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  3. A Samba file server enables file sharing across different operating systems over a network. It lets you access your desktop files from a laptop and share files with Windows and macOS users. This guide covers the installation and configuration of Samba on Ubuntu
  4. One of the most common ways to network Ubuntu and Windows computers is to configure Samba as a File Server. This section covers setting up a Samba server to share files with Windows clients. The server will be configured to share files with any client on the network without prompting for a password
  5. Samba for Ubuntu SAMBA+ software packages are offered by SerNet for a wide range of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. The packages can be purchased as subscription at the SAMBA+ Shop (shop.samba.plus). The following packages are currently available
  6. Samba is a free and open-source re-implementation of the SMB/CIFS network file sharing protocol that allows end users to access files, printers, and other shared resources. This tutorial explains how to install Samba on Ubuntu 18.04 and configure it as a standalone server to provide file sharing across different operating systems over a network

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Samba is one of the many ways to share files and directories across a network on Linux. With a Samba share up and running, any machine within your LAN can access the contents of the shared.. Posted on April 6, 2020 in Ubuntu Server 20.04 We will learn how to install Samba as our network storage server. Samba is a collection of open source applications that implement Server Message Block (SMB) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocols on Unix systems Samba is an open source implementation of SMB/CIFS protocol that allows users to access shared files printers and other network resources. Samba enables Linux systems, including Ubuntu to share files with Windows systems, including Windows 10 and other operating systems

Samba is a free/open source and popularly used software for sharing files and print services between Unix-like systems including Linux and Windows hosts on the same network. In this guide, we will show how to setup Samba4 for basic file sharing between a Ubuntu systems and Windows machines Samba is a free software re-implementation or open-source implementation of the SMB networking protocol. It was originally developed by Andrew Tridgell. It can function both as a domain controller or as a regular domain member. In this tutorial, we will install Samba On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and also configure it with Windows 10 Install Samba . sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install samba. Set a password for your user in Samba . sudo smbpasswd -a <user_name> Note: Samba uses a separate set of passwords than the standard Linux system accounts (stored in /etc/samba/smbpasswd), so you'll need to create a Samba password for yourself

Samba is a software package that allows us to access a shared network drive and printers across various operating systems. Install of Samba on Ubuntu also involve a step to tweak the settings in the Samba configuration file. As a part of our Server Management Services, we help our Customers with software installations regularly What is Samba? Samba is an open-source software package that is released under a GPL (General Public License). It allows us to access a shared network drive and printers across various operating systems using the SMB/CIFS protocol. Samba has both client and server components

Install and Configure Samba Ubunt

  1. Samba is an implementation of the Server Message Block (SMB)/Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol for Unix systems, providing support for cross-platform file and printer sharing with Microsoft Windows, OS X, and other Unix systems. Samba can be used to
  2. Let's begin by installation of the Samba server. This is a rather trivial task. First, install the tasksel command if it is not available yet on your Ubuntu 20.04 system. Once ready use tasksel to install the Samba server
  3. Samba is an open-source implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol used in Windows environments for shared services such as file and printer access and Active Directory. Samba can also be used to create cross-platform file shares in a configuration called a standalone server
  4. Ubuntu 20.xx SAMBA problem. Hot Network Questions Are exercises in language books copyrighted? Differences between main classes of interest pricing derivatives models Does a PhD from US carry *more academic value* as compared to one in India even if the research skill set developed is same?.
  5. SAMBA is an open-source implementation of the SMB file-sharing protocol that provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It helps in successfully networking your Ubuntu system with Windows clients, thereby providing and integrating with services common to Windows environments
  6. Samba also supports the sharing of users, home directories. This will enable users to create shares for all existing Ubuntu users with a single block of configuration. Add the following lines to the Samba configuration to enable the sharing of home directories
  7. sudo gedit /etc/samba/smbusers. Add in the following line, substituting the username with the one you want to give access to. The format is <ubuntuusername> = <samba username>. You can use a different samba user name to map to an ubuntu account, but that's not really necessary right now. <username> = <username>

List samba shares and the users who can access each of them. List samba shares and the users currently connected to them. List samba shares and every connection (log, including user) that has been established to each of them. Any ideas? Anything you use that's currently available that will give me the bits I need to put this together? Cheers $ /etc/init.d/samba restart. For Ubuntu-based distros, the service command might need to be used. As sudo: host $ sudo service smbd restart. If neither of these commands work, refer to your distro's documentation. Once Samba has restarted, use this command to check your smb.conf for any syntax errors. host $ testpar Ubuntu accesses Windows resources using the Samba client. Ubuntu resources, on the other hand, are shared with Windows systems by installing and configuring the Samba service. 1.3 Installing Samba on an Ubuntu System. The default settings used during the Ubuntu installation process do not typically install the necessary Samba packages This guide explains how to configure samba server in Ubuntu 14.04 with anonymous & secured samba servers. Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Samba is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and.

Tutorial Install Samba On Ubuntu 20.04 Samba enables computers running Unix to get in the action, communicating with the same networking protocol as Microsoft Windows, and appearing as another Windows system on the network from the perspective of a Windows client. Samba allows you to access shared files printers and other network resources Next, logon on to the Ubuntu machine to install Samba. To install Samba, run the commands below. sudo apt-get install samba samba-common python-glade2 system-config-samba. After installing Samba, go and config Samba. Step 5: Configure Samba Public share. Now that Samba is installed, run the commands below to backup its default configuration file Disable SMBv1 on Linux or Unix when using Samba. Samba is an open-source implementation of the SMB or CIFS protocol, which allows PC-compatible machines (especially Windows oese) to share files, printers, and other information with Linux and vice-versa. Configuration to enable SMBv2. Edit smb.conf file, run: $ sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.con Now we will configure our new directory samba as a share. For this, we will have to add the following lines in the Samba configuration file. Add the following line to the bottom of the smb.conf file. [samba-share] comment = Samba on Ubuntu path = /samba read only = no browsable = yes. Where [samba-share] = name of the shar

Samba - File Server Ubunt

  1. Once Samba is installed, you can share directories graphically from the default Ubuntu file manager Nautilus. Let's say, you want to share a directory Notes in your home directory. Now, right click (mouse) on the Notes directory and click on Local Network Share
  2. NOTE: We created this article using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. How to enable file sharing (install Samba) in Ubuntu Linux. The sharing service or Samba is not installed by default in Ubuntu Linux. The installation process of Samba varies in complexity, depending on the method you prefer to use
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Samba for Ubuntu - SAMBA+ - Samba software packages for

  1. Samba is a opensource tool that can help you to share the files and printer across cross platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac over a network. This tutorial guides you on how to install and configure Samba, to enable file sharing between Ubuntu and Windows. However, first we need to prepare our environment as follows
  2. How to Mount Samba Share in Ubuntu Linux. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to mount samba share on Ubuntu. For this tutorial I am using Ubuntu Server 16.04, But you can use the following guide to mount Samba CIFS Share in any version of Ubuntu Linux including Ubuntu Desktop
  3. I've just switched from Red Hat to Ubuntu, and I need to know the commands to bring up, restart & stop the samba server. I want to do this from the command line. Please help. ‹ How to set a permission of a Sub Directory in root folder of a ubuntu web server Ubuntu desktop 11.10 verses Ubuntu server.
  4. Therefore setting up a Samba (opens new window) network share is highly recommended. The openHAB VS Code Extension software does also depend on a mounted share to access the openHAB configuration files. We will now guide you through the Samba network shares setup process. Start by installing Samba
  5. Introduction. Samba is a complex package, because it covers a wide range of use cases and provides lots of different binary packages. Bugs relating to the samba source package typically fall into one of the following categories: . User cannot connect to (or properly access files on) a remote share from his Ubuntu system
  6. Samba manages a different set of passwords. To set the password to the user. sudo smbpasswd -a smbuser . Now the user can be enabled to access Samba. sudo smbpasswd -e smbuser . The next step is to set up a shared directory. The Samba configuration file is /etc/samba/smb.conf. Open the file and append a section as below

How to Install and Configure Samba on Ubuntu 18

Download. The Samba source code is distributed via https. View the download area via HTTPS.The file you probably want is called samba-latest.tar.gz.Old releases are available in the Samba archives.. The Samba distribution GPG public key can be used to verify that current releases have not been tampered with. Using GnuPG, simply download the Samba source distribution, the tarball signature, and. Introduction. Most users are running packages shipped with their distribution or from 3rd parties, such as SerNet (Samba+/Enterprise).However, in some situations you decide to compile Samba yourself, like outdated packages are shipped with your distributio Ubuntu 12.04; Samba 3.6.3; Active Directory on Windows Server 2008 mixed with Windows Server 2012. Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 mixed with Windows Server 2008. Overview. A summary of the steps we are going to do: Install Packages; Configure NTP & DNS; Configure Kerberos; Configure nsswitch; Configure Samba; Join the Domain; Configure. See also this question titled Ubuntu + latest samba version, symlinks no longer work on share mounted in Windows. It seems best to put unix extensions = no into the global section and follow symlinks = yes and wide links = yes only into the shares section, where you really need it

How to create a Samba share on Ubuntu Server 20

The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed. The original Samba man pages were written by Karl Auer. Powered by the Ubuntu Manpage Repository, file bugs in Launchpa Samba server uses SMB/CIFS protocol for the secure, stable and file/printer sharing. This tutorial will help you to mount remote samba share to your Linux system. Mounting Samba Share on Unix and Linux. Follow the step by step guide for the mounting of remote samba share on Ubuntu and Debian system Samba Server installation on Ubuntu 15.10 Author: Till Brehm • Tags: linux, samba, ubuntu • Comments: 11. This guide explains the installation and configuration of a Samba server on Ubuntu 15.10 with anonymous and secured Samba shares. Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS. If you are using Ubuntu (or a Ubuntu-like distribution), you will use sudo. Within the terminal window, issue the command sudo apt-get install samba smbfs. If you are using Fedora that command would be yum install samba smbfs. Once Samba is installed, it is time to start configuring. Configuratio

How to Install Samba on Ubuntu for File Sharing on Windows

Samba is an incredibly powerful tool for sharing directories. Here's how to use Samba, in conjunction with the built-in user and group tools, to make Samba easier to administer This guide show how to intall and configure the Samba service in a Ubuntu machine and access it through windows and mac. Setting up the Samba File Server on Ubuntu/Linux: Open the terminal; Install samba with the following command: sudo apt-get install samba smbfs; Configure samba typing: vi /etc/samba/smb.conf; Set your workgroup (if necesary)

About Samba. Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix. Samba is Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License, the Samba project is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy.. Since 1992, Samba has provided secure, stable and fast file and print services for all clients using the SMB/CIFS protocol, such as all versions of DOS and. Operating System: - Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver; Software: - Samba Version 4.7.4-Ubuntu or higher; Requirements Privileged access to your Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver will be required. Conventions # - requires given linux commands to be executed with root privileges either directly as a root user or by use of sudo comman To be thorough: First, create a samba user if you haven't already: useradd sambauser smbpasswd -a sambauser Enter and confirm the password for sambauser.. Change that part of your /etc/samba/smb.conf to this: [share] comment = Ubuntu File Server Share path = /srv/samba/share valid users = sambauser browsable = yes writable = yes write list = sambauser create mask = 075

Ubuntu Main amd64 Official: samba_4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb: SMB/CIFS file, print, and server for Unix: Ubuntu Main arm64 Official: samba_4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2_arm64.deb: SMB/CIFS file, print, and server for Unix: Ubuntu Updates Main amd64 Official: samba_4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.23_amd64.de I just upgraded my Ubuntu from 18.04 to 20.04. Now I lost my access to my NAS and I am trying to re-install it. I read several posts about the issue that others had when upgrading, including the fact that the new Samba doesn't support SMB V 1.0 and how to fix it To delete configuration and/or data files of samba and it's dependencies from Ubuntu Xenial then execute: More information about apt-get remove Advanced Package Tool, or APT, is a free software user interface that works with core libraries to handle the installation and removal of software on Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions Share Ubuntu Home Directories using Samba. Lowell Heddings @lowellheddings. Jan 7, 2007, 10:01 am EDT | 1 min read Samba Server allows you to share the home directories of users automatically. This can be useful so that you don't have to manually create every share for every user Samba 4 has been under development for 10 years. In that same time, the Samba 3.x series also has seen numerous releases and advancements. This parallel development has led to some confusion over the nature of Samba 4; and, some distributions release both samba3 and samba4 packages that can be installed in parallel, with varying degrees of success..

How to Install and Configure Samba on Ubuntu Server 20

2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.21 [security]: amd64 i386 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2 [ports]: arm64 armhf ppc64el s390x bionic-updates (net): Samba common files used by both the server and the client 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.21: amd64 arm64 armhf i386 ppc64el s390 Ubuntu # apt-get install acl attr samba samba-dsdb-modules samba-vfs-modules winbind libpam-winbind libnss-winbind libpam-krb5 krb5-config krb5-user Note: For a DC you do not need libpam-winbind libnss-winbind libpam-krb5, unless you require AD users to Note2: For a DC,. If I check the version of smbd on the Ubuntu box, it reports version 4.11.6-Ubuntu I don't understand why, if Ubuntu 20.04 is running SMB V3 (or V2) why I cannot access the shared files from Windows, which is also running SMB V3 (or V2), but when SMB V1 is enabled on Windows, I can access those shares even though the min protocol is set to V2 Samba is a free Open Source software which provides a standard interoperability between Windows OS and Linux/Unix Operating Systems.. Samba can operate as a standalone file and print server for Windows and Linux clients through the SMB/CIFS protocol suite or can act as an Active Directory Domain Controller or joined into a Realm as a Domain Member.The highest AD DC domain and forest level that. Samba is included in most Linux distributions. To install Samba on Ubuntu, simply run the following command in terminal. sudo apt install samba samba-common-bin. The latest stable version available is 4.12.0, released on March 03, 2019. To check your Samba version, run. smbd --version. Sample output: Version 4.7.6-Ubuntu. To check if Samba.

Install Samba on Ubuntu 20

How to Install Samba on Ubuntu for File Sharing on Window

Then I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10 I'm trying to share several folders from my Ubuntu server with my Win10 machines. Three of my four PCs are running Win10 ver 1809 and one is running ver 1803. Two of my vers 1809s can access and write to the Ubuntu's Samba Shares perfectly, no problemo Step #4: Restart the samba # service smb restart OR # /etc/init.d/smb reload. A note about adding users on Samba version 4.x. Unlike Samba version 3.x and earlier, Samba version 4.x does not require a local Unix/Linux user for each Samba user that is created. The command is as follows for adding users into Samba Active Directory Originally designed for DOS, SMB/CIFS is the most commonly used protocol for the sharing of directories and printers in the enterprise and Samba was created to guarantee a level of interoperability in mixed-OS environments. Check out the video below for a walkthrough demonstrating how to set up Samba on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS host

How to Configure Samba Server on Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 11 Samba is open source software and it uses the TCP / IP protocol. Basically the samba is an implementation of SMB (server message block) and CIFS (common internet file system) protocol. The main advantage of samba is it provide file and print sharing services between Linux and Other O.S Configuring Samba in Ubuntu. First you need to Edit the smb.conf file using the following command. sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf. In the global section, remove the ; at the front of the line security = user so it looks like this. security = user. to enable Linux system users to log in to the Samba server. Close the file and restart Samba Ubuntu with Samba. Gives me full control of the OS; This is a full system; runs on older PC +++ Big Plus is You can use the existing wireless network, so wireless is supported with this set-up. This is the sole reason for setting up the file-sharing server on Linux Now verify current samba settings by running the command below. # testparm atau yg lebih lengkap # samba-tool testparm -v Basic User Management # sudo su Display domain users list root@smb:~# samba-tool user list Add a domain user root@smb:~# samba-tool user create ubuntu Delete a domain user root@smb:~# samba-tool user delete ubuntu Reset. Ubuntu 18.04 - Samba shares problem fix. Updated: May 5, 2018. Microsoft Windows makes up the vast majority of desktop systems in the world. Easily 90%. This means that if you're testing Linux or considering dual-booting Windows and Linux, you will most likely have a Windows machine in your setup, and you will want to share files

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I am using UBUNTU server 18.04 LTS with SAMBA version 4.7.6. I am using Windows 10 Pro on Ver 1803. The UBUNTU server is also set up as an DNS server. I am attempting to configure share drives on my ubuntu server, accessed from my Windows 10 machine. It is driving me to distraction!!! I have configured the smb.conf file thus: [CyberblitzShare Samba GUI page. One of the most asked for features for Samba is a graphical user interface to help with configuration and management. This is finally starting to happen. In fact, there are now several GUI interfaces to Samba available. Some of them are listed below and I will add the others as soon as I can find the URLs

Samba maintains three series of minor versions. For a maximum of security and stability, the Samba team recommends that you only install the latest available version of a series. Older versions do not contain the latest bug and security fixes. For further information, see Samba Release Planning Samba Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix. Since 1992, Samba has provided secure, stable and fast file and print services for all clients using the SMB/CIFS protocol, such as all versions of DOS and Windows, OS/2, Linux and many others

What is Samba? Samba is an open-source implementation of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. It allows Linux to work with the Windows operating system, as both a server and a client. Samba shares Linux files and printers with Windows systems, and also gives Linux users access to files on Windows systems Samba lets you share your file across multiple operating systems seamlessly. For example, a samba file sharing server running on Ubuntu can let you access your files from a macOS or a Windows laptop/desktop via a network

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: File Sharing With Samba May 6, 2014 This tutorial will show you how to install and configure Samba, a free software that allows you to share files, printers and other common resources across a network, in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. 1 Samba is the software package that allows you to share files, printers and other common resources across a network, and in set-up and manage a Samba Server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangoli USN-4931-1: Samba vulnerabilities 03 May 2021. Several security issues were fixed in Samba. Releases. o ubuntu 14.04 ESM. Packages. o samba - SMB/CIFS file, print, and server for unix. Details. Steven French discovered that Samba incorrectly handled ChangeNotify permissions. A remote attacker could possibly use this issue to obtain file. Easybee is a Samba connecter that code by GTK interface lib. basically, Easybee finish the work by porforming the commond sudo mount -t cifs //hostname /mnt/mountdir -o username=*,password=*. Now,it is can be used on ubuntu. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL v2+)

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How To Install Samba On Ubuntu 20

sambafilms Samba. 262.3K views. Samba (@sambafilms) has created a short video on TikTok with music Don't Let Me Down (Demo). | Thinking #fyp #trendin Hey guys; I spent hours trying to figure out why my Windows 10 Pro (latest build) box could not access Samba shares on my Ubuntu 20.04 box. Then I finally found that I needed to enable SMB V1 on Windows 10. This works fine, but I understand there is a hu

I have ubuntu linux 20.04 running in a virtual machine under VirtualBox under Windows/10 (this is what the customer wanted). The customer would like share a directory on the host Windows/10 machine to the guest ubuntu machine - a reasonable ask, IMHO. Any number of places on the internet tell me that The Best Way to do this is with samba This quick post shows how to restart Samba Service on Ubuntu. Start. sudo service smbd start. Stop. sudo service smbd stop. Restart. sudo service smbd restart . In fact this should apply to more or less any service in Ubuntu. When in doubt what services are running try this: service -status-all. This will give you a list of all the services.

https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/samba-server-ubuntu-16-04/ http://computerbeginnersguides.com/blog/2016/05/26/install-and-configure-samba-file-sharing-in-ubuntu. Overview Duration: 1:00 A Samba file server enables file sharing across different operating systems over a network. It lets you access your desktop files from a laptop and share files with Windows and macOS users. This guide covers the installation and configuration of Samba on Ubuntu. What you'll learn How to set up a Samba file server How to share files across a local network What you'll. sudo apt-get install sambasamba-common libpam-smbpass Test by typing smbstatus. If it shows any information about connected or not connected clients then it is working, if you get an error, it is not running or installed. Make sure you also have installed the libpam-smbpass package If you want to be connected with your workstation either from command line or your File Manager (e.g. from another computer in your LAN, Linux, Windows or Mac), install Samba.. According to Official Samba Guide:. Samba is software that can be run on a platform other than Microsoft Windows, for example, UNIX, Linux, IBM System 390, OpenVMS, and other operating systems

The samba configuration file smb.conf is located at the /etc/samba directory. In this file, we specify the folder and printers that we want to share along with their permissions and operational parameters. Samba reviews its configuration file after a certain amount of time and updates any changes. Follow the below steps to perform configurations USN-4930-1: Samba vulnerability 29 April 2021. Samba would allow unintended access to files over the network. Releases. o ubuntu 21.04 o ubuntu 20.10 o ubuntu 20.04 LTS o ubuntu 18.04 LTS o ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Packages. o samba - SMB/CIFS file, print, and server for unix. Details. Peter Eriksson discovered that Samba incorrectly handled. The detail is as below, ZFS Snapshot Auto-Create and Rotate for Ubuntu 18.04. 3. Install samba-vfs-modules package $ sudo bash # apt install -y samba-vfs-modules 4. Edit smb.con Samba for Ubuntu. Samba is an alternative networking implementation, which is both cross-platform and supports file sharing with printer sharing capabilities. Samba is a robust networking option that is commonly used among home users and those needing to mix their printer and file sharing together under one solution Install, if you haven't already, install the Samba GUI. (Also in the Ubuntu Software Center titled Samba with a description of Create, modify, and delete samba shares.) Open a Terminal session and run the Samba GUI from the command line with # sudo system-config-samba

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samba-tool user add ubuntu . New Password: # set password. Retype Password: User 'ubuntu' created successfully: Matched Content. Ubuntu 16.04 : Samba. Fully accessed dir; Limited shared dir; Samba Winbind; Samba AD DC#1; Samba AD DC#2; Samba AD DC#3; Sponsored Link Samba software, is a free, open source implementation of networking protocols to share files between UNIX/Linux and Windows computers. Samba provides - => File and print services => Integration with a Windows Server domain / PDC => Part of Active Directory domain etc Permission precedence Samba comes with different types of permissions for share. Try [ Samba is a software implemented on SMB/CIFS protocol for Unix and Linux based systems.It provides support for all common platform like windows ,linux(Ubuntu 9.10 or 10.04,open-suse,fedora,debian),Mac so that you can share file and printers among your computers without any problem.Samba is an open source and free software.Samba is also used as NT4 style Domain control.On Ubuntu 10.04 you can. Share folders via Samba without a password - easy! June 3, 2007 Posted by amazingrando in Linux Tips, Windows-Linux Transition. trackback. Coming from the Windows world to Linux, one of the first things I wanted to do was to share directories on Ubuntu with my Windows laptop to easily transfer files

How to install and configure Samba on Ubuntu

Install Samba on Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal: Terminal Commands: sudo apt-get install samba samba-common. sudo apt-get install python-glade2. sudo apt-get install system-config-samba For in depth Samba configurations see the Samba HOWTO Collection. The guide is also available in printed format. O'Reilly's Using Samba is also a good reference. Chapter 18 of the Samba HOWTO Collection is devoted to security. For more information on Samba and ACLs see the Samba ACLs page. The Ubuntu Wiki Samba page NOTE: The intended audience will have basic experience with Linux, Windows, Virtual Machines, and networking. This video is NOT intended for experts wantin.. What is Samba? Samba provides a stable and highly compatible file and print sharing service that allows a Linux node to act as a client, a member server, or even a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) or a member of an Active Directory (AD) service on Microsoft-based networks Samba Active Directory Domain Controller for Docker. A well documented, tried and tested Samba Active Directory Domain Controller that works with the standard Windows management tools; built from scratch using internal DNS and kerberos and not based on existing containers

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