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Jetzt Baitcasting Angebote durchstöbern & online kaufen Life Fitness Bikes, Bekleidung & mehr! Europa's Indoorcycling Shop Nr. 1. Hochwertige Indoor Bikes für ein optimales Training. Von Top-Athleten empfohlen The basic design of baitcasters consists of a rotating spool that's attached to the top of the fishing rod. The spool is rotated by turning the handle on the side of the reel, which spools line on to the reel: In contrast, a spinning reel is attached to the bottom of a fishing rod, and its spool doesn't rotate

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1.The Fundamental Difference Between the Two The most basic difference between the baitcaster vs spinning reel is the drag system, the orientation of the spool and the gear ratios. The sensitive drag system related to the spinning reel can be used well for finesse fishing With a spinning reel is that you won't really face much line backlash, which is especially important when casting into the wind. Baitcasting reels, due to their design, often cause line backlash, which is true whether or not you are casting into the wind

The rule of thumb I follow is to use spinning reels when I need to fish with light line (8-pound test or less) and switch to a baitcaster for fishing with heavy line (10-pound test or more). I do have some exceptions to the rule such as I fill my baitcaster with 8-pound monofilament when I fish suspended stickbaits for wintertime bass Someone proficient in casting a baitcaster will have mastery over accuracy and distance in the long run after plenty of practice and are preferred when fishing locations that demand such, while a spinning reel can be used in virtually every situation possible When to Use a Baitcasting Reel Much like the spinning reel, the baitcasting reel has situations where it is undoubtedly the best option. For example, when using heavier lines and lures the baitcasting reel offers a greater deal of control and accuracy than the other options Spinning Reels vs. Baitcasters A spinning reel sits on the bottom of the rod and the spool side-loads the line at a 90-degree angle, with the line fed through guides on the bottom of the rod. In contrast, on a baitcaster, the reel sits on top with the line coming straight out of the spool and through guides on the top side of the rod

The calculator says spinning reels are better for catching fish! In all seriousness, they may be better, but it also has a lot to do with what you're comfortable with. If you grew up using baitcasters, you can still catch a ton of fish on them Spincast Vs Spinning Reel. The first head to head comparison we will examine is the spin-cast reel versus the spinning reel. Of the three types of spinning reels, the spin-cast and the spinning reel are the most closely related in terms of how and when they are to be used The line comes off of a spinning reel spool in coils and, unlike the baitcasting reel, the spool is stationary during the cast. Once mastered, the spinning reel is much less likely to backlash under more trying conditions such as casting light lures or casting into a stiff breeze. The backlash we usually envision is the typical bird's nest Baitcast Vs Spinning Reels. The main difference between a baitcasting reel vs. a spinning reel is the placement and direction of the spool. Baitcasting reels have a spool that's inline with the fishing rod while spinning reels have a spool that's perpendicular to the rod

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Spinning reels are the choice of professional anglers. Compared to spincast reel, they are a little hard to get used to but still, with some practice, one should get a good hang. It is a very versatile reel and also a famous one. This reel has greater adaptability and it is extremely versatile as well, it can be used with many tackle A small spinning reel has a smaller, more narrow spool, which has a hard time with large diameter lines. Small baitcast reels can handle these lines and provide greater casting distance. Baitcast rods like the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite 2.0 Casting rod usually have more backbone than spinning rods as well The reel is mounted on the bottom of the rod for better balance when casting and the drag adjustment is located on top of the reel. A high-quality ultralight spinning reel will have you fishing like a pro in no time. How to Use a Spinning Reel. A spinning reel and rod allows for a lot more control than a basic spincaster reel and rod Baitcaster Vs. Spinning Reel: Hook Ups The baitcasting reel allows for a greater number of strikes and potential hook ups, compared to a spinning reel. When the lure hits the water and begins to sink, the angler will have more direct contact with the lure with the baitcast reel than the spinning reel Baitcaster vs spinning reel explained. Pros and cons. How to pick the right fishing reel for you. Multipler reel, conventional reel, bait caster, bait castin..

Baitcasting reels can be fine tuned to maximise casting distance and accuracy. They have several knobs to dial in casting control unlike the conventional spinning reel. By using the tension knob and the braking system, you can determine the speed of the spool during casts to gain greater distance and control To answer your question specifically, it is my opinion that a Spinning rod is superior to a baitcaster in many situations we encounter regularly in the Florida Keys. The wind blows 10-20+ mph most days and our typical bait is either a live shrimp, a live crab or a small bucktail jig (all lightweight baits) Spinning Reel Vs Baitcaster for Trolling. Trolling is one of my favorite ways to catch a variety of fish. I have caught catfish, walleye, northern pike, white bass, largemouth, and smallmouth all while trolling. A spinning reel has caught most of those fish but now I prefer to use a baitcaster The first thing you need to do is look specifically for spinning rods, since their design is different from that of a baitcasting rods, and a baitcasting rod can't be used with a spinning reel, and vice versa. On most rods, you'll find a couple of numbers listed just above the grip

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Conclusion: Baitcasting Reel Vs Spinning Reel. From the strengths and the weaknesses of each of the two types of fishing reels, it is easy to conclude the option that works best for you. Experienced anglers mostly use Baitcast reels, and if you are willing to learn the techniques of using one, it can be a good option The casting reel was indeed a stronger, more accurate, more versatile fishing reel than the spinning reel. In nearly every respect, the casting reel was superior compared to the early spin reel. The casting reel was also a very difficult reel to use , let alone master, and it was expensive for many anglers The Spinning Reel. Depending where you are in the world, Europe and Asia especially, the spinning reel is the mainstay of most anglers tackle. It is suitable for heavy duty work and durability, most are made from aluminum to make them lightweight and corrosion proof. Cheaper version can be made from graphite, these tend to be less durable The baitcasting reel is in a perpendicular position in relation to the rod. This allows the line to retrieved and released in a direct line along it, which makes it smooth and fast. Because there's less friction, and when the angler knows how to use the reel, the cast can produce great distances that cannot be achieved with a spinning reel

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The perpendicular alignment of baitcasting and conventional reels allows line to come off the spool in a smooth, straight line as the spool itself actually spins to let the line out. Conversely, spinning reel spool axis's are in parallel alignment with the rod and the fishing line resides upon a spool that is stationary during casting You have much more control with casting distance using a baitcaster as compared to spinning reels. This is because you are able to vary the distance/speed the of the lure by using your thumb to slow down the spool. After practice, you will be able to put a lure or bait exactly where you want it

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The main difference between a baitcasting reel and a spinning reel is the placement and direction of the spool. Baitcasting reels have a spool that's in line with the fishing rod while spinning reels have a spool that's perpendicular to the rod. What does this mean Spinning reels help your lures to sink straighter. When you cast with a baitcaster, then your lure is more likely to function like a pendulum as it hits the water. That effect happens because of the resistance that it encounters from the rotational spool

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A spinning reel can only take you so far. If you need to throw a big crankbait like a Dt-14 than a spinning rod and reel set up are going to be awful. They are not high-speed reels and that wrist fatigue will be awful. However, when learning to fish they are awesome Hey Folks, Just wanted to get an idea for the advantages of using a baitcasting reel vs a spinning reel. I've been a long time spinning reel user (MO freshwater- typically largemouth and catfish) but I always see the guys smacking big tournament largemouth using baitcasters Unlike baitcasters, the spinning reel is highly compatible which makes it a popular choice amongst inexperienced anglers. You can use spinning reels to cast a wide range of tackles. Most anglers use live bait and artificial lures with spinning reels.It's rather simple to use a spinning reel and has a decent casting distance

Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel Comparación. Si eres fanático de la pesca como nosotros, esperamos que compartas nuestra alegría de que las tiendas de pesca tengan tantas opciones al comprar cada pieza de equipo. En la sección de carretes, se reduce a dos categorías diferentes: carretes giratorios y de baitcasting On a baitcaster reel the butt guides will always be on top of the rod and they will also usually be very small, the spinning rod is the complete opposite, not only are the butt guides on the bottom but they are also much larger The two basic types of rods are casting and spinning rods. Casting rods are designed for baitcast and spincast reels whereas spinning rods are matched with spinning reels. Let's take a look at the differences between the two types and how to determine which one you should choose for your style of fishing Lastly there is the most common of all reels, the spinning reel. Spinning reels are more accurate than spincasters while also being easier to use than baitcasters. They can typically also hold more line, and the spool can be easily swapped out if the fisher needs to change lines

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  1. Low-profile baitcasting reels lack the huge spools and heavy drag but are lightweight, accurate, and easy to cast with precision. Drag Maximum. Drag power refers to the maximum amount of stopping power a reel can produce. Drag is created by discs inside the reel which rub together to form a specific amount of adjustable friction
  2. An age old argument spinning vs baitcasting reels. By Dwayne Zboril It's common sense- on a spinning reel, only the line has to leave the reel, pulled along by the weight of the lure/bait. On a baitcaster, the spool must also spin at just the right speed, to let the line out. There's friction on the spool
  3. Baitcasting reel vs Spinning reel, which one is better and which one is right for you? Fishing news and tips from Harris Sportsmail UK. Back +44 1692 403000. Home Carp . Carp Fishing Reels . Baitrunner Reels Big Pit Reels Free Spool Reels.
  4. Baitcast V's Spinning Reels, The Differences. The main difference between a baitcast and spinning reel is the spool's placement and direction. On a baitcast reel, the spool is in line with the rod, allowing the line to come off directly. On a spinning reel, the spool is perpendicular to the rod

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Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel. For newcomers to the sport, especially those new to freshwater angling, starting out with a spinning reel is the better choice. The spinning outfit of a spinning reel is easy to operate and fairly pain-free to maintain. It uses a lighter line, is easy to cast, and is ideal for fishing for freshwater fish Baitcast reels can handle heavier line and actually allow for longer casts than spinning gear in the same size range. A small spinning reel has a smaller, more narrow spool, which has a hard time with large diameter lines. Small baitcast reels can handle these lines and provide greater casting distance You have got your spincast reels, spinning reels, baitcast reels, surf reels, trolling reels, and a few others too. We are here to talk about fishing reels, but what we want to discuss is the difference between open and closed fishing reels. These can also be known as open faced and closed faced fishing reels The debate about saltwater spinning reels vs. baitcasting reels has been going on for many years. Some anglers claim baitcasters are superior, while the spinning reel crew says the opposite

With a Baitcaster, it is possible to land bigger fish than when using a spinning reel. This is because the baitcasters will have the capability to handle any fish more than 10 pounds. The rod will have the additional heft to the spine so that the Baitcaster can handle more weight of a fish Get Social Follow 13 Fishing to keep up on giveaways, new products and our weekly contests. Follow Us on Facebook; Follow Us on Twitter; Follow Us on Instagra In terms of Baitcaster vs. spinning reel casting distance, Baitcasters have a longer casting range, but the ease of casting a spinning reel lets you max out the length, also getting good distances. We're going to break this down in terms of each type and when you should use one over the other

Best Reels For Pike Fishing - Baitcasting vs Spinning Just as the best Military in the world owns the best Arsenal; anyone who wants to be a successful pike fisherman needs to own the best tackle. Good fishing skills complemented with the right tackle will definitely give you an edge over other anglers out there Re: Trolling Reels vs. Baitcasting Reels Thanks for the advice. I received an email from Fish USA, and they recommended the Okuma reels as well. Also, I had my eye on the Depthmaster reels at Cabela's. They have an inexpensive graphite reel for $40 and a more expensive aluminum reel for around $90 Yes, you can use a baitcasting rod on a spinning reel. However, it is not advisable to do so. In this blog, I will discuss the shortcomings of using the wrong rod for a spinning tackle. But to help you understand better, I will first discuss the differences between baitcasters and spinning tackles A great baitcasting reel for under $60. The Chaos XS offers incredible performance that you can rely on. It works great for bass, catfish, pike, carp, inshore/ surf fishing and more! SHOP REEL. Play video. Piscifun Torrent - 50,000+ Anglers' Choice Spinning reels cannot handle heavier weighted lines, at least not as easily as a baitcasting reel would. Additionally, it gives you greater control over accuracy when throwing a line. You do not have the same kind of snap back with a baitcasting reel that you might have with a spinning reel

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  1. Reel type­­ - A casting rod requires a baitcasting reel, the kind that looks like a small winch mounted to the rod. Spinning rods take an underslung, open-faced spinning reel that has a revolving bail to wind the line. The reel seat and guides are different, with the first guide of a spinning rod being larger than that on a casting rod
  2. SHIMANO Tekota Line Counter Baitcasting Reel. Most catfishing enthusiasts agree that the best reel type for catfish is a baitcasting reel. Baitcasting reels have good line capacity, good gear ratios, are a bit more sturdy than spinning reels, and have sophisticated drag systems, which makes them a popular choice as a versatile reel for catfish
  3. Anglers new to baitcasting gear can avoid this inefficiency by purchasing a reel with the crank handle in the proper place. Avoid the switch! Just like spinning, if you are right-handed (casting and holding the rod in the right hand) use a reel that has the crank handle on the left side (labeled as left-handed)

Our flagship model, Exist has personified excellence throughout Daiwa's history, and now the new Exist LT introduces even more ground-breaking Daiwa technology. The all new Exist LT features our brand-new Light & Tough (LT) concept, reducing reel size while at the same time increasing strength and power Big fish, big rod and reel — that's the general equation. So, when it comes to baitcasting in saltwater, we are generally talking about fish less than 20 pounds. I'll get criticized for that number from readers who have caught much larger fish on a baitcaster, but I can assure you they were not really pursuing larger fish with a small outfit And secondly, you can easily thumb the spool as you cast to stop the bait at target. It is a lot smoother and more comfortable to do compared to a spinning reel. 2. Baitcaster Reels and Rods Offer Better Sensitivity. Usually, baitcasting rods have more backbone to them, and as a result, they are a little stiffer

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Premium reels have harder gears, tighter tolerances, premium bearings on the key contact points and a stable frame to hold it all together. Aluminum or magnesium framed reels do a better job with that than composite frames. Also, most baitcasters have a spool tension knob on one side and a braking system on the other If you're looking for the best baitcasting reels for beginners, then you're in the right place. As a novice, transitioning from a spinning reel to a baitcasting reel can pose some challenges. One, baitcasting reel takes some getting used to. Two, finding the right baitcasting reel is a time-consuming task Baitcast Vs Spinning Reels The main difference between a baitcasting reel vs. a spinning reel is the placement and direction of the spool. Baitcasting reels have a spool that's inline with the fishing rod while spinning reels have a spool that's perpendicular to the rod. What does this mean Shop baitcaster reels at Bass Pro Shops. Find top brands of baitcasting reels like Penn, Daiwa, Quantum, Abu Garcia & more Reels. Zebco may be known for our push-button spincast gear, but we make all kinds of fishing reels for all kinds of anglers. From versatile spinning reels in a variety of sizes to heavy-duty conventional baitcast reels for serious catfish hunters. And we never stop looking for ways to make fishing easier and more fun

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Product Title Lightweight High Speed 9.1:1 Gear Ratio Baitcast Fishing Reel 19+1 Ball Bearings Baitcasting Fishing Reel Baitcaster Tackle. Average Rating: (3.5) out of 5 stars 12 ratings, based on 12 reviews. Current Price $28.99 $ 28. 99 - $30.99 $ 30. 99 I prefer baitcaster reels but I use spinning reels to. I just like the baitcaster reels better, they are not as bulky as spinning reels. I use a spinning reel on my big catfishing rods when I'm going for the flatheads and use my baitcaster reels when I'm fishing for the channels and blues The last baitcasting reel deserving of a spot in our list is the YONGZHI fishing equipment—the YONGZHI Fishing Reels- Medium Gear Ratio (6.3:1)- Low Profile Carbon Fiber Drag 11+1 Ball Bearing- Adjustable Magnetic Brakes System-Baitcasting Reels for Freshwater Saltwater. This one has a beautiful design empowered by the black carbon fiber. Baitcasting reels are tremendously versatile, powerful, have considerable casting distance, and can catch almost any species. Seasoned anglers prefer to use them combined with baitcasting rods when fishing for large species due to the extreme amounts of pressure that the rod and reel can withstand

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You cannot easily use bait casting rod with spinning reel (thoug I did it occasionally) because you have a chance of the line coming out of the spinning reel in loops catching onto the small baitcasting guide. reply #11. Ron. 4 years ago. Post #9 by Paul explains the spine of the rod and how they bend. To a novice, it won't make a difference. Lots of anglers today prefer bait casting over spinning reels because it's a fashion, stylish and it seem that they feel it's what pro-anglers does. But the reality is pro-anglers don't use bait cast reel for ultralight game to cast because it give more problems than fun. How to choose a proper reel for ultralight It is tough to choose the best baitcasting reel for the money you can afford. To make things simple for you, our panel of ace fishermen has prepared a list, check here. It is tough to choose the best baitcasting reel for the money you can afford. To make things simple for you, our panel of ace fishermen has prepared a list, check here Rotation - Winding rotation ratios are also evident in baitcaster reels. This is usually set up to 6 or 7:1. Drag - The drag of a baitcaster is one of its real advantages over a spinning reel in that they can be set with greater sensitivity and are generally a lot stronger as well. This is why many who chase really big fish use a baitcaster. Over 70% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now

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Baitcaster and spinning reel are two devices capable of fishing, but I will tell you all about which one will get better results and which one will be best for you. Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel Pros And Cons Structure of Rod. The structure and effectiveness of baitcaster are entirely different from the spinning reel Bait Reel - KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel - 11 +1 Shielded Bearings, 17.5 Lb Carbon Fiber Drag. Spincast Reel - Zebco ZO3,10, BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel, One Size. Spinning Reel - Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel. Let's look at the features of the reels mentioned above! 1 Spinning Reel Basics. Spinning reels are easier to learn how to use than a baitcasting reel, for this reason, it is a good choice for a young child's first reel. In addition to the spinning reel being easy to use, the fact that the reel hangs below the rod makes it much easier on a young child's wrist

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baitcaster vs. spinning reel. Jump to Latest Follow Baitcaster or Spinning Baitcaster Votes: 18 42.9% Spinning Votes: 24 57.1% Total voters 42; Poll closed Dec 1, 2007. 1 - 20 of 50 Posts. 1; 2; 3; Next. 1 of 3 Go to page. Go. Last. T. Tapout42 · Registered. Joined May 14, 2007 · 171 Posts . Discussion. Baitcast Reel Defined Lew's Custom Inshore SLP Casting Reel. A simple definition for a baitcaster is a reel that has a revolving spool and sits on top of a casting rod with a trigger handle. This is exactly opposite to a spinning reel, which sits underneath a spinning rod and with the line guides facing down There are basically three types of reels used by the anglers. They are spinning reel, baitcasting reel and spin-casting reel. You have already learned about spinning reel and how much effective it is for muskie fishing. Now I will let you know about baitcasting and spin-casting reels and their acceptance in muskie fishing. Baitcasting reels SPINNING REEL. A spinning reel is one of the most basic pieces of fishing equipment. A fixed spool is held underneath the rod, and the line from a spinning reel is pulled out by the weight of the tackle. Benefits: The biggest benefit for a spinning reel is its all-around versatility. These reels can be used for casting many types of tackle. There are wonderful small 50 series bait casting reels available today for use with 6 lb line and 1/8-1/4 oz lures. However spinning reels in the 1000 series are made to excel in 1/16-316 oz range with 4-6 lb line, 2000 series for 6-8 lb line. Yes you can achieve success using the high end 50 series bait casters, however spinning reels at all.

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Baitcasting rods are used with a baitcasting fishing reels (they are also known as casting reels and conventional reels). The easiest way to remember this is that a casting rod goes with a casting reel. So what are baitcasting reels? The pros of baitcasting reels are that they give you more control over tour casting and better accuracy Let's start the discussion of baitcasting reel vs spinning reel with the Baitcasting Reel. Baitcasting reels are often found in the hands of bass pros, trophy fisherman, and big species fisherman. These reels sit on top of the rod, which normally has more backbone than a spinning rod. The line wraps around the spool, like a spinning reel, but. A fishing reel is a cylindrical device attached to a fishing rod used in winding and stowing line.. Modern fishing reels usually have fittings aiding in casting for distance and accuracy, as well as retrieving line. Fishing reels are traditionally used in the recreational sport of angling and competitive casting.They are typically attached to a fishing rod, though some specialized reels with. There really shouldn't be a baitcaster vs. spinning reel battle. In fact, a balanced inshore fishing arsenal has both types of reels. With the basics of baitcasters now in your rearview mirror, check out six inshore saltwater casters that push the envelope in technology and usability

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