Expansion Valve. Part #: P168799P. X 8. A expansion valve of claim 7, wherein said biasing means is a coil spring and said valve means is a ball. 9. A thermal expansion valve of claim 8 wherein said spring has a spring force sufficiently light so as to permit said check valve member to be opened substantially instantaneously when said compressor is operated at low pressure. 10

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