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ACCESSING THE DATA RESET FUNCTION: 1. Press the SCROLL and INCREASE buttons up simultaneously and hold. 2 CONTROl STICK ADjUSTMENTS CONTROl STICK lENGTh ADjUSTMENT The DX6i allows you to adjust the control stick's length. Use the 2mm Allen wrench to loosen the setscrew. Turn REMOvING ThE bACK Of ThE TRANSMITTER the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Then, turn the stick clockwise to shorten or counterclockwise to lengthen Change Mode for your Spectrum DX6i Radio From MODE 2 to MODE 1 Disclaimer: Before you begin, please keep in mind that any of this modification probably invalidate your warranty Rotate the roller to highlight COPY/RESET then press the roller to access the COPY/RESET function. TO ACCESS THE RESET FUNCTION Rotate the roller to highlight RESET then press the roller to enter the RESET function. RESET SCREEN Rotate the roller to YES, next to SURE, and then press the roller to reset the model to factory default settings

Page 6 Spektrum's DX6i 6-channel radio system offers advanced programming features normally only available in ™ sophisticated radio systems. The DX6i incorporates 2.4GHz DSM2 technology, offering full beyond the limits of sight range ideal for all types and sizes of electric, gas, and glow-powered aircraft While a Spektrum receiver's minimum operational voltage is Note: The DSMX DX6i is compatible with all current Spektrum 3.5 volts, test your model to a minimum acceptable voltage of DSM2 and DSMX aircraft receivers, but NOT compatible with the 4.8 volts during ground testing Here's a quick little video of how to change your Spektrum DX6i from mode 2 to mode 1 or vice versa. A lot of videos show a different version of the dx6i but.. Mode Change Tutorial Spektrum DX6ihttp://www.max3design.com.mxprintable version available on http://www.aeromonclova.comIMPORTANTE: Activar subtitulos (cc).

Log in to My Spektrum Get easy, online access to your Spektrum™ software updates, product registration and personalized settings Here is a video showing the procedure I used to calibrate the sticks on my DX6i. Before performing this calibration procedure, be sure to make sure that you.. View and Download Spectrum DX6i quick start manual online. DX6i remote control pdf manual download Alex from Colombia RC teaches you how to set your DX6i remote timer in just a few minutes. Also, he gives he's thoughts on the remote and recommendations

Remote Control SPEKTRUM DX6I User Manual 6-channel 10-model memory full range dsm2 2.4ghz radio system for airplanes and helicopter (71 pages) Remote Control Spektrum DX6i Programming Manua 2 SPEKTRUM DX6i • RADIO INSTRUCTION MANUAL EN WARNING: Read the ENTIRE instruction manual to become familiar with the features of the product before operating. Failure to operate the product correctly can result in damage to the product, personal property and cause serious injury. This is a sophisticated hobby product My Spektrum. Sign Up Log In. Transmitter Setups. Select your radio below to view all available model setups. NX6. NX6 [SPMR6775] NX6 [SPM6775] NX8 . NX8 [SPMR8200] NX8 [SPM8200] NX10 . NX8 [SPMR10100] iX20. iX20 [SPMR20100] DX18. DX18 Gen 2 [SPM18100] DX18 [SPM18000] DX18QQ [SPM18800] iX12. iX12 [SPMR12000 Step 1: Create a new model on the Spektrum Transmitter. It is always best to start from an empty slot. Step 2: Select Model Type as ACRO. Step 3: Change the Flap setting on the controller as shown to the right. Position 0 equals 0% and Position 1 equals 100%

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  1. Q. What is the warranty on Spektrum Products? A. Spektrum products across the majority of our offerings, from batteries and chargers to transmitters and servos, is a limited 1-year warranty. This warranty covers manufacture defects for the first year of use. If your product is over this 1-year period and you do experience any issues OR if you have any trouble or warranty related questions, our.
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  3. Spektrum DX6i Aux Channel. Hey guys, First thing I would do is go to the Monitor screen on the DX6i and see what happens when you change the flap switch. What you want to happen is that, like the gear channel -- Ch5, the cursor goes from one end to the other. If the flap switch doesn't produce similar results on Ch6, you'll have to adjust.
  4. Now scroll down and click on INH change it to ACT and click again. 13 In the new menu that comes up it should have Mix1 and List on the top row. In the next row down click and change it to ELEV. Scroll over one place click and change that to FLAP. 14 In row number two in the MIX1 under RATE D set it to -100% and U change to -100%
  5. Spektrum DX6i (user review) The Spektrum DX6i rc system brings 2.4GHz radio control technology to the beginner / intermediate flyer, at a very affordable price. Having a DX6i in my transmitter collection, it's only fair that I share my thoughts by way of this 'user review' with you, and hopefully help you decide whether this system is for you or not

2 SPEKTRUM DX6e • TRANSMITTER INSTRUCTION MANUAL EN WARNING: Read the ENTIRE instruction manual to become familiar with the features of the product before operating. Failure to operate the product correctly can result in damage to the product, personal property and cause serious injury To reset your model after a crash, hit the space bar on your keyboard. Select the Interlink Elite controller one time at the beginning of your session and hit the reset button on the remote to validate your controller. Then switch back to the DX6i @pilot tiger: my new dx6i arrived today, in mode 1, not mode 2 as ordered. i have followed your well put instructions, and i now have a working mode 2 transmitter Is there a way to do a master reset on a Spektrum Dx5E? For some reason in the flight simulator the aileron channel is reversed. On the transmitter all switches are set to normal and I haven't changed any settings in the software. I'd like to just reset the Dx5e back to factory specs and start over if that's possible. FWIW the sim is Phoenix

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the Mode change. OK, sounds good, but you DX6i owners will quickly observe that the manual has no instructions to change the Mode. Turns out there is a normally invisible menu that needs to be accessed. Here's how: 1 Go to the COPY/RESET menu in the SETUP LIST, then choose RESET. 2 Highlight the LIST button on the top right of the screen Transmitter: Spektrum DX6i Receiver: OrangeRX Spektrum DSM2 6ch Reset Memory. Start by resetting the settings for this model: [MENU / SETUP LIST (9)/ COPY/RESET (12) / RESET] This only resets one model memory, not the entire DX6i. This resets your model name as well. Receiver Setup. Engine (ESC) to throttle. Right (starboard) servo to aileron

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  1. The Spektrum DX6i is a 6-channel radio control transmitter for operation on the 2.4 gHz band. Suitable for flying radio-controlled airplanes or helicopters, the DX6i features DSM2 technology that maintains a more stable transmitter-to-receiver connection in crowded RC frequency bands
  2. In case the reference PDF gets lost, to set the mode of the DX6i, go into the COPY/RESET in the SETUP MENU. Highlight and select reset. When the DX6i asks are you sure (no/yes), highlight List and switch the Aileron DR switch (front right) from 0 to 1 and back a few times. This will enter the Mode menu. You can select either Mode1 or Mode2 here
  3. Spektrum DX6i - Service Bulletin DX6i Evaluation and Product Inspection Request (subject to change without notice). All charges for non-warranty repair parts, labor, shipping and other fees are your responsibility. Nonpayment can result in con˜scation of equipment. I understand and agree with the above terms and conditions
  4. After what seemed an endless struggle, I now have a brand new Mode 1 Spektrum DX6i of my very own.. If the sticks were identical the mechanical changes required to change mode would be limited to adjusting 4 screws to give the required settings for the appropriate mode. The tension adjusting screws already have a range of 0 to maximum force

The Spektrum DX6i is a radio transmitter used for remote controlled vehicles that communicates with a receiver, such as the Spektrum AR series, to give specific control of your remote vehicle. In order for this communication to occur, the Spektrum DX6i transmitter needs to bind with the receiver, allowing. Anyone knows if my Spektrum DX6i transmitter can be configured to have AUX 2 possibilities? I have set up the Gear switch to be AUX 1 On/Off, but I am having problems finding out if one of the other flip switches can be set up for AUX 2. If someone knows I would love to hear how to To reset your model after a crash, hit the space bar on your keyboard. Select the Interlink Elite controller one time at the beginning of your session and hit the reset button on the remote to validate your controller. Then switch back to the DX6i Spektrum DX6i Batteries. Thread starter RMB677; Start date Jul 25, 2015; R. RMB677 Member. Jul 25, 2015 #1 I believe its time to change the rechargeable batteries on my DX6i. They're not holding a charge when not used for a few days. Does the Tx hold onto the settings when the batteries are pulled or is it necessary to re-enter all data after. Flying a radio control V-Tail glider is a lot of fun, but the two control surfaces on the tail can be a challenge without the right settings in the transmitter. Read about the Spektrum DX6i options that will make controlling the RC glider a dream


It may well be worth the higher price to get a genuine JR or Spektrum cable that is mono, flexible, and fits! I think this explains pretty well all the problems people have had using the DX5e in a trainer setup. It may also explain problems with the DX6i, but I don't have one handy to check I am kind of the resident spektrum junkie at our club. We have others, but I think I was the first to jump the 2.4 bandwagon so I get asked a lot of questions about setup on spektrum. The information I am about to share is in your JR transmitter books and has probably been posted on here before..I just want to make sure it is fresh in your mind. Spektrum DXe mobile application (most recent version updated on 8/19/16) or Spektrum PC programmer. The mobile application named Spektrum DXe programmer can be found on the Google Play or Itunes stores. If you prefer to use your PC to program your DXe, download the be used to change model parameters like Dual Rates/ Expos etc Not with the DX6 or most, if not all Spektrum TXs. You can fly with the servo reverse menu open and highlighting the servo you want reversed BUT, reversing a servo while flying can be VERY dangerous and it's better to learn how to fly inverted the normal way. Reversing the servo just so you don't get confused when flying inverted is a really.

  1. Radian Pro DX6i Setup . With the DX6i you can use flaps and CROW on the Radian Pro. This setup allows you to use basic flaps or engage CROW with the DX6i. There are not enough mixes available on the DX6i to allow for camber and reflex settings in addition to flaps and CROW; however, these are not required to enjoy the Radian Pro
  2. ishes. Spektrum DX6i Informatio
  3. I bought the DX6i because I have a plane with a Spektrum AS3x receiver. The manual from Spektrum is really lacking. As I said, a more experienced person may have better luck, but I followed the plane's manual and the DX6i manual, and can't get flaps or the SAFE mode to operate. Tech support from Spektrum is slow. One response per week
  4. Works great with a Spektrum DX6i transmitter in Windows. There were no drivers necessary in Windows 10. Windows recognizes the WS1000 as SPEKTRUM RECEIVER under the Devices and Printers section of Control Panel. To bind with a DX6i transmitter, you hold down the button at the tip of the WS1000 and insert it into a USB port
  5. NOTE2: The Spektrum DX6i is NOT compatible with SAFE. The DXe, DX6, DX8, DX9, DX18, and DX20 are all compatible. What about the new receivers with SAFE Select? It is my understanding that receivers with SAFE Select are locked and cannot be adjusted. However, SAFE can be turned on or off during the bind process

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The 3 way switch is the default switch for changing modes, I'm not sure if you can change which switch you can use on the DX6i. And you only have 6 channels so you will only ever be able to setup two switches Modifying a Spectrum DX6 transmitter's throttle settings requires navigating through several of the DX6's program settings. The DX6 has a 10-model memory for up to 10 different planes or helicopters. Switching between the models in system mode will be necessary to select the right model you want to adjust the. We talked about what makes a good radio transmitter for multirotors and quadcopters, however it's still a difficult decision for many new to the hobby.Some are more expensive but rich in features, some are cheaper and comes with potential for lots of upgrades. When Artur started he bought the Spektrum DX6i as his first radio transmitter controller, and recently he purchased the FrSky Taranis. -DX6i-USB Do not work, joy.cpl dectects it perfectly and i can bind everything in ArmA3 But when i go into liftoff most of the time it dosent dectect anything or it goes completly crazy with the inputs, jumping every where..

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  1. Hi there. I've bought RF8 few weeks ago and I'm having a problem with setting up the controller. I believe RF8 is doing weird things here. My spec: - Windows 10 - Spektrum DX6e transmitter (setup for airplane mode) - Spektrum WS1000 dongle This is how Spektrum WS1000 maps my channels to..
  2. The NX6 is an evolution in Spektrum™ air radios that for the first time builds the connectivity and telemetry advantages of Smart Read More. Add To Cart or DX6i RADIO SYSTEMS Read More. Add To Cart. View . DSMX Remote Receiver. Spektrum SPM9745 Aircraft Receiver. In Stock. $34.99. Add To Cart. View . DSMX Carbon Fiber Remote.
  3. RF - DX6i settings Question: I have RF9 and would like to use it to fly with my Spektrum DX6i I know it is not the optimal controler for RF9 but i only fly drone's with RF9. Looking for the best configuration settings for the DX6i to fly drone's in RF9. Is there a step-by-step available how to set the DX6i for drone flying? Thanks !
  4. I am currently building a quadcopter from scratch and need some help configuring my dx6i controller for use with my quad. Here are the quad's specs below:-Spektrum AR6110e receiver-APM 2.6 flight controller w/ gps module -915 mhz telemetry air and ground-Turnigy 2217 20turn 860kv 22A Outrunners-emax 4-in-1 30A esc-3s 3000mah lipo


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There are a few very simple steps to properly bind the Hobbyzone Champ RTF airplane to a programmable transmitter like the Spektrum DX6i. This article will walk you through the setup and give tips to make sure the rudder, elevator and motor are all working as desired Using the Spektrum DX6i radio with the Blade Nano QX. Posted: 2014-05-29 quadcopter blade dx6i spektrum. So I finally got irritated enough with the radio that comes with the Blade Nano QX RTF (MLP4DSM) that I grabbed a Spektrum DX6i instead. The Blade Nano QX manual says that you need to following configuration for the DX6i: Acro mode (not heli

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Do not try to change transmitter from one mode to another. Instead, send 30 Jun 2009 Spektrum's DX6i 6-channel DSM2 Full Range Airplane and (The trainer switch is located on the back right on Mode 1 transmitters.) MASteR. View and Download SPEKTRUM DX6I user manual online. 6-Channel 10-Model (The trainer switch is located on the back right on. It also sounds like you have tried other Spektrum radios and they work on your computer in the joystick control panel. By process of elimination then the problem lies in your NX6. You could try a factory reset of the radio and then re-calibrate the gimbals; but I suspect the radio is defective Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel 2.4Ghz DSMX DSM Transmitter - Box, charger included. $120.99 + shipping. Seller 100% positive. 3x AR6100E 2.4G Spektrum DX6I Transmitter DSM2 Receiver System. $33.65. $36.58 previous price $36.58. Free shipping. Seller 98.1% positive RE: Problem with throttle on Spektrum DX6i!!! jan, If you read my post#12, I mention that the arrow in the monitor mode moves along with the throttle stick movement, and stops at the same time the servo stops moving

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The Spektrum has a Servo Monitor (off the Setup List) screen and you see see which sticks/switches control which channels. Of course, they don't document this, but channel 1 is at the top of the screen and the channel numbers increase down the screen. So yes, you just change the channel assignments in the Radians. Andy Spektrum DX6i Gimbal Retrofit I modified my Spektrum DX6i to use FrSky M8 hall sensor gimbals. The M8s fit perfectly in the place of the original Spektrum gimbals. They are indeed M8 gimbals even though the box says M9. Not sure why they were in the wrong packaging. I was able to simply snip the wiring from the old gimbals and match the signal, ground and power to the M8 gimbals I'm selling my Spektrum DX6i Transmitter. It's barely used and in perfect working order! The reason for the sell is I don't have enough free time to commit to the hobby. The transmitter will be safely shipped in its original box via USPS The spektrum_sat_bind CLI parameter is defining the number of bind impulses (1-10) send to the satellite receiver. Setting spektrum_sat_bind to zero will disable the bind mode in any case. The bind mode will only be activated after an power on or hard reset. Please refer to the table below for the different possible values Entdecken Sie unser Sortiment an Spektrum Produkten. Jetzt in unserem Shop stöbern! Ihr Shop für Drohnen, Multicopter und vieles mehr. Entdecken Sie unsere große Auswahl

Also if you change the model type it automaticly resets to the defaults for that mode also. As far as a complete factory reset, I don't know an easy way, but you could just change the model type in all 10 models and that'd do it. As far as the DX6i vs DX7 debate, theres all kinds of stands on the subject. I like the layout of the DX6i and. SPEKTRUM DX6i • RADIO PROGRAMMING GUIDE 29 30. lOw bATTERy AlARM When the battery voltage drop below 4.3 volts an alarm will sound and the screen will flash. CONTRAST 11 COPY/RESET SPEKTRUM DX6i • RADIO PROGRAMMING GUIDE 53 54. CONTRAST: Allows the adjustment of the screen contrast from 0 to100%. Reduce photo to 13.5% CONTRAST List 50%. Spektrum DX6i SPMR6630 manual : DSMX. Do not try to change transmitter from one mode to another. Instead, send transmitter to the appropriate product suppor If the mode switch is in the off position you won't have control of the gimbal. Also make sure the check unless using Spektrum box is unchecked in the software. Each radian also had to be programmed separately, and each assigned to its position. You shouldn't have to change anything in the Spektrum transmitter itself

This crib sheet for the Spektrum DX6i covers the basic functions and operation of this transmitter.. Basic operation. Turning on and off. The on/ off switch is on the front of the radio. Ensure that all the switches are pushed back (away from you) One issue with the older winches and Spektrum is that you had to pull the power/signal lead from the winch to the Rx to signal the winch what programming to change. Pulling the plug shuts off the Rx. Some Spektrum models take too long to reacquire the Tx when the plug is put back in 8-Channel Receiver for Spektrum Remote Control Dx6i Dx6 Dx7 Dx8 Dx9 W/N Return. AU $39.97. AU $42.98 previous price AU $42.98 + AU $0.99 shipping. Seller 99.1% positive. Atomik Radio Bag for Spektrum Dxe, DX6, DX7, DX8 Gen 2, and DX9 RC Transmitters. AU $35.40 Apex RC Products Red Futaba / Spektrum DX6i DX7S DX8 DX9 TX Gimbal Sticks #1711. AU $19.26. Free shipping. Seller 99.9% positive. Spektrum 2000mah RC Transmitter TX Battery DX6 DX6e DX7 Gen 2 DX8 Gen 2 SPMA9602. AU $44.95. Free shipping. Seller 99.7% positive. Similar sponsored items

Spektrum dx6i transmitter. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. In great condition and working order Please view my other item Spektrum DX6. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. The item is used but still has all of the plastic covering on the reflective surfaces (screen etc) All dials and switches are in good working condition but please note that the ring around the b bind is slightly loose (this is only cosmetic and is easily fixable with glue)</p> MK610 2.4 GHz AR6100 Receiver for Dx5e,Dx6i,Dx7 Dx8 SPEKTRUM JR DSM2 UK Stock. £14.63 + P&P. Seller 98.6% positive. Atomik Radio Bag for Spektrum Dxe, DX6, DX7, DX8 Gen 2, and DX9 RC Transmitters. £19.76. £26.59 previous price £26.59 Change country: There are 1 items available. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1.. 8 Channel Receiver for Spektrum Remote Control Dx6i Dx6 Dx7 Dx8 Dx9 2.4GHz HYA. £22.30. £23.98 previous price £23.98 + £0.99 P&P. Seller 98.6% positive. Atomik Radio Bag for Spektrum Dxe, DX6, DX7, DX8 Gen 2, and DX9 RC Transmitters. £19.82. £26.67 previous price £26.67 + £2.16 P&P

8 Channel Receiver for Spektrum Remote Control Dx6i Dx6 Dx7 Dx8 Dx9 2.4GHz HYA. £22.30. £23.98 previous price £23.98 + £0.99 P&P. Seller 98.5% positive. Atomik Radio Bag for Spektrum Dxe, DX6, DX7, DX8 Gen 2, and DX9 RC Transmitters. £20.02. Free P&P. Almost gone Converting a Spektrum DX5e from Mode 1 to Mode 2 Hi folks, I should probably first post that the reason I have a DX5e is that it came with my ParkZone Radian RTF kit Spektrum™ DX6i DSMX® 6-Channel Transmitter Computer magic for RC flying. Text & Photos by Tom Hintz. Posted - 4-24-2013. Check out the info we have on - Programming the DX6i GEAR switch to work as a Throttle Lock and Changing the Throttle Cut pushbutton out to a toggle switch! When I returned to RC flying after a 25 year absence as a way to exercise my brain one of the most shocking.

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Spektrum DX6i or DX6 transmitter + SmartpropoPlus with LIFTOFF Simulator PC Edition... Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website Cant play the video but I needed to change my audio card to Studio Quality to get my DXE and DX6 to be recognized. After that it was just making sure all teh channels were the correct way Instructions for Spektrum DX6i, DX6, & DX7 Configuration. Press the roller while turning on the transmitter. When System Setup appears, release the roller. (Optional) If you wish to disable or alter the transmitter sounds, scroll right until System Settings is highlighted and click once Details about SPEKTRUM DX6i Transmitter RC Airplanes and Choppers Remote Controller . SPEKTRUM DX6i Transmitter RC Airplanes and Choppers Remote Controller . Item Information. Condition: Used. Price: US $55.49. Approximately C $68.85 (including shipping) Change country:. Basically you have to fit a 1k resistor at location R41 on the main board, momentarily short the reset pins - and lo and behold Stick Mode will appear on you system menu. The main board is the T-shaped one that the stick pots connect to. R41 is near the base of the right hand arm of the T. The reset pins about an inch to the south west of R41 S603 2.4GHz Digital Spread Modulation 6CH Receiver For JR Spektrum Dx5e Dx6i Dx. C $20.57. C $21.89 previous price C $21.89. Free shipping. New. Futaba 6DA FM 6 Channel Digital RC Control System 72.590 MHZ 38 Radio Airplane. C $30.96 + shipping. Seller 100% positive. Change country:.


1- Purchase a AR636 (not-A). 2- Download latest firmware from Speftrum which describes itself as SAFE enable. 3- Install Spektrum PC app. 4- Attach AR636 to PC with Spektrum USB cable. 5- Install updated firmware. 6- Download Spektrum model profile for the 1.2 Mustang. 7- Install profile onto the AR636 Change country: There are 1 items available. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Select a valid country. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spektrum DX6i RC Airplane Transmitter Spektrum 2.4ghz DSM2 Transmitter at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Change country: There are 1 items available. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter for RC Radio Control Airplanes & helicopters at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products 8 lot CM421 4 Channels DSM2 Receiver for Spektrum DX6I DX18 DX8 DX9 RC. AU $141.46. Free shipping. Seller 98.5% positive. Spektrum SPM5120 DX5C Smart 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter w/ SR6100AT Receiver. AU $213.01 + shipping. Seller 100% positive. Spektrum RC DX8e 2.4GHz DSMX 8 Channel 8ch Radio Transmitter TX Only SPMR8105 Details about Spektrum DX6i transmitter original new in box . 15 product ratings. 4.2 average based on 15 product ratings. 5. 5 Stars, 11 product ratings 11. 4. 4 Stars, 1 product rating 1. 3. 3 Stars, 0 product ratings 0. 2. 2 Stars, 1 product rating 1. 1. 1 Stars, 2 product ratings 2. Durable. Would recommend. Entertaining. Change countr

I bought a Structure 3D Scanner from Occipital, and have been struggling to get the scanned textures to meet up with the mesh, when exporting to blender. I'm posting this here so that a helpful member of the facepunch forums can see what files are provided by the software. This is a much smaller model than I intend to work with, and was scanned with the ipad software, not Skanect. The only. A factory reset will NOT revert to the Blade preset then! To keep your existing Blade settings it it important to update to firmware version 3.1.0 only, as this will not delete your setup. Once 3.1.0 is uploaded to the device, it will be recognized by StudioX and you can create restore points, change settings and more DX6i - read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 26 Horizon Hobby: Replacement Antenna: DX6i by Spektrum (SPM6830) Ricardo New Member. Aug 21, 2011 #4 Thank you Tony, and thank you Jolly-Swagman. The problem for me with Horizon Hobby, is that they don't send anything to México, and I look for a similar one that you can put in your DX6i, with some people that already tested. the link is. If you notice that your character keeps moving while you are not touching your controller, you can reset your controller easily. Press and hold the X and Y buttons on your controller. Ensure that you are not touching any of the control sticks on the controller and that all control sticks are in the center position

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Use the DX8 or DX9 settings. More the DX9 since it is the same family of the DX6. Really all the numbers should be the same as the DX6i on any of the Specktrum radios. The only differences between the DX6i and DX6 is the scale used for the gains. The DX6 uses a 100 through -100 scale whereas the DX6i uses a 0 through 100 scale RE: Spektrum DX6i setup Personally I use a DX7, but I just downloaded the DX6i's manual and it's very similar. I may be teaching you to suck eggs here, but I'll include all the small details (which you may already know) just in case Im trying to figure out if its possible to do PPM on my dx6i so that I have one wire instead of six. Does anyone know if its possible and what receiver I could use? Thanks. 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best I have talked to a lot of beginners at the field who don't understand the switch positions on their Spektrum radios and how those translate to their D/R and Expo settings in the radio. I have seen ones who swear their radio is resetting their Expo settings that they had setup on a previous flight and then all of the sudden their settings are gone

Slaughtering RabbitsDIY Scarecrow - How to Make A Scarecrow with Items AroundHow to Make a Cigarette DisappearBedienungsanleitung Spektrum DX6i (26 Seiten)Perfume Display Ideas To Show Off Your Collection In A45+ Fun and Creative Ways to Use Balloons

The 6-channel DX6i uses the same full-range DSM2 technology found in the Spektrum DX7 and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use I followed his well written tutorial and I'm happily flying the drone with my Spektrum DX6i. I won't go into a lot of details here because MHeeLi did a good job of it already. Instead I'll focus on why you would do such a mod. When I first got my drone, I flew it around and it was neat but it wore of quick The 6-channel DX6i uses the same full-range DSM2™ technology found in the Spektrum DX7 and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use February 23, 2009 Product Recall: Spektrum DX6i transmitters with date codes 807E, 808E, 809E, 810E, 811E, 812E, and 901E Attention DX6i Users On January 30, 2009, Horizon Hobby, Inc. issued a service bulletin for Spektrum DX6i transmitters due to a concern of potential issues with stick potentiometers. Consumers were strongly advised to conduct

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