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Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Westinghouse Heater Element Chart Westinghouse A200 Overload Relay Heater Elements for Motor Protection Westinghouse A200 overload heater elements can be identified by the catalog number on one terminal. Heater selection should be based on the full load current and service factor which is listed on the motor nameplate

Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse Heater Selection for Type A and B Overload Relays, Size 00-9. Each heater is identified by a catalog number stamped on one terminal. The heater application table indicates the range of full load motor current to which a given heater many be applied Cutler-Hammer Heater Chart Siemens-Furnas Overload Relay Heater Tables For Irrigation Pump Panels Westinghouse A200 Overload Relay Heater Elements for Motor Protectio

Overload Relay Heater Tables Approximate AC Motor Amps Technical 883 Siemens Industrial Control Products Heater Tables and Replacement Parts 17 Formula—Approximate Full Load Amps for Other Motors 208 Volt Full Load Amp 230 Volt current 110% 2 Phase FLA 0.866 the 3 Phase FLA 2 Phase, 3 wire current in common wire 1.41 that in the other 2 line Westinghouse Size 00 & Size 0: Size 1: Size 2: Size 3: Size 4 . Type A & B Size 00 & Size 0. Heater Catalog Number. Non Compensated Open Starters and Ambient Comp. Open and Encl. Starters Single Pole Type Overload. Block Type Overload Using 3 Heaters. Single Pole Type Overload. Full Load Current of Motor (Amps.).25 - .27 .29 - .31.24 - .25. Siemens Overload Relay Heater Table Siemens Electrically Held Contactors, Class LE Sprecher + Schuh Motor Current Rating Chart. ASCO ASCO 911 Remote Control Switch ASCO 917 & 918 Owner's Manual (Westinghouse) Heater Selection Chart. Joslyn Clark Joslyn Clark Overload Heater Table FIG. 2. Thermal Overload Relay, nameplate should come within Showing Heater and Installation Method the current range of the heater. If the room temperature sur­ rounding the motor exceeds that at the starter, assume a de­ creased motor current of 1% for each degree C difference in temperature and select heaters accordingly. If the room temper

Overload Relay Heater Tables Selection of Heater Elements for Overload Relays General Formula—Approximate Full Load Amps for Other Motors 208 Volt Full Load Amp P 230 Volt current u 110% 2-Phase FLA P 0.866 u the 3-Phase FLA 2-Phase, 3-wire current in common wire P 1.41 u that in the other 2 lines 25Hz 1500 RPM, amps P amps of 60Hz, 3600 RP A temperature compensated overload relay, Type AA13A, is also available for use with the A/200 Series Motor Controller. See I.L. 14568 for complete informa­ tion. Each heater is identified by a code marking stamped on one terminal. The heater application table indicates the range of full load motor current to which a given heater may be applied cutler hammer/westinghouse heater overload - (used, cleaned & tested) bn2.9 bn29 bn 2.9 bn29 bn-2.9 bn-29 bo west cutler hammer/westinghouse heater overload bo3.1 bo31 bo 3.1 bo31 bo-3.1 bo-31 cutler hammer/westinghouse heater overload bo3.1 bo31 bo 3.1 bo31 bo-3.1 bo-3 Type A and B Overload Relays, Sizes 3 and 4 Size Starter Ambient Compensated Enclosed Starters Non-Compensating Enclosed Starters Heater (One Heater per Catalog Number) Catalog Number All Applications Full Load Current of Motor Amps 12.8-14.1 11.9-13.0 FH68 14.2-15.5 13.1-14.3 FH69 15.6-17.1 14.4-15.9 FH70 17.2-18.9 16.0-17.4 FH7 Westinghouse A200 Thermal Overload Heater Units Westinghouse A200 overload heater elements can be identified by the catalog number on one terminal. Heater selection should be based on the full load current and service factor which is listed on the motor nameplate. If the motor and overload relay are in the same ambient, and the service.

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Cutler hammer circuit breakers and trip bussmann selecting protective devices allen bradley heater element chart cutler hammer rating chart motor control overload relaysSquare D Manual Motor Starter Heater ChartTrip Cur CurvesOverload Relay Heater TablesElectrodomésticos De Alta Tecnología Westinghouse Heater ChartCutler Hammer F TOverload Relay Heater Tables74 Prehensive Westinghouse Heater. A Class 20 overload relay will trip in 20 seconds or less at a current equal to 600 percent of its rating. A Class 30 overload relay will trip in 30 seconds or less at a current equal to 600 percent of its rating. Allen-Bradley standard overload relay protection using either Type N or W heater elements provide Class 20 operation. Westinghouse Thermal Overload Heater Chart Trinity. Square D Thermal Unit 12 To 18 Full Load S For Use With Nema Motor Starters 00 0 1 1p 2 1h617 B22 Grainger. Overload Relay Heater Tables. Overload Relay Heater Tables. Sauna Heaters And Controls Alpine Saunas Steam Rooms Infrared Spa Tubs Billiards Mercial Residential Parts Accessoriesalpine

Volume 5—Motor Control and Protection CA08100006E—February 2019 www.eaton.com V5-T2-3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 NEMA Contactors and Starters 2.1 Freedom Series Standards and Certifications Standard: designed to meet or exceed UL A Class 20 overload relay will trip in 20 seconds or less at a current equal to 600 percent of its rating. A Class 30 overload relay will trip in 30 seconds or less at a current equal to 600 percent of its rating. Allen-Bradley standard overload relay protection is provided using Type W heater elements for the 500 Line. This provides Class 2 As a leading relay manufacturer, Westinghouse produced relay switches across a number of NEMA sizes, both electrical and thermal relay switches, in 1-pole or 2 pole configurations, so you can count on a reconditioned Westinghouse overload relay to meet all your motor protection requirements. A Westinghouse overload relay for every application Cutler hammer fh88 overload heater heaters control s eaton fh81 heater 46 4 50 westburne unled 22 best westinghouse thermal overload heater chart for 2021 lewisburg district umc cutler hammer f t. Related. Category: Chart. Post navigatio

Electrodomésticos De Alta Tecnología Westinghouse Heater Chart. Motor Control. Volume 5 Tab 2. Eaton A200 Heater Pack Selection Charts. Cutler Hammer F T. Dom Nema Motor Control Contactors And Starters Eaton. ← Cutler Hammer Thermal Overload Heater Chart Create Column Chart In Excel 2016. Westinghouse - Overload Heater Elements FH31 , Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer, A200 Series, thermal overload heater element, type FH, rated for 4.23-4.61 amps, suitable for use with thermal overload relays, magnetic motor starters & motor control Square D Thermal Overload Heater Units: Square D Motor Starters : Heater Elements: Square D Parts : Square D Thermal Unit Selection (Work in Progress) Table 1 * Click here to browse our inventory of Square D heater elements at our online store. Motor Full-Load Current (Amp.) Thermal Unit Number: 1 T.U. 3 T.U. 0.33 - 0.36 0.37 - 0.4

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Motor thermal overload Stack over temperature Motor PTC input Feature rich, the TEAMMaster™ Starters allow for a wide variety of settings Real-Time metering goes far beyond simply starting a motor and ramping it up to speed. Monitoring capabilities are as follows: Motor protection features for overall equipment protection and safety Relays — Thermal Overload Factory Modifications C306 Thermal Overload Relays with Mounting Adapter Consists of a thermal overload relay mounted to a terminal base adapter — permits fast and easy installation. Table 33-159. Product Selection Accessories DIN Rail and Panel Mounting Adapter These adapters are required when component overload. Thermal Unit Selection General All tables are based on the operation of the motor and controller in the same ambient temperature, 40 oC (104oF) or less. Always be certain the correct thermal units are installed in the starter before operating the motor. Each thermal unit shall be installed such that its catalog number is visible Westinghouse C74265 C715824 SH225 GH225 34115 Westinghouse C714087 SH226 GH226 34116 Gibson 140254 136128 Universal SH250 GH250 Drain SH500 GH500 SH502 GH502 Thermal Cutoffs. 5 SUPCO Gem Mfg OEM Part No. Part No. Part No. Plastic A1401AD GP1, C922, CC306, ADM 55467-1 CC351, CC808 66128-1 66128-2 55467-1 R016802 • Thermal trip/manual disconnect - The breaker has detected an overload, short circuit or was manually turned off • Low current - A low current arc has been detected within one of the current pathways • High current - A high cur-rent arc has been detected between two conductors • Short delay - An electronic backup to th

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  1. Cutler Hammer Freedom Series - Standard Trip - Class 20. Overload Relay Size. Motor Full Load Ampere Rating. Catalog Number (Includes 3 Heater Packs
  2. ITEM. WH THERMAL OVERLOAD RELAY SIZE 4 AUTO RESET. MANUFACTURER. Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer. MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER. AA43A. NOTES: Solid State or Microprocessor based relays are generally equipped with a large variable of settings and curve options and some Electromechanical relays provide for adjustable calibrated settings
  3. Overload Reset Manual Retentive Thermal Memory Overload circuit retains thermal condition of the motor regardless of control power status. Unit uses real time clock to adjust for off time. Dynamic Reset Capacity Overload will not reset until thermal capacity available in the motor is sufficient for a successful restart
  4. TECO-Westinghouse office for mounting recommendations. 2. Align motor accurately, using a flexible coupling if possible. For drive recommendations, consult with drive or equipment manufacturer, or TECO-Westinghouse. 3. Mounting bolts must be carefully tightened to prevent changes in alignment and possible damage to the equipment

Compensated Overload relays with interchangeable heater packs — available in three basic sizes, covering applications up to 900 hp — reducing the number of different contactor/overload relay combina-tions that have to be stocked. Fixed heater overloads are optional. A full line of snap-on accessories common to both IEC and NEM FH83 - Cutler-Hammer / Westinghouse Nema Starter Overload Relay Heater Cutler Hammer Thermal and fast trip heater element is compatible with safety and emergency exit devices. It has a current rating of 56 To 61 Ampere Ambient 56-61A Non-Comp 52-56A overload non-compensating enclosed starters Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer: Product Family: CONTACTOR: Type of Current Carrying Part: OVERLOAD HEATER: For Equipment Type: STARTER: Shipping Width: 6 in: Shipping Height: 6 in: Shipping Depth: 6 in: Shipping Weight: 1 lb: Downloads. ONLINE QUOTE. CH OVERLOAD BLOCK COMPANY NAME. FIRST NAME * LAST NAME TECO WESTINGHOUSE MOTORS & DRIVES PRICE BOOK [PDF] TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company, 5100 N. IH-35, Round Rock TX 78681 USA, Website: www.tecowestinghouse.com Tel: 1-800-873-8326 - catalog excerpt: Our manufacturing plants are located in the U.S., Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, Great Britain and China

with a thermal tripping mechanism. It was not until four years later, however, that Westinghouse research engineers found the ideal combination of materials and design that permitted circuit breakers to interrupt fault currents of 5000A at 120 Vac or Vdc. One year later, Westinghouse placed the first circuit breaker on the market. Its acceptanc Looking for GE Thermal Unit, 3.25 to 3.57 Full Load Amps, For Use With CR306C002, Mfr. No. CR306B002 (3HYU9)? Grainger's got your back. Price $19.76. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more

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To complement the contactors, Thermal Overloads are offered for each frame size, available in several setting ranges. Additionally, the Manual Motor Starters Power Contactors Overload (Use upper limit in • cUL, part number) 100 - 100A . 24 - 24V AC/DC . 125 - 100 & 125A 34 ~ 50A 125 - 125A . 48 - 48V AC/DC . 150 - 150A 39 ~ 57A 15 WESTINGHOUSE FH-33 Thermal Overload Unit, Heating Element, 5.27-5.71 AMP: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientifi I'm looking at Westinghouse A200 overload heaters on ebay and notice that some are listed as FH## and others are listed as H##. Is there a difference Westinghouse overload heaters, FH vs

Thermal Overload Heaters; Westinghouse Heater Elements; MSH 1.3A Westinghouse Overload Heater Element, NOS [W-MSH 1.3 n] MSH 1.3A WESTINGHOUSE OVERLOAD HEATER ELEMENT NEW old stock Price is for 1 element each. Reviews. Add to Cart. 1 Unit(s) in Stock . Categories. FUSES; Useful Fuse Charts. Cross Reference Competitor Fuses. Under 1 Amp. Eaton C306NN3 Overload Relay, Replacement, Freedom, 144A, 3P, DIN Rail Mount 144 Amp, 3-Pole, NEMA/IEC Thermal Overload Relay. Panel Mounted. For use with NEMA Sizes: 4 Contactors and Freedom Series IEC Frame Size N. ***Requires Heater Packs** iv 6.4 Digital Operator and Extension Cable 6-3 6.5 EMC Filter 6-5 6.6 Interface Card 6-7 6.6.1 RS-485 Interface Card 6-7 6.6.2 RS-232 Interface Card 6-

Description Citation Series Cutler Hammer H1235 thermal overload heater elements use with thermal overload relays type H rated for 5.44-6.79 amps magnetic motor starters motor controls Heater Elements from Eaton / Cutler-Hammer / Westinghouse Eaton BA33A NEMA A200 Thermal Overload Relay. $398.86 New. $260.00 Used. Schneider Electric LRD06 IEC Overload Relay 3ea42. $19.49 New. $15.64 Used. Allen-Bradley 592-EC2AC Electronic Overload Relay. WESTINGHOUSE IQ504B 9966D63G02 1000V Model A Motor Protection Relay . $799.00. $13.90 shipping. or Best Offer. Siemens 3Ru21161cb0 Overload.

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Overload relays aren't terribly accurate. So you size to 115% of rated load and Code limit is 125%. So it gives you a range of 105-125% if you have +/-10% accuracy. Service factors can be anything but in practice I've only ever seen 1.0 and 1.15 based on thousands of motors Thermal Overload Heater Units - Southland Electrical Supply... motor starter heaters chart. car heater conversion to cooler 1999 dodge intrepid heater fan thermal fuse location. whirlpool electric water heater ge overload heater rating.... Westinghouse, Furnas, Cutler Hammer, General Electric. Overload Relay Heater Elements for Motor Protection Register using your email address to receive special offers and discount codes

Type B Block Overload Relay 3P Amb Comp For Starte Nema A200 Thermal Overload Relay, Three-Pole, Starter Mounted, Nema , Thermal Type B, Class 20, 1NC Auxiliary Contact, Ambient Compensated , Full Load Range 19-135a Slang Terms Suggest a New Term Similar Brands Categorie This product line is commonly known in the industry as Westinghouse slatebacks or the DA series of breakers. They both used thermal and inverse time overcurrent trip devices that sensed an overload condition and safely tripped to open the circuit to prevent damage to infrastructure, equipment as well as injury to personnel

AN31A Westinghouse Thermal Overload Relay. New, Surplus Stock, Size 3, 1 Pole Available Stock: 2. MFG: Westinghouse Electric Corporation. AN31A. $124.97 / Each. Details... AZ-40H LS Thermal Overload Relay Mounting Bracket, New, Surplus Stock Available Stock: 1. MFG: LS Industrial Systems. AZ-40H Overload Reset Manual (default) or automatic. Retentive Thermal Memory Overload circuit retains thermal condition of the motor regardless of control power status. Unit uses real time clock to adjust for off time. Dynamic Reset Capacity Overload will not reset until thermal capacity available in the motor is enough for a successful restart A thermal limiter switch automatically turns off the motor in the unlikely event of an overheated situation (electric dryers only). A service technician must replace the thermal limiter switch after correcting the fault. Failure to comply with these warnings could result in seri-ous personal injuries. _ _ The instructions appearing in this Use. USE MCP rated for 30A continuous. Westinghouse Page 203. 10HP Motor I = 24.77A Starter M2 Size 2, page 14-Bl. Furnas thermal overload selection Page 82, Size 2, Standard trip melting alloy, go to table 26073 to find heater size. Select H-42 heater element, 24.2-27.1 amps. Wire Size 24.77A = 30.96 USE #8 Cu. THW, #8Cu good for 45A. .

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Below is a motor frame size dimensional chart that I found in an old book. Electric Motor Dimension Chart. I found this information about motor mounting dimensions in the same book. Electric motor NEMA C and J-Face mounting dimensions chart. SOME DC ELECTRIC MOTOR INFORMATION DC motor schematic wiring connection Overload relay is the one of important device for motor control.It can prevent our motor from overheat or winding burning due overload of ampere. We need to setting the value of overload relay properly depend on our application and motor full load ampere.If we setting low from FLA,it can cause motor trip c0ntinues and process not running smoothly

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1. Solid state motor overload protection (motor protection by electronic thermal overload relay) is provided in each model. Page 10 Conformity with UL standards and CSA standards (cUL-listed for Canada) (continued) 8. Install UL certified fuses or circuit breaker between the power supply and the inverter, referring to the table below FOR MOTORS WITHOUT THERMAL PROTECTION Single Voltage / Single Rotation Single Voltage / Reversible Rotation Dual Voltage / Single Rotation Split-Phase Motor Dual Voltage / Reversible Rotation Capacitor Motor Single-Phase Wiring Diagrams ALWAYS USE WIRING DIAGRAM SUPPLIED ON MOTOR NAMEPLATE. W2 CJ2 UI VI WI W2 CJ2 UI VI WI A co Locate the thermal overload switch behind the bottom toe or back panels of most residential clothes washers or dryers. Dishwasher thermal overload switches can usually be found behind the bottom toe panel. Remove the screws that hold the panel in place to free it. Note that some appliance panels are held in place with small metal clips

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  1. al rating (In). Continuous amps can be adjusted from 20 to 100 percent of the circuit breaker's no
  2. Thermal-magnetic tripping units // The thermomagnetic trip unit consists of two parts: The thermal trip unit - Made up by a bimetal thermal device which actuates the opening of a circuit breaker with a delay depending on the overcurrent value. This trip unit is intended for the protection against overloads.. The magnetic trip unit - Made up by an electromagnetic device, with fixed (fixed.
  3. Electric power transmission is the bulk movement of electrical energy from a generating site, such as a power plant, to an electrical substation.The interconnected lines which facilitate this movement are known as a transmission network.This is distinct from the local wiring between high-voltage substations and customers, which is typically referred to as electric power distribution
  4. FIG. 6 is a planar view showing an adjusting knob (arrow), an adjusting reference point (arrow) and a graduation member for a set trip current assembled according to the present invention, FIG. 7 is a flow chart showing a configuration of a method for adjusting a trip sensitivity of the thermal overload protection apparatus in accordance with.
  5. While manual-reset thermal-overload switches are most common on heating systems such as oil burners and some fan motors, air conditioner electric motors and compressor motors and submersible well pump motors are an example of motor designs that may be use a thermal overload switch that resets itself automatically when the motor has overheated
  6. Westinghouse Virtuoso BJ423T-R Fridge/Freezer Freezer ices up and stops freezing. Totally defrost fridge and it - Answered by a verified AU Appliance Technician Regarding the relay, one would think the thermal overload would have activated beside the relay if it was running continuously, as it was suppossed to, that is kind of weird
  7. Figure 5 (below) shows a B Trip Curve overlaid onto the chart. The three major components of the Trip Curve are: 1. Thermal Trip Curve. This is the trip curve for the bi-metallic strip, which is designed for slower overcurrents to allow for in rush/startup, as described above. 2. Magnetic Trip Curve. This is the trip curve for the coil or solenoid

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  1. Ovation™ Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology After a thorough application, review and testing process by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the U.S. SAFETY Act, we're pleased to report that the Ovation control solution has been Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology
  2. Thermal Overload Relay Heater; Overload relays do not provide protection against short circuits. To ensure proper coordination with short circuit protective device, select heaters from the information packaged with the control device
  3. cr306c002 manufacturer: general electric description: magnetic starter without enclosure, ge, non-reversing, non-combination, nema size 1 with thermal overload relay, open type, 115-120v 60hz or 110v 50hz, 50/60hz, 3-pole, 3 phase, 3 overloads, continuous ampere rating 2
  4. Thermal overload tripped. Burnt wire at motor junction plug; Timer switches. Poor connection on timer. Motor start switch. Motor disconnect block loose. Motor./ Bearings in motor; Wiring harness. Incorrect harness wiring. Water level switch. Pump jammed. Gearcase jammed. Lid open in spin cycle. Bad motor capacitor; Click images to enlarg
  5. The heating element shall be of the sealed tubular type with large, parallel steel fins for quick heat transfer. Unit shall have as a standard, a thermal overload cut-off for added safety, fan delay switch and built-in tamperproof thermostat which shall be calibrated to provide a range of temperature and a manual disconnect switch
  6. Buy B7.70 / B7.70 Square D Overload Relay Thermal Unit / Heater Element from Distributor Santa Clara Systems. We Offer Fast Same-Day Shipping Worldwide! Click to Check if In-Stock
  7. for starting, overload, and fault conditions. The IAC66K relay has an inverse long time characteris-tic (as described above), which approximates the motor thermal limit, and two instantaneous overcurrent units. The first instan-taneous unit is set above the maximum motor starting current and protects for fault conditions only. The second, a.

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Looking at Westinghouse A200 Overload Heater Chart, there are five choices. 1. Non Compensated Open Starters 2. Ambient Comp. Open and Encl. Starters 3. Non-Compensating Enclosed Starters 4. Block Type Overload Using 3 Heaters 5. Single Pole Type Overload Could someone explain these terms Schindler/Westinghouse 114 Electrical components 115 Starters, reversing starters and mounting rails 115 Contactors and thermal overload relays 116 Soft starters 116 Pendant stations, top of car inspection (TOCI) boxes and stop switches 117 Terminal blocks and rails from WAGO 118 Connectors, tools and ferrules from WAGO 119 Safety equipment 12 For motors with a service factor of not less than 1.15 Section 430-32(a)(1) allows 125 percent of the FLC of the motor for the motor overload protective device. 30.8 amperes x 1.25 = 38.5A Where the overload relay selected is not sufficient to start the motor or carry the load, the next- higher-size overload relay shall be permitted to be used. Siemens offers a wide array of thermal-magnetic Siemens offers a wide array of thermal-magnetic circuit breakers that are the key element for overload and short-circuit protection of your homes electrical system. To provide additional protection Siemens offers circuit breakers to protect against severe electrical shock or electrocution.

Recessed Light Cover The Tenmat FF130E Recessed Light Cover is The Tenmat FF130E Recessed Light Cover is made out of a fire safe material and was specifically designed to protect your light fixture from insulation in the attic and to stop unwanted air leakage through your recessed light. The FF130E has been fire and thermally tested in accordance with UL1598 and IEC 60598-1 and can be used. The FLA rating is the rate at which a motor will consume power at 100% of rated load and at rated and balanced voltage. This number is extremely important, especially when dealing with electrical components. The wiring, starter, circuit breaker, and thermal overloads are all sized based upon the full load amp rating A contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching a power circuit, similar to a relay except with higher current ratings. A contactor is controlled by a circuit which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit. Contactors come in many forms with varying capacities and features. Unlike a circuit breaker, the contactor is not intended to interrupt a short circuit.

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Tri-State Electrical Supply offers a complete line of industrial, residential, and commercial electrical supplies - Eaton Cutler-Hammer Westinghouse Joslyn-Clark Clark Challenger Sylvania Ward Leonard ABB Allis-Chalmers Siemens Furnas Hubbell Industrial Controls Pringl I would use a standard thermal overload relay, just as used for AC motors. Use this to control a contactor that switches the motor. The contactor must of course have a coil and contacts suitable for 24 volts DC but I believe that the thermal overload relay could be a standard type Markel Electric Wall Heaters- Markel Electric Wall Heaters furnish and install Forced Air wall heaters, where specified.The heaters shall be constructed of a heavy 18-20 Gauge steel housing with an extended aluminum frame. The units shall be available in ratings from 750 to 5000 watts at 120-277 volts

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MDL3800,EATON,MDL,3 Pole,800 Amps,600 VAC,Cutler Hammer,Westinghouse,Breaker,Molded Case Circuit Breake The thermal overload relay is designed to protect the motor or other load from damage in the event of a short circuit, or being over-loaded and overheating. W59 Allen Bradley... Add to Car While thermal-magnetic circuit breakers are the key element for overload and short-circuit protection of your electrical system, there are potentially dangerous conditions that do not involve over current. View More. GE Q-Line THQL 20-Amp 1-Pole Standard Trip Circuit Breaker

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