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Make-Up & Kosmetikartikel günstig online bestellen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Erlebe den perfekten Augenaufschlag und bring deine Augen zum Strahlen. Jetzt entdecken. So machst du deine Augen zum Lieblingsaccessoire. Jetzt deine neuen Favorites entdecken If you can see around your iris (on the bottom or top), you have round eyes. For round eyes, Lavonne advises starting from the outside corner using an angled brush and cream eyeshadow or liner,.. If your eye shape is of the round variety, then you're like Carolina who is using Anastasia Beverly Hills Black Liquid Liner during this tutorial. She starts with little baby strokes across the eye.. When it comes to eyeliner for round eyes, your application should be about elongating the eyes into a more exotic shape. Line the upper lash line and play up the outer corners with either a long, extended wing or by smudging dark liner into both the upper and lower lash lines. Eyeliner for All Eye Shape

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Apply pencil or liquid eyeliner. The type of eyeliner you choose depends on your preference. Some people prefer working with liquids, while others prefer pencils. With round eyes, you want to apply liner to the outer corners of each eye Shimmering colors are super fun, but if you have rounded eyes, you'll want to work with a matte eye shadow that blends in the background. Prep your lid, however, with a dark nude shadow; rim the entire lid to minimize redness and to give the illusion of depth Recommended Makeup Looks:When working with round eyes, the key is to keep most of the party on top. In other words use the most vivid and intense shades on the top lashline and outer corners. Try this dusty taupe eye shadow tutorial on for size to make your doll-like eyes really pop But we know that we're all unique in our own ways, so a tutorial on a dark, smudgy eye look - which would look fantastic on the big-eyed model in the picture - won't do any favours for someone with small or narrow eyes. So here are some handy hints and tricks on how to apply eyeliner to suit your eye shape, size, and position. ROUND EYES To line the upper waterline of your eyes is very easy, but can take some practice. Close your eye and slightly pull the outer corner of it upward. Look downwards and swipe the eyeliner very gently across the upper waterline. I find it most effective and easier to tight-line the outer 3/4 corners of my eyes, rather than my full eye

For more circular eyes, you can start from the outside corner just above your eye and with an angled brush and liner pot (or a liquid liner draw a line downward toward the outer corner), then continue inward and finish at the center of your eye (where your pupil lines up) Using a lighter-colored eyeliner pencil (Jaikaran used a taupe shade here), trace along your lash line from your inner to outer corner. Then, if (and only if!) you want to create more balance.. When it comes to small, round eyes, eyeliner is no different, but it can be a little trickier to work with. Too much eyeliner or the wrong eyeliner color can make your eyes look smaller and rounder. Fortunately, by using lighter shades and applying eyeliner strategically to your eyes, you can achieve a flawless eye makeup look that complements. Hey, it's Jackie Wyers & THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this very snatched Bella Hadid FOX EYE makeup tutorial *on round eyes* | foxy eyes makeup - this is def mor.. If your eyes are round, but deep set (the opposite of protruding) - my tutorial for round deep set eyes is more helpful to you. Here is my gorgeous sister. She has protruding eyes, which are beautiful

Learn UK Pro Artist Hollie's go-to techniques for playing up round eyes—whether it's a quick trick for a wide-eyed look, or an easy way to create an almond s.. With the eyeliner, you can create the illusion of more like almond-shaped eyes. Start on the outer corner and draw up. If your eyes are very round then do a long line that will elongate them. Determine where on the eyelid you want the liner to go back in and then connect it to the lash line back down

There is no better way to enhance the symmetry of your eyes than with eyeliner. While you may want to get creative with your eyeliner style, your best bet is to thinly line your upper and lower lash line. Apply a thicker line at the outer corner of your eyes for a nice and even finish. Tip #3: DON'T BE AFRAID TO EMPHASIZE YOUR SHAP Everyday makeup tutorial for round deep set eyes Contour the eye minimally in the crease using a light brown shade. Create a V-shape in the outer corner using a brown matte shade Learn how to apply eye makeup for hooded eyes with 6 tutorials that are packed with step-by-step tips to get the perfect cut crease, dome shape, soft smokey socket, and winged eyeliner. Perfect for Asian eyelids and Jennifer Lawrence lookalikes Step 2: Next, layer a medium shade of eye shadow (like a copper or taupe) across your lids and blend it well. Step 3: Then, apply a slightly deeper color (like a soft brown) close to your lash line to define your eyes. The trick is to create some depth with the eye shadows but not have the overall look appear too dark, which can make your eyes.

For women with a round eye shape, you can apply eyeliner starting from the inner corners of the eyes working your way out. The edge of the line can either be straight or a small cat eye, whichever you prefer. It is important to highlight the brow bone and apply light eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye This shape benefits from using eyeliner to create the illusion of a wider eye. A strong cat-eye can do that and add a little drama; but if the thought of pulling off this style makes you nervous, just try to play up the outer corners of the top and bottom by pulling your liner a little further out (and always up!) from your natural corners, smudging slightly for a softer look Beloved makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shares her tips and essential tools for creating winged liner on hooded eyes. The result is a fun, two-in-one look with a special batwing shape. She simply. There are six eye shapes (monolid, almond eyes, wide-set eyes, round, close-set and hooded eyes) all eye shapes are beautiful and can create amazing eye looks! How to Apply Eyeshadow for hooded eyes. Related makeup tutorial: How to fill in eyebrows in 8 easy steps. EYESHADOW TUTORIAL FOR HOODED EYE STEP 1: TRANSITION SHADE natural cat eye: dark shadow concentrated on outer corner bottom lid, spread to top half upper lid. thin black cat eye eyeliner, lashes longer at outer corners. rounded eyebrows, shimmery pink red lip

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  1. When creating an eyeliner look on almond-shaped eyes, Oquendo says to start with a thicker line. Because your eye shape naturally curves, it's easier to start with the big, thick shape and carve into it to see what needs to be made thinner or built upon. Oquendo says that doing so sculpts a shape that exactly fits the eye. Tip #5: Don't Be.
  2. Cat eye makeup is a classic eye look that can be hard to get right. What makes eye makeup tricky is that your application and placement may change depending on your eye shape, so learning how to work with what you've got is key. Cat eyeliner, in particular, is notoriously difficult: That's why winged eyeliner stamps and stencils exist. But, armed with your favorite gel eyeliner and angled.
  3. One of the most fun things about the makeup world is trying out trending eye makeup looks. But when it comes to doing makeup for small eyes, it can be a challenge to bring those looks to life. If the people who normally sport the looks you want to emulate have bigger eyes, it may even seem like trendy makeup isn't for you.But that isn't the case
  4. The other thing I want to mention is that you shouldn't keep on going down, like you used to do, because now your eyes go down naturally. Instead, just stop slightly short of the end of your lashes. When you open your eyes, you'll see it doesn't look weird, but very nice, and it kind of uplifts your eyes. Margaret

See More: Korean Eye Makeup Tutorial. 7. Turquoise Green Smoky Eye: It requires several precision. It would be greatest if you might get the help of an expert whereas building this. Utilize two different shades of green and utilize both kajal along with eye liner to emphasize your look. Latest Korean Eye Makeup Tutorials. 8. Puppy Eyeliner Recommended Makeup Looks: When working with round eyes, the key is to keep most of the party on top. In other words use the most vivid and intense shades on the top lashline and outer corners. Try this dusty taupe eye shadow tutorial on for size to make your doll-like eyes really pop.. First of all, you know you have round eyes if you've heard everyone compliment you on your big, doll-like eyes. Second, you'll know you have round eyes if you can see the white around the top or bottom of your iris. THE BEST EYELINER FOR ROUND EYES. The goal with eyeliner for round eyes should be to elongate the width of your eye shape to. It's best used to line the water line and also to create a smokey look. The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is the no-brainer choice for the pencil eyeliner. And now, we shall proceed with the tutorial with no further ado! How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly - Tutorial Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

When it comes to round eyes, Freedman says the key is to apply the most vivid part of the makeup on the top lash line and on the outer corners. You want to keep the bottom lash line very minimal, he advises. He suggests drawing a soft, smudged taupe line on your lower lash line using a product that's lighter than the color on your top lid The other thing I want to mention is that you shouldn't keep on going down, like you used to do, because now your eyes go down naturally. Instead, just stop slightly short of the end of your lashes. When you open your eyes, you'll see it doesn't look weird, but very nice, and it kind of uplifts your eyes. Margaret

How to Apply a Natural Eyeliner Look to Downturned Eyes For a softer look, I'll line the eyes from the inner corner but stop just before I get to the outer corner, he says. Keeping the outer half of the eyeliner a bit thicker than the inner half, the liner should look tapered in and get thinner as you get toward the inner half of the. Note: Play around with this to see which one works best for you. Some women find that applying white eyeliner to only the inside 1/3 of the eyelid works best. Personally, I don't like to draw the eyeliner all the way out to the outside corners of the eye. But, you should play around and see what works best for you. Best white eyeliner for the. I like the Makeup by Mario Master Eye Prep & Set ($28, sephora.com) to prevent makeup from getting mushy or messy. You can also use it under the eyes. Two other excellent options are CoverGirl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer ($9, ulta.com) which adds grip to makeup on moist/hot lids and Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer ($26, nordstrom. Cat Eyes for Hooded Eyes Because the lid is hooded, if you do a small line you will never see it when you open your eyes, so the thicker the better. We recommend the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner and an angled brush to perfect this cat eye. Oliver recommends getting under that hood to let your liner take full. Makeup Artists shared their best eye makeup tips for how to perfect undereye concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and even lashes when you've got mature skin. As you age, the skin around your eyes.

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Finding the best eyeliner for your eye shape is a crucial step, but it's often overlooked. Many of us just apply eyeliner because it's how our mum/friend/favourite celebrity applies it, but finding the look that best suits you can have a transformative effect on your face. It can help open up close-set eyes, give the illusion of eyelids if yours are hooded or even make your eyes look bigger Born with expressive, doe-like eyes? (Think: Zooey Deschanel, Mila Kunis, Issa Rae.) Did you know you could be making your eyes work double time with a couple of our favorite round-eye makeup tips? Here are our favorite go-tos. First, start with eyeliner placement. The key to enhancing what your mama gave you is to elongate Precise eyeliner can be a thick line like a cat-eye, or a subtle line that blends right into your lashes. Certain formulas lend themselves better to this look, like liquid liner . It's transfer-proof, aka less prone to smudging and melting, and will stay fresh-looking and clean-lined all day Definition: Round eyes do not look perfectly round like marbles (LOL!), they just look rounder than almond-shaped eyes. A lot of the pupil and white of the eye can be seen. Makeup Tips: In Asia, manga-like round eyes are highly desired as they imply innocence and youth. Round and large eyes are highly sought after in Asia. Google: Ayumi Hamasaki Almond eyes: how to apply eye makeup for your eye shape, from the Smashbox Full Exposure palette ($58 at Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, Murale, sephora.ca and smashbox.com). Round eyes upturned eyes

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Wearing eye makeup and a pop of lip color would accentuate your features and take the attention away from the shape of your face. Try shades like berry or deep reds. These simple, yet effective makeup tips will help to make your face look thinner than it actually is. You will look younger and slimmer, and get the best of both worlds Use brown eyeliner. Using a dark brown eyeliner will help your eyes look darker and downplay the green. Line your upper and lower lids with brown for subtle definition, using either an eyeliner pencil or an eyeliner brush dipped in shadow. To brighten your eyes, use gold eyeliner to line the inner corners of your eyes 3. Monolid Eyes. When your eyelids are not defined by a crease, you can benefit from learning makeup techniques that create a gradient on your eyes, such as this Cranberry Eye Makeup Tutorial. Those who have a Chinese descent or predominantly Chinese features, like Michelle Yeoh and Sandra Oh, will normally have monolid eyes. 4. Protruding Eyes This is an answer post to my previous post, How to Update Your Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes.I got a lot of good feedback on that post and some of the best feedback came from my real life friends who said things like, You lost me at the third eyeshadow! and Who has time to do that every morning! (For what it's worth, the eye makeup look I shared in that post uses only three.

If there is any slip-up, you can use a cotton swab or makeup remover to get everything rightly. Eyeshadow over the line. The next step is to trace over your line, here you have eyeliner cut crease at the base and you apply non-shim mery eye shadow over this line. So, make sure to blend it completely for the gorgeous eye makeup for hooded eyes Some makeup mavens have taken it a step further and amped up the halo effect by using a warmer, non-traditional eyeshadow color scheme (think dusty mauves instead of the usual neutral color), rimming even the lower lash line, then topping with an intense wash of highlighter on the inner corner to open up and brighten the entire eye area. 2 If this sounds complicated, don't worry If you follow this step by step easy eye makeup tutorial for mature skin, you will master eyeliner once and for all! One of the most difficult things about aging, is our tried and true makeup techniques seem to lose their lustre, and applying makeup can become increasingly more foreign and frustrating Wrinkles, fine lines and dark circle around the eyes can certainly make you look unappealing, tired and older. That is why you must learn ho to properly and naturally apply eye make up for your age. Here are some tips on how to apply various eye make up products to achieve a fresh look: 1. Eye Shado

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Women with round eyes have big and wide eyes. Hence, your contouring goal would be to narrow the shape of the eyes. Do this by applying medium to dark shades to the center of the eyes, and then use light shades to highlight the corners 21. Eyes And Bold Lips Tutorial For Small Eyes and Round Face. Youtube: Jaclyn Hill. If you have small eyes and a round face, this is a good makeup look because she has strong contouring which will show off cheekbones that get hidden. Even if you don't have small eyes naturally, this is a good make up look when your eyes look smaller than usual Yet most hooded eyes tutorials show this. This will show you REALISTIC everyday eye makeup for hooded eyes if you don't have much time but still want to look your best. While, this is pretty thorough, the full video tutorial at the end that contains all the steps. It's fairly short and contains do's and don'ts in a well-explained manner

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Blue eyes are the dream of beauty lovers around the world; many people even purchase blue-tinted contact lenses in order to change the color of their irises to blue. If you're lucky enough to have naturally blue eyes, you should do everything you can to complement and accentuate their natural color with your makeup Eye makeup for older women is a way to hold onto youth and look glowy all the time.. Gone are the days of piling on makeup to look more mature and get served in a bar. Once you cross 50, makeup is.

Set your eyeliner with brown eye shadow. Use an angled eyeliner brush to draw a line of shadow on top of your smudged eyeliner. Sweep a light pink eye shadow along the outer edges of your lid. Extend the pink shadow from the crease in your lid up to your brow bone. This will open up your eye and make it appear larger If you are blessed with blue eyes, make them pop with the right shade of mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Here's a guide that tells you everything about makeup for blue eyes i.e. the right eye shadows for making the blue eyes pop, tips for women with different eye shapes and size and the eye makeup that is perfect for women with fair skin. We've even hand-picked some of the best blue eye. Pink smokey eyes; 5 5. Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial; 6 6. Classy Smokey Eyes; 7 7. Halo Smokey Eyes; 8 8. Purple Smokey Eyes; 9 9. Gold-bronze smoke eye makeup; 10 10. Navy And Purple Smoky Eye Tutorial; 11 11. Gun Metal Smokey Eye; 12 12. Purple & Gold Eye Makeup; 13 13. Golden Brown Smokey Eye; 14 14. Brown Smoky Eye with Thick Eyeliner. Use a nude or white eye pencil in the waterline to make them look bigger and opt for a brown eyeliner when doing a smokey eye, instead of black. While it might be tempting to opt for voluminous lashes, go the subtle route here

Draw a thin line with black eyeliner, and over it, start blending with a darker blue eyeshadow, which will give a dimension to your eyes. You don't need to apply anything else on the eyes except a little coat of mascara. 6 Start your eyeliner at the middle of the lid and extend it out further than your eye in a straight line, which you can do on both the top and bottom lash lines. Then, use a bit of shimmer in the inner corner and on your brow bone to brighten them. Apply a light shade to the brow bone. This will draw attention away from the center of your face Brianna Fox's tutorial will be one of the first videos to appear if you searched fox eye makeup. Her video has garnered over 700,000 views in just one month. She not only demonstrates but also shares her tips and hacks on how to pull it off flawlessly The need with round eyes is sometimes to make them look more almond shaped. If you are trying to elongate your eyes, use your eyeshadow or liner in a more feline shape, says Wood

Celebs with your eye shape: Alison Brie, Emmy Rossum, Bella Heathcote, Nicole Richie Quynh says that the key to perfect makeup on round eyes is defining the lash line because that dictates whether you're keeping the integrity of your shape, or changing it a bit to appear more almond-like Get a come-hither stare with legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter. Plus, watch 4 eye makeup tutorials for a perfect winged liner look, a smoky eye, and more Extend the outer flick of your eyeliner towards the inner crease of your eye and blend it for a softer look. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and then add another dimension by double lining your eyes with striking coloured eyeliner. For a party-ready Smokey eye look adds come glitter to the inner corner of your eyes How To Apply Makeup For Over 50. Your mature eye makeup techniques would definitely have to change as wrinkles, age spots would surface. These are things you can't avoid but can be conceived. Reduced natural oil production, hormonal changes and menopause can dry out your skin and contribute the appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines It is said that eyes speak a thousand words. Smokey eyes makeup looks attractive and each of us wants to know more about it. It is an ideal look for the parties and functions. Smokey eyes look really beautiful and go well with every outfit. This makeup is mostly portrayed for night time events

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  1. Use a gel eyeliner pencil to be able to get close to the upper lash line and even in-between lashes. It will make your eyes look so much bigger. Use an eyeshadow primer. It really does help keep your eye makeup look in place, and keeps it from settling into lines
  2. Thick eyeliner across the eye will make it look even smaller than it naturally is. Create a very thin line from the inner corner and gradually widen it as you move towards the outer end. You can also create a winged eye liner for a dramatic look. Add a white or beige eye pencil to your lower waterline to let your eyes appear bigger
  3. Don't skip eyeliner. Apply a gel, pencil, or liquid liner on your top lash line. If you have light eyes, go with a brown eyeliner, while brown eyes will pop with black liner
  4. This tutorial is quite simple, as you got to use only little mat green shadow, in the inner part of your eye by leaving the crease untouched. Whereas on the lower line add brown shadow, and blend it well to make more depth. Now draw a thin line with eyeliner for hooded eyes and finish off with mascara
  5. This is why eye cream is important. The skin around the eyes easily reflects the aging and dryness. Eye creams serve as a way to reinvigorate that area. No amount of eye makeup can counter the appearance of lines, fluids, and wrinkles that fatigued eyes have. Application of eye creams or other similar products should be practiced
  6. Fixing uneven eyes isn't the easiest thing to do though. While we know how to use makeup to get typical beauty looks, like the no makeup look or the classic smokey eye, using makeup to change the shape of our eyes is trickier than your average everyday makeup. That's why we have beauty bloggers to help us out
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To avoid continual eye irritation and wateriness, make sure to remove all the makeup from around your eyes at night. You want to clear the base of lashes and eyelids at night, so those glands. Eye makeup & eye shadow tutorials from the mineral cosmetics and skincare experts at jane iredale. Learn how to achieve a wide range of looks for your eyes from natural daytime looks, to more sultry evening looks. Be sure to also check out our lipstick tutorials Start by sweeping a golden shade across the eyelid. then work a light purple shade on top, blending out to the darker purple shade on the outer corner in a smokey blend. Work the darker shade under the lash line, and create a thick line in eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer corner, and on the bottom eyelid For those of you who've had more time to play around with makeup during quarantine, and/or for those who've found yourselves wanting to elevate your eye makeup while wearing masks, we thought we'd recommend five makeup tutorials to up your eye makeup game for today's Beauty Tuesday If you're in tune with the beauty community, then you've probably been bombarded with the fox eye makeup trend online. Made popular by Bella Hadid, Megan Fox and Kendall Jenner, the fox eye look is all about manipulating your eye shape for a lifted look, emphasizing the outer corners for a sultry effect

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  1. 90s make-up tutorial. dewy blusher make-up tutorial. eyebrow tips with maybelline. how to do your make-up like Rihanna. make-up base tips. no make-up make-up tutorial. eyes eye liner; eye liner eye liner Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. category. CHANEL EYE LINER filter by
  2. Put them on the border of dark shadows on the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. For careful stumping the color use a brush with soft bristles. The expressiveness of the eyes will depend on how carefully you've painted the outer corner. Gently use a brush for the lower eyelid
  3. Use the eyeliner/brow pencil to trace a line or your upper lash line for a fuller effect. Make sure the line is thicker on the outer part to give the look a lift. You can add to your waterline for a more intense look. Pick the darkest eyeshadow colour and apply on the pencil line, especially on the outer corner
  4. We made a list of the easiest eye makeup and the chic-iest shadows for all types, colors and shapes of eyes. Whether for everyday look, or for the special moments in your life — here are eye shadow makeup tutorials for your every-occasion-needs. Complete with easy to follow step by step tutorials, these will have your eyes looking beyond.
  5. If you are using a softer, subtler eyeliner, try smudging a little bit underneath the eye, starting from the outer edge, and buff it out. If you prefer the precision of a liquid liner up top, use an angled brush to smudge some of your dark shade under the eye for a similar effect. This step really seals the deal for a wide-eyed look

The smokey eye is a classic eye makeup look that will always come back on trend because of its versatility, sexiness and how incredibly flattering it is on the eyes. Good Smokey eyes really brighten the eye color and can completely transform the eye shape. I was happy to see smokey eyes make a comeback on the runway How To Apply a Perfect Flawless Eyeliner: Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures. Here we have some simple tips to apply perfect eyeliner. Firstly, see the shape and size of your eye. Use a thick and long-winged liner on small eyes to enhance them and if you have large eyes keep wing as short as you can and keep the line thin That's why we love beauty vlogger Kate Carter's cat eye tutorial. Kate has hooded eyes so she's developed a trick that will probably work for you, too. First, she takes liquid eyeliner and draws a. Step Two: Whenever I do an eye-focused makeup look, I always prep my lids with an eyeshadow primer. This helps the product go on smoothly, prevents creasing, and makes the look last all day. Here.

Hooded eye makeup tutorial for downturned, droopy eyes. Step-by-step instructions on how to use eyeshadow for hooded eyes for women over 50 to flatter aging eyes. A definite no-no for hooded eyes IMO is eyeliner going all the way around. A lot of liner and shadow on the lower lids make the eyes look smaller. Reply. Montie. May 20, 2019 at. hooded eyes, how to apply makeup on hooded eyes, to make eyes look bigger, by Erin Busbee, beauty blogger over 40 from BusbeeStyle.co Makeup for green eyes according to your hair color, what not to miss from the eye makeup kit, daytime makeup step-by-step tutorial, eye makeup video tutorial. The makeup for green eyes must be chosen carefully. It is a well-known fact that the green eyes are rarer than the brown or the blue ones If you're devoted to your black eyeliner and can't bear to live without it, look around for an eyeliner in a shade of dark brown that is almost black, but not quite. Easy step by step eye makeup tutorial for green eyes. Easy step by step makeup tutorial for green eyes. eye makeup ideas for green eyes

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eyelashes for round eyes clipart - Clipground34 Makeup Tutorials For Small Eyes - The GoddessMusette: How to make your eyes look bigger, brighter and32 Best Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes | Deep set eyes20s Flapper Halloween Makeup - 20s Makeup Tutorial|

MAKEUP HACKS COMPILATION - Beauty Tips For Every Girl 2020 #28 Eyeliner tips for blue eyes will help you enhance and show off one of your best features. Eyeliner can be a subtle or dramatic way to draw attention to your eyes, but it will always make your eye color stand out even more. Blue eyes are gorgeous on their own, but these eyeliner tips will make them stand out even more.. Brown eyes look good with just about any eyeshadow color. If you want to create a high-drama eye effect, opt for cut crease look. This look definitely takes a little practice and some blending skills. Eyeshadows used for this look are: 'Bulletproof' by Sugar Pill Makeup and 'Vogue Mineral Shadow' by Motives Cosmetics. 2. Pictorial for. This is the defining move to complete your eye makeup and doing it on the upper line right will help define your eyes and make them look bigger. Use an eye pencil to line the upper eyelid, making the line move outward and upward at the edge. It gives the cat-eye look and also helps to make the eyes look brighter and wider

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