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As the best approach is to create device categories, by using the deviceCategory attribute. For example: device.deviceCategory -eq Personal Device. When users of iOS and Android devices enroll their device, they must choose a category from the list of categories you configured As an Intune admin, you can set up groups to suit your organizational needs. Create groups to organize users or devices by geographic location, department, or hardware characteristics. Use groups to manage tasks at scale. For example, you can set policies for many users or deploy apps to a set of devices Dynamic Intune groups - best practice. Archived Forums > Microsoft Intune. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up device and user groups for both personal and corporate owned android and iOs devices. Currently have have these enrollment categories set up:. Hopefully, these best practices will give you enough of a bearing to get started grappling with that complexity. 1. Conditional Access. Chronologically, the first thing you'll need to deal with are enrollment settings—which you can find in the next section. But before we talk about that, we're going to talk about conditional access

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  1. The Intune Best Practices checklist Corresponding implementation guide When it comes to Device management, the vast majority of settings and policies are optional, but the idea here is to create an environment that enables users to be productive, while keeping them safe at the same time
  2. Enroll these organization-owned devices in Intune, and manage them using policies. This option prevents personal devices. As a best practice, always assume data will leave the device. Be sure your tracking and auditing methods are in place
  3. If you want to apply settings on a device, regardless of who's signed in, then assign your profiles to a devices group. Settings applied to device groups always go with the device, not the user. Use device groups when you don't care who's signed in on the device, or if anyone is signed in. You want your settings to always be on the device
  4. This guide is meant to provide best practices for policy creation and implementation of Intune. It is meant to be used as a template, but the policies defined will not be the same in all use cases. You must access to policies and configuration you will need for your customers environment and make changes as needed
  5. To create a conditional access rule, navigate to Microsoft Intune, Conditional Access and click New Policy; R ules of thumb to follow: To make it works, you need to select at least one app, a user or group, and one access control; Block access control wins with multiple policies applied to the same user; Use Block access control with moderatio
  6. istrator role in the Azure AD for all RBAC Intune operation teams. You need to create RBAC Intune operation team member IDs as normal user IDs in Azure AD. And use those normal IDs to provide the relevant access using Intune Roles, Scope Groups, and Scope Tags
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Best Practice for assigning policies in Intune to Office 365 Group Members We setup multiple Office 365 Groups and would like to assign policies in Intune corresponding to these Groups. Yet Intune only take Security Groups instead of Office 365 Groups Would also recommend The EndPoint Zone with Brad Anderson on YouTube where he discusses Intune in several episodes. Hope that helps! If I have answered your question please like and set as the solution Deploying Intune: Benefits and Best Practices Microsoft Intune has grown increasingly robust since its inception and continues to offer more features for mobile device management and security. By deploying Intune, you can meet organizational data protection requirements while providing a simple end-user experience This should give you a good best-practice naming convention for your Intune entities. Some companies may need more identifying information in their names than others due to operational and architectural complexity, which is OK. The conventions still stand and will flex regardless of your individual environment Don't be intimidated by Intune. Using Intune can be intimidating as much so as Group Policy. However, by following this step-by-step guide, you will get your Windows 10 machines properly configured with the new security options and should also help get you more comfortable with using Intune for management of SMB networks

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  1. Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) Office 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Teams) Windows 10 (Business edition) These publications are updated regularly (annual or semi-annual updates). For downloadable, printable copies of the Microsoft 365 Best Practices Checklists and other publications, visit my store at GumRoad
  2. Summary of the Intune Best Practices checklist with links to Microsoft sources: Create security groups for Intune deployment rings; Configure Windows 10 software update ring
  3. I'm looking for feedback/recommendations and maybe best practices on how to handle groupings of devices for intune confgiuration and software update management. We have three rings (Pilot, Broad, and Critical) and three types (Standard, Shared, and Guest)

The Path To Modern Management with Intune. Traditionally we have had group policy, something which has been around since the days of Windows 2000 Server and the birth of Active Directory. Over the years, group policy evolved, changing from ADM to ADMX, adding a central store and ultimately some would argue, becoming bloated, with literally. BEST PRACTICE: AMP for Endpoints best practice for policy creation is to create a set of base policies, then duplicate these policies to create the debug and update versions of the same policies. This allows for maintained consistency while debug data is gathered and connector updates are performed And if they do ignore the update for 7 days, then they'll get a 60 minute (permanent) warning before it automatically reboots. More than enough time to save your work before the Feature update! And for those looking at reporting, click on End user update status in the MEM portal to see which updates devices have applied:. End user update status. Have a different way to configure Update rings. The switch to Azure AD Groups, or security groups as Microsoft also calls it, is just for standalone Intune implementations. That is, it's for subscribers to the purely online Intune service Microsoft Intune comes with a set of roles for role based access controls. The issue has been that these roles could only be assigned as permanent roles on a users or a group. Now with a new feature in Azure AD that gives us management capabilities for privileged access Azure AD Groups we can mitigate on this missing capability with Intune roles

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In this episode, Steve and Adam discuss how to create Dynamic Device Groups in Microsoft Intune.00:00 - Intro02:09 - Dynamic membership rules for groups in A.. Best Practice #1: Set up the Office 365 Groups naming policy It's a good practice to use a group naming policy to enforce a standardized naming strategy. Having in place a naming policy will help your users identify the function of the group, its membership, geographic region, or the group creator (e.g., Deploy a Mac computer configuration profile with the Passcode payload if you configured a password policy in Microsoft Intune or a policy with the Disk Encryption payload if you configured an encryption policy in Microsoft Intune) Scope the policy or configuration profile to the smart group created in step 1. Click Save MDATP Best Practices. Enable Tamper but if you have E5 then you can leverage Intune to prevent the user from disabling this feature. need to use Endpoint Manager/Intune to control Tamper Protection is if you need more granular control on a per device/group basis. Using Intune Device Profiles: Create a profile that includes the following. Intune Method: Group Memberships: Best Practice for Deployment & Naming. The best recommended practices for this section are pretty identical to how you would structure your collection designs within your SCCM. But we will try to optimize them for how you would do them within Intune to give a clearer picture

These best practices will help you create an effective Office 365 Groups naming policy. If there's one rule that all organizations moving to the cloud should remember, it's this: Office 365 isn't a cloud-based version of a traditional IT environment Über 7 Millionen englischsprachige Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen In Intune there are two kinds of groups, device and user groups. Group membership is created either dynamically through security groups synced with Azure Active Directory or manually through Intune

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  1. Best Practices for Keeping User Computers in Compliance navigate to Computers > Smart Computer Groups, and create a smart group that identifies compliant computers by A computer configuration profile with the Passcode payload if you configured a password policy in Microsoft Intune or a policy with the Disk Encryption payload if you.
  2. In this episode, Steve and Adam discuss how to create Dynamic Device Groups in Microsoft Intune.00:00 - Intro02:09 - Dynamic membership rules for groups in A..
  3. In the Intune blade, select Groups, and the select All Groups and click New Group Give your group the required properties like type, name and description. We will want to add a dynamic membership rule. The one below will contain all devices that a user selects as their Personal Device
  4. Session 2: Designing and building your Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune environment for Operations. During this session, I explained my best practices when it comes to designing and building a Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune environment. The session discussed whether you should assign to device or user groups and its caveats
  5. Solution: The Windows Intune Getting Started Guide is a pretty comprehensive guide to help with these type questions. More info can be found on TechNet here: We are going to be testing MS Intune at our site and I am trying to get a better picture of the hardware and infrastructure needs to best leverage this tool

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  1. Microsoft Endpoint Manager marketing architecture shows the three stages of the cloud management journey using Configuration Manager and Intune in a single, unified endpoint management solution. The first stage uses tenant-attach capabilities that provide the most flexible path for Configuration Manager customers to start gaining cloud benefits.
  2. Device registration into AutoPilot Deployment Service via Windows Store for Business or Intune* Create Azure AD Group (Dynamic/Static) Create an AutoPilot Profile The best way to troubleshoot Windows autopilot deployment is from Windows Enrollment status screen. Best Practice is to use Intune console to upload Autopilot hash details 3.
  3. Intune Patching = WUfB. The first thing to get straight is that Intune doesn't really have a patching solution. At least not in the way that ConfigMgr has a patching solution. Instead, with Intune you can manage the endpoint's Windows Update for Business (WUfB) configuration. When WUfB was first announced back in 2015 there was a fair.
  4. Security baselines are pre-configured groups of Windows settings that help you apply them in an easy way. This set includes best practices and recommendations that impact security and are recommended for enterprises. Trough this solution you can also migrate your on-premise Group policy settings to Microsoft Intune in a more convenient way
  5. istrators, this of course was Security Baselines. For those reading this who do not know what Security Baselines are, Microsoft release a set of pre-configured group policy objects which provide a [
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  7. istrators they had in their environment. Several environments had.

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In this example I've set both scopes to Some and selected a user group for the purpose of this blog post. MDM users scope. The MDM user scope is configured to enable Windows 10 automatic enrollment for management with Microsoft Intune. When users in this scope Azure AD join a device or register a work or school account, the device will. Implementing MFA into an Microsoft 365 environment can be pretty confusing. Through this three part series I will guide you to the best practices of setting up MFA, disabling basic authentication and configuring a break the glass administrator account. This first part will focus on enabling Multifactor Authentication Back in 2015 I wrote a blog about Mac management with Intune, however it's been a few years and I feel it's time we re-visit Mac management with Intune to learn more about what's changed. You'll soon learn there's been a significant amount of progress and since my first post Intune now has a lot of native Mac management capabilities built in

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Conversely, a Windows 10 MDM provider like Intune only supports MDM-enrolled machines that reside in a cloud tenant like Microsoft Azure. With MDM, machines can be non-domain-joined, or hybrid domain-joined (on-prem Active Directory vs Azure Active Directory). MDM and Group Policy cannot be substituted for each other exclusively A way to tag a resource object. Once taged you can define which admin can see that object in Intune. This is done by assigning the Scope tag to a Scope. Add that Scope to a Role and assign that Role to a specific Azure AD group or user. Optional - Not required when using RBAC

When we are moving device management to the cloud, we can't use group policy settings as group policies are not working in the same way with Azure AD. But now, by using Microsoft Intune security baseline, we can apply Microsoft recommended pre-defined windows security settings to Intune managed Azure AD joined windows 10 devices Mark Brezicky / Thursday, July 16, 2020 / Categories: Best Practices, Cloud Security, Technical View, Azure, Security, active directory Azure AD Conditional Access - Beyond MFA Azure AD Conditional Access Policies have some of the most powerful capabilities within Azure Active Directory (Premium P1 feature)

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MDM Security Baselines in Intune offers the same knowledge and experience that the classic Security and Compliance Toolkit for Group Policy does. It's a set of policy templates built on security best practices and experience from real world implementations It's been a few years since I have done an analysis of the Microsoft Offering against the top UEM platform on the market (Workspace ONE UEM). I thought it would be a good time as more of my clients are looking to make the move to Intune mainly based on cost Azure AD offers us two methods of allowing other users administrator access to Azure AD joined machines, but with issues. Both role and Additional local administrators cannot be targeted to a group of machines, meaning that accounts that are Global Administrators or are Additional local administrators have admin access to EVERY machine in the environment Use Microsoft Azure Affinity Groups. Microsoft's Definition - Affinity groups allow you to group your Microsoft Azure services to optimize performance. All services within an affinity group will be located in the same data center. An Affinity Group is required in order to create a virtual network. Why is this a good practice

Originally this was just going to be a post showing you how to deploy the Windows InTune client to a computer using Group Policy however it turned out I think this article would be best suited to show you how to use some advanced techniques to deploy software via Group Policy A group for devices that are all autopilot enrolled would have a rule syntax similar to the below: (device.devicePhysicalIDs -any (_ -contains [ZTDId])) We Now Have a Dynamic Group to Use to Apply Configurations to Our Devices Through Intune In our previous blog, Microsoft 365: Safeguard Your Data from Unwanted Access, we highlighted essential best practices to safeguard your Microsoft 365 accounts from data breaches or unauthorized access. Defenses included multi-factor authentication, encryption, user rights management, data loss protection and conditional access

The importance of security is no different from one application to another when it comes to Microsoft Intune. If you are following best practices and providing the least amount of permissions needed to perform a task to a user, then the person who is the Intune Administrator should only have rights to manage Intune Explore Intune infrastructure management and best practices pertaining to design, identity, security, updates, applications, content, and more. Manage Intune groups 2m 16s Manage all devices. Role-based groups of users (such as HR or Marketing) and role-based groups of computers (such as a Marketing Workstations) are usually global groups. Active Directory Nested Groups Best Practices. As the table above illustrates, a group can be a member of another group; this process is called nesting Introduction. Security is a big focus for many companies, especially when it comes to data leakage (company data). Encrypting data on Windows 10 devices using BitLocker means that data is protected (data at rest) .Microsoft Intune got yet more updates on June 30th, 2017, one of which was the ability to configure BitLocker settings detailed here.This ability was initially raised as a. In high-security environments, the best practice is, generally, to centrally control your firewall rules. Software may create rules on endpoints as it's installed, but that complicates visibility for administrators. Therefore, Group Policy is a common way of introducing and managing those rules. An example of this can be seen below

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Best Practices Advice In a follow-up announcement, Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft's corporate vice president for compliance and security, offered some lessons learned customer guidance. She also urged. I am wondering what is the best practice when joining corporate owned machines to Azure. We have no on-prem AD/DC, solely Azure AD. I have an upcoming project with a new office opening with 40 machines, and 35 users a combination of all corporate owned laptops and desktops. I am coming from a · For your scenario you can use Mobile Device Management. + Stay abreast of emerging technologies and best practices related to the Client Operating System and System Management tools. Qualifications: Required qualifications for this position include: + Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field or equivalent education/experience. + Advanced PowerShell Scripting experience

For instance, there are more than 200 Microsoft Edge Group Policy settings for Windows, but only some of these are security related. By implementing Microsoft Edge baselines, you can rest assure that you are deploying the most up-to-date security settings for Microsoft Edge using your GPO environment intune groups best practices provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, intune groups best practices will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative. Scope (Groups): Which groups should be managed. This can be a device and/or user group; Scope (Tags): Which tag will apply. You can have multiple assignments in one Role. But let's keep it simple and use only one assignment. Let's create a new Role. Go to Intune → Roles → All Roles and add a new role. Add new rol

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Controlling the updates on endpoints can also be done through Intune. This functionality is provided in update rings. For best practice use multiple rings for IT, pilot users and the whole company. You define the servicing channel and how it behaves for the machine and the end user The following guide is intended to instruct you on how to properly offboard users from your Office 365 environment according to Microsoft's best practices. We will review the required actions for hybrid Azure AD and cloud-only environments and identify the best practices for both SQL Always On Availability Group for site database recovery Offload all the roles from Primary like MP, SUP, DPs, SMS provider? SQL on remote box with SQL Always On Availability Group Best Practice is to avoid installing IIS on primary servers to reduce the loa Role base access control (RBAC) is a concept most of you are already familiar with administering Microsoft Exchange or Configuration Manager. Intune, or Microsoft Endpoint Manager, also offers the possibility to restrict access based on a persons role in the organization, I would like to show you how this can be achieved Best practice #5: consolidate or remove inactive or empty groups A single organization is likely to have hundreds—or even thousands—of Active Directory groups. In addition to reorganizing and deleting obsolete accounts, AD cleanup involves finding, removing, or consolidating inactive or empty groups

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1: Open the Azure portal and navigate to Azure Active Directory > Mobility (MDM and MAM);: 2: Select Microsoft Intune to open the Configure blade;: 3: On the Configure blade, configure a MAM User scope.To enable MAM-WE for Windows 10 devices this should be configured to either Some or All.Also, make sure that the MAM Discovery URL is correct. To be absolutely sure simply select Restore default. What are best practices generally speaking. Do BYOD devices in our ecosystem align with HITrust requirements? Identify compliance deficiencies in our current environment. Our current environment is very barebones. We moved away from Airwatch to a strictly Intune environment for cost saving reasons. Our setup

Configuration Best Practices. As the device tunnel is designed only to support domain authentication for remote clients, it should be configured with limited access to the on-premises infrastructure. the registry entry can be deployed to Always On VPN clients using Active Directory group policy preferences or Intune. Additional Information The main Azure AD attribute used to identify the selected users and groups is the Azure AD ProxyAddresses attribute, which stores all the email addresses for a user or group. However, if a user account doesn't have any values in the AD ProxyAddresses attribute, the user's UserPrincipalName value is used instead Real world scenarios & best practices. Manage Intune like a superHero with PowerShell. Petri Paavola, Introduction about agile and scrum master, Creating SharePoint site, group and linking with Teams. adding bots to manage scrum planning meeting, demo about planner and integration with Teams, showing lists and how to use in scrum for.

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Microsoft Intune provides management of Window 10 Update Rings to enable Windows as a Service, via the Software Updates feature. This enrols a Windows PC into Windows Update for Business to manage feature and quality updates the device receives and how quickly it updates to a new release. As you scale the number of devices managed by Microsoft Intune, the need to manage the software update or. I am wondering what is the best practice when joining corporate owned machines to Azure. We have no on-prem AD/DC, solely Azure AD. I have an upcoming project with a new office opening with 40 machines, and 35 users a combination of all corporate owned laptops and desktops As a best practice, all privileged user accounts in your tenant should have MFA enabled, but enabling it for all other users is more than welcome.You can configure MFA on the guest users too.If needed, you can utilize the security group membership in Azure AD for a subset of users and apply the MFA specifically to this group using Conditional Access Policies It is best practices only to have the access that the admin needs to perform the job, the best way to do that is not being a Global Admin in Azure. Intune administrator is a good role to have when you are managing devices in in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

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Great post by the RDS team: This blog post contains a high-level overview of different types of profiles, considerations for choosing a profile solution for your deployment, highlights of new profile features in Windows Server 2008 R2, and a best practices recommendation for deploying roaming user profiles with folder redirection in a Remote Desktop Services environment Navigate to >Azure Portal> Intune> Groups> All groups; Click on +New group; Create your security group. Use the screenshot as an example; When the security group is created it will start of as an empty group. Give it some time to find your Windows devices. After a while you can look up your security group and have a look at the properties In this blog post, part 15 of the Keep it Simple with Intune series, I will show you how you can switch on management of Windows 10 updates on your devices. Feature updates has a separate, in preview, feature within the Endpoint Manager console. So bear that in mind when configuring up the update ring Configuration Best Practices. As the device tunnel is designed only to support domain authentication for remote clients, it should be configured with limited access to the on-premises infrastructure. Below is a list of required and optional infrastructure services that should be reachable over the device tunnel connection. Require WME will provide you a certified consultant that will monitor your environment to make sure that the server operating system and the entire hierarchy is healthy and functioning correctly. They will perform the required weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that are suggested by Microsoft best practices. Sample - ConfigMgr Monitoring Task

SCCM Active Directory Group Discovery - This method discovers groups from the defined location in the Active Directory. The discovery process discovers local, global, and universal security groups. You can also discover the membership within these groups. Active Directory System Discovery - I think this is an important discovery method. Data encryption is one of the basic requirements when it comes to data protection. Using Windows BitLocker, we can easily encrypt virtual and physical disks. We normally use group policies and system center configuration manager (SCCM) to centrally manage/configure BitLocker. We also can use Microsoft Intune to manage BitLocker on Azure AD joined Windows 10 [ Advisor provides relevant best practices to help you improve reliability, security, and performance, achieve operational excellence, and reduce costs. Configure Advisor to target specific subscriptions and resource groups, to focus on critical optimizations • Child groups inherit updates and policies from parent groups Windows Intune groups are independent of Active Directory groups Creating and Populating Groups 1. Log on to the Windows Intune account that you want to manage 2. In the workspace shortcuts pane, click the Computers icon 3. • Best Practices

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